Here Is What You Should Do Once You Buy a New Home

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Buying a new home is a dream come true for most people. Thus, if you have made it to the house handover, congrats are in order. Indeed, you have gone through the entire process that involves a home inspection, financing, and closing. However, it is not time to relax. Yes, you read that right. It is not time for you to enjoy your new abode. You, therefore, can never get complacent over your achievement. There are immediate actions that must be taken to make the entire process a success. This article reveals the top things that must be done once you have received your keys to your new home.

Must-have Utilities: Connect All

Make sure all the musty-have utilities are well connected. This is done before you even move in. Gas, electricity, and water should be made available and smoothly running before you move in. This ensures a smooth transition. There is no joy in finding out that your gas or the lights aren’t working after you move is complete. Besides, you may have to get some new rectangular tubing that may be required to fix any areas requiring strong metals.

Home Warranty: Purchase or Review it

Some home sellers already have a house warranty in place. However, not all home sellers do so. Some will have a warranty, while others may not have one that covers major appliances or home systems. If you got a home warranty from the seller, it is about time you review it.

But if you did not receive any home warranty from the home seller, you should buy yours. Besides, it is wise to make sure you know what is covered under the home warranty and understand how to make a claim. This would save you from buying new appliances too soon or even having to start dealing with broken appliances after a few months.

Maintenance Schedule: Create It Immediately

House maintenance is like a journey. It is not a one-day activity. Though there are some tasks you must do immediately, you still need to schedule for others that will be done over time. For example, your house exterior needs to be washed; air filters have to be replaced; the carpet has to be cleaned thoroughly and much more.

A home maintenance checklist would be a great point to start. The checklist needs to be accompanied by a budget for each of the included tasks. Besides, you should factor in any unexpected repairs. And if you intend to hire experts such as garbage clearance professionals, include their cost in the budget.  See the point below to know how you can create a to-do list for maintenance.

Maintenance to-do-list: Create from The house inspection report

The inspection report flags various issues that need quick attention. After you purchase a house, you should address such issues. Using the report from the inspection company, create a list of tasks that need to be taken care of as soon as possible and those that can wait. For instance, dirty gutters, window and door issues, faulty pipes have to be repaired immediately. Such issues can blow up soon and demand huge sums of money to fix. Thus, it is better to have them fixed as soon as you move to your new home.

Wrap Up

Create a maintenance schedule once you buy a new home. You can make use of the inspection report to make a to-do list for the maintenance of your new home. Also, make sure you connect all the must-have utilities before moving into your new house. Lastly, purchase a new home warranty or just review the one you received from the seller.

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