COVID-19 Roundup as of May 2021: First 14-Year-Old to Get Vaccine


How long would it take to test a new vaccine against COVID-19 and evaluate its effectiveness? Well, Santa Clarita has an opportunity to share some results so far. The local research has proven the efficiency of the new vaccine. We’ll remind you that on May 14th, 27 842 SCV cases were registered. At the same time, the youngest patient, 14-year-old Andrew Jenofsky, can boast of passing the procedure successfully. Before moving to this brave boy, let’s recall some general info about the pandemic in the region.

LA Public Health has announced that seventeen new deaths occurred due to coronavirus. 583 new cases were detected in the county. One of the local laboratories conducted more tests than before and published the results almost immediately. The organization share that 1,236,988 cases were fixed by today. Most of the victims were over the age of eighty. It is still difficult to handle the disease, but it takes fewer lives thanks to the higher safety measures. Another factor that should finally solve this problem is the newest vaccine.

We will remind you that SARS-CoV-2 modifies all the time via mutation, which makes it more dangerous than many other known viruses. That’s why it is hard to get rid of it once and forever. Currently, the United Kingdom (B.1.1.7) and California (B.1.427/429) are the most widespread variants in the region. The one from the UK is more dangerous as it attacks even the youngest population. Many citizens have no idea being incubators, which is just as threatening. Thus, the need for immediate vaccination is obvious.

The recent vaccines tested on the population appear to be safe and effective to prevent transmission, hospitalization, and fatal consequences. Pfizer and some other healthcare companies guarantee a strong level of protection. Three vaccines in Santa Clarita are checked and secure. One of the successful cases is the story of Andrew Jenofsky.

The 14-year-old boy appeared to be brave enough to try the vaccine. The boy was sick and tired of staying at home because of the external risks. On the one hand, he shared that he started doing most of the homework assignments on his own thanks to the detailed research on websites like that offer examples of essays. Andrew received too much free time for things he likes. On the other hand, he missed school and his buddies for all of this time. To show his bravery, the boy agreed to be the youngest person in a region to test the vaccine. Last week, all offsprings aged 12-15 were provided with the go-ahead to obtain Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Jenofsky was not scared for a second; vice versa, he felt pretty much confident about his family’s decision. The initiative was first supported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thanks to it, teens can now get vaccinated and enjoy life in full again. The organization spread the Pfizer vaccine’s emergency quickly after recognizing its efficiency. For the boy’s family, such a decision was a “no-brainer” as they trust the company and the nation’s healthcare system in general. They do not want to lose their beloved ones. Andrew shares that the procedure itself is fast and painless. He believes that getting infected and suffering is way worse.

One of the critical factors was the fact that Andrew’s mom was a nurse. As a child, she survived polio, and she does not want to see her child suffering as she used to. No principal side effects were fixed. They tested vaccines on people with chronological diseases, and they still appeared to be safe. Currently, 2,260 youngsters were successfully vaccinated. All they need is permission and follow-up from the parent/guardian. With such a tendency, we have excellent chances of saying goodbye to COVID-19 and associated risks once and forever.

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