Comfort at its Finest: 7 Things to Know Before Buying a Mattresses


Before the pandemic and during the pandemic, all we want is to lay in our beds and enjoy the comfort it brings after a long day. Having a good night’s sleep is an essential re-energizer to move on to another day.

Imagine being stuck at home during this pandemic, and your area of comfort is not at all comfortable? Choosing the wrong mattress can do just that. Follow the seven things mentioned below to ensure that you purchase the right mattress for you:

1.    Know the different types of mattresses.

Below are some of the different varieties that you can get at the store:

Gel Mattresses

Gel mattresses have a foam layer wherein gel is added and which is used as a support system. You may mistake memory foam and gel mattresses; that’s why you need to test it out first to know which of the two do you prefer the most. If you dislike how memory foams absorb your body’s heat, then opt for a gel mattress as it dissipates your heat much better.

Memory Foam

Memory foams are perfect for a side sleeper or for someone who can’t stay still when sleeping because of their incredible comfort and support. It’s getting more recognition because it conforms to your body gradually as you fall asleep. Additionally, it has so many layers of foam that it is almost sagging-resistant – eliminating the constant flipping of the mattress.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses use foam as well, but it utilizes latex foams. Different latex models have different levels of plushness and firmness. Latex mattresses have so many varieties because their goal is to accommodate those who sleep on their stomach, side, or back. As compared to memory foam, it has less heating and is less dense.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring has a coil which is the cause of the bouncy effect we know from our childhood homes. It uses metal springs for internal support. If you want to see if you’re testing a good quality innerspring mattress, ask the number of coils and how manufacturers distribute it. How well the coils were distributed will be a considerable criterion when conforming to your body.

Air Bed

When you have a significant other, this mattress is perfect for you because it can adjust the firmness on the two sides of the bed. The chamber uses air, and it is the primary support. Air chambers of air beds are usually padded with fiber or foam upholstery.

2.    Focus on your comfort level.

Your comfortability is the most important criteria when looking for a mattress. Even if you buy an expensive bed, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll experience the best mattress because a different person has a unique body and preferences.

There are so many choices to choose from, and it may take a lot of time to research them all. Luckily for you, there are websites online that compare the popular mattresses online, like Newsweek. It explains in detailed information what are the pros and cons of the different beds.

3.    What others like, you may not like.

As mentioned above, what your family prefers or what experts recommend may differ from what you like. Remember that a mattress is an investment; you’ll have it for many years until it becomes saggy or unbearable to lay down in, so look for a bed that is perfect for you.

4.    Size matters.

The goal of a mattress is that it caters to your every need. So if you feel restricted in a narrow bed, you will need the more spacious option, e.g., double bed or queen size bed. A queen-sized bed can be enormous for just one person, but it’s excellent when you want extra space. If you have a partner, consider buying a king-sized bed since these are designed for couples.

5.    There are different types of firmness labels.

Note that with different brands, there are different levels of firmness. Hence, what is firm in a particular company, may not be that firm in another label.

6.    Always read reviews online.

Reading reviews online can help you get information on the product that you’re eyeing on buying. Most of the time, the clerk whose goal is to sell you a product may not be telling you the whole story. Compared to individuals on the Internet who’ve spent days testing the mattress, they have no ill intentions with posting their reviews online.

7.    Trusted brands, trusted products.

Popular brands are popular for a reason. Search for a brand that has good reviews, good quality, and excellent customer support. These are the three things that make a credible company.


When you are aware of what to look for in a mattress, you will make the right decisions for your body’s needs. Note that you will spend a reasonable amount of time lying in bed in this pandemic because what else is there to do rather than lying comfortably in your bed? Don’t forget to do your research because this will help you immensely.

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