First Date Ideas for California Singles Who’ve Met Online


If you’re like a lot of single people, you’ll probably have tried joining a USA dating site, a dating app, or perhaps a social media platform to meet new people and find a date. Once you’ve exchanged a few messages to prospective dates, the next step is to arrange a first date in real life. Deciding where to go and what to do on your first date is the next big decision.

Choosing a good first date location can heavily effect how well you connect and interact on the date, so it’s worth spending some time thinking about what is likely to work best for you both.

To help you along, we’ve compiled some great and more unusual first date ideas that you can enjoy locally.

Test Your Physical Capabilities by Going Rock Climbing

Are you and your date athletic and always up for an adventure that will test your physical strength and stamina? Then why not try some indoor rock climbing? At Top Out Climbing, you can do just that. They have a facility that’s larger than 11,000 square feet, and they will make you feel totally confident even if you have never climbed before.

Explore the Great Outdoors

If you are concerned about spending time indoors because of COVID-19, you can certainly plan an unforgettable first date in the great outdoors. And when you are in the Santa Clarita area, you can easily find an amazing spot to explore with your date. Want to go on a hike? Check out Wildwood Canyon or Central Park. Want to do something that’s low-key? Check out Almendra Park or Bridgeport Park.

Sip on Delicious Wine Together

California is known for its fantastic wine, so why not take advantage of that when you plan your first get-together? With multiple wineries to choose from in the Santa Clarita area, you can select the one that will help make your date a memorable one. A great example is Pulchella Winery, with its relaxing atmosphere. Or you can go to Reyes Winery to sample a variety of wines in a lovely outdoor setting.

On a Budget? No Problem!

If money is tight and you don’t have a lot to spend on your first date, don’t worry, as there are plenty of free ways to enjoy each other’s company in Santa Clarita. For example, you can see if there’s a free concert in the park or you can simply have a yummy picnic in the park.

Remember to Stay Safe

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to take some steps to keep yourself safe. Even if you’ve used the best California dating site to meet someone who lives nearby, it’s still important to follow a few simple safety rules.

Dating experts recommend going on your first date with a friend, or setting up a group date with several friends. It’s also good practice to let someone reliable know about where you’ll be on your date, and checking in every so often. Meeting in a public place and having your own form of transport home are also recommended steps when meeting someone new. Avoid accepting a lift home, or giving personal information away such as where you live, work or hang out.

Your Exciting First Date in Santa Clarita Awaits!

With so many incredible places to explore and fun things to do throughout Santa Clarita, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to setting up a first date with someone you met online. So, go ahead and get out there to find the love you want!

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