How to save Instagram Stories


All Instagram users know that this trendy social network has a great feature – Stories that are only available for 24 hours. Have you not had time to look through them? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it, as the Stories themselves disappear after that period. It is the main hallmark of the Stories.

But I know you’ve wondered more than once how to prolong this short life. And if not, here are the 5 reasons why it is still useful to understand why Stories sometimes need to be saved.

5 reasons to download Stories

  1. Inspiring content

Nowadays, Instagram is more popular not as photo content but as Story content. Some people are just interested in a different life; some look for educational content and an inspirational one. Story saving is a great way to enjoy your favorite content at any time.

  1. Stay with you 24/7

Now you can take your time browsing through your favorite users’ Stories and open them in your gallery at any time.

Note: if you download other people’s Stories, make sure you mention or link them when you use this content in the future for any purpose because copyright law still exists.

  1. Keep significant events alive for longer

Now you can save hot parties with your friends and remember the fun moments at any time because the party Stories are always with you.

  1. Stories saving is easy

There is nothing complicated about saving Stories. You’ll either need Instagram itself or to install a third-party app or platform to save to your pc, for example.

  1. It is legal

If you download someone else’s Story, you are not breaking any laws. Just be aware of copyright law when using the content, and that’s it.

Your Stories saving

Have you got a cool story? Do you need to save it right away? Read below how you may extend your Stories’ life and choose the ways that suit you best.

  1. Archive them

The Archive is a kind of repository of content. It is placed directly on Instagram. If you have an Archive set up, your Stories automatically go into it after 24 hours, and you always have access to them.

How to save Stories to Archive:

  • switch to your Insta account;
  • go to your profile window and pick out 3 horizontal lines (hamburger menu) at the top right;
  • pick out there Settings-Privacy-Story;
  • select “Save to Archive” (you may pick out “Save to Gallery” too);

Your Stories will now be automatically archived and saved for you in the app.

To access them in Archive:

  • again switch to your Insta profile and pick out “hamburger menu” at the top right;
  • pick out Settings and then Archive.
  1. Highlight them

Unlike the Stories in the Archive, in Highlights they are visible to all. They are not automatically saved there after 24 hours, but you add those moments, your products, or brand information from the Stories you consider for public viewing anytime.

How to add a Story to Highlights:

  • switch to the Active or archived Stories;
  • pick out the necessary Story and click on “Highlight” at the screen bottom;
  • tap on New or add to existing highlight categories.
  1. Download to a phone gallery

To save your active Story, you should:

  • switch to the active Story (via profile window or on the news feed tapping on your photo at the top left);
  • pick out 3 points in the Story;
  • choose “Save photo/video” to download individual Story fragments or “Save Story” to download all Story fragments as a single video to your phone gallery.
  1. Create a post from the Story

If you wanted to create a Story as your post and save it to your profile, then:

  • switch to your active Story;
  • pick out “3 points” and then “Save”;
  • choose “Share as Post”.

Other users’ Stories saving

Now the task seems more difficult, as you desire to download someone else’s Story. Don’t worry; I’ll demonstrate how to do it by installing additional apps or by using other platforms like Toolzu without their installation.

Save to iPhone

To keep different content, including others’ Stories, use a handy app with various saving opportunities. Pick out “ReShare Story for Instagram” in the App Store and install it on your iPhone. Then access the app to your gallery and look for a person’s content via Insta username search. You may save Stories, carousel posts, videos or even browse other users’ Stories anonymously.

Save to Android

If you use a smartphone, go to a Play Store and pick out the “StorySaver” app.

How to use:

  • after its installation login via Insta account;
  • then you will see your entire list of followers with available Stories. To view the person’s content just type the username in a search bar;
  • pick out the desired Story and then “Save”;
  • to find it on your phone, switch to your photo gallery and go to the “StorySaver” folder.

Don’t forget about copyright law in any future use of the content (or ask the content owner for permission to use it).

Save to PC

Use “StoryDownloader” to keep Story content on your desktop. The principle of use is the same as for the previous apps: simply enter the Insta username and select the Story you want to save. Pick out “Download” to save the user’s current Story to the computer.

Save Stories to any device

Instagram Story Download by Toolzu

This downloader does not require to be installed. It’s free and works 24/7.

How to use :

  • copy the Insta username the Story of who you desire to browse and save;
  • insert it into the input line and click on the “Download” icon;
  • pick out the user’s necessary active Story and press “Download”;
  • to find the saved Story, switch to Downloads in your pc or gallery on the phone.

Now you are aware of how quickly and easily short Insta Stories can “be extended”. Save your favorite content and use it whenever you like.

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