Arctic Air Pure Chill Review: Chilling Information Revealed


Unlike other Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, we are not going to mince words. We’ll tell you directly if the Arctic Air Pure Chill actually delivers comfort and convenience as advertised by the manufacturer or if it’s just another one of those products that over-promises and under-delivers.

What Is Arctic Air Pure Chill? 

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a personal and portable air cooler introduced by Arctic Air that provides users with convenience, comfort, and cool air to stay fresh away from the scorching hear wherever they go! The Arctic Air Pure Chill unit is one of the coolest and newest innovations in personalized air-conditioning technology. This is particularly due to its unique features and diverse functionality of acting as a:

  • Humidifier
  • Powerful air conditioner
  • Regular fan

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With a new and upgraded modern design and advanced features in contrast to previous portable air coolers, the Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler is flying off the shelves as customers are gearing up for what looks like another scorching and steamy summer season. With spring almost ending and summer around the corner, the heat levels are predicted to be at an all-time high (thanks to global warming).

In addition to this, several global publications have validated the fact that the atmospheric temperatures have been rising gradually. However, it’s also critical to note that the rate of an upsurge in atmospheric temperature has been even more rapid and conspicuous recently.

If you wish to beat the unforgiving heat this summer, grab a Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler today! You can place the hydro chill technology on your desk to cool and humidify while you work, keep it in the kid’s room to make sure they are not sweaty while they sleep, place it next to your bed (it has a quiet operation) or take it with you on a sunny picnic by the beach. You just take it wherever you need it.

In a nutshell, the cooling device can be taken anywhere you wish to save yourself from the suffering of unpleasant, wretched and sweaty summer heat.

Arctic Air Pure Chill Features

Although sunny, warm summers can feel fun for a while — particularly if you are into outdoor enthusiast or enjoy outdoor activities — however, it is an undeniable truth that prolonged sun or heat exposure can have extremely unpleasant and severe effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health.

That’s where the Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler comes into play. This portable air cooler can help you fight off heatwaves and irritable moods with its incredible ability to cool the surrounding air.

Here are some features of the portable air cooler that you may have also come across in other Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews:

●     Genius Top-Fill Design

Thanks to its genius easy top-fill pouring design, the portable air cooler can make one’s life drastically easier by letting them relish in refreshing air with simply a touch of a button it has 3 speeds. Unlike other portable cooling units that have bulky water tanks, this one comes with a no-fuss fill water tank that can be utilized even when the cooling unit is running.

●     Night Light

It comes with a night light which can be easily used at night to guide you when you need to go wake up for any reason, you can also leave it at your kid’s room if they are afraid of a dark room or if it’s hard for them to fall asleep.

●     Adjustability

An underrated feature of the air cooler is its capability to deliver cold refreshing air at three different speeds – i.e. low, medium, and high – entirely depending upon the user’s personal preference or need.

●     Personal space.

If that is not enough to woo you, the personal air cooler also comes with a movable louver for directing the flow of cool air. Due to this feature, you can optimize the cooling unit’s overall air conditioning capacity as per your personal preferences.

●     Portable

The Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler is highly compact and portable. The cooling unit is so lightweight that it can be carried around easily by almost anybody. In addition to this, it can be powered with a regular USB cable to make the charging process stress free and exorbitantly streamlined, so you can take it wherever you need. Finally, due to its lightweight, the cooling unit can be stored easily in a closet, cupboard, etc.

●     Rechargeable Battery

It comes with a high-quality rechargeable battery that offers cool air in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, a fully charged battery means that the portable device can last for as long as 10 hours per fill.

●     Cord-Free Operation

One of the best features of the Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler is that it works even when unattached to a power plug through a cord. Allowing users to carry it with themselves wherever they go. So, whether you are going on a picnic or reading a book on your porch, the personal air cooler is always going to be by your side.

If you do not believe us, you can head on to Google and check out the countless other positive Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews that pledge to the device’s incredible functionality.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Benefits

In a nutshell, this is a high-quality portable air conditioning device that can help you resolve any probable heat-related concerns that may arise in the impending summer season. Furthermore, in regard to the air coolers design and functionality, the Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler has an eco-friendly setup that’s tremendously kind to nature. Moreover, please note that the air cooler uses no harmful chemicals to operate and draw out cool air.

In addition to this, here are some of the other core benefits of the air cooler that may have also been highlighted in other Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews:

●     Humidifier Action

This is not your ordinary portable air conditioning unit; it can also double up as a humidifier. For everybody who doesn’t know, a humidifier essentially provides moisture to the surrounding environment, giving those around the unit relief from dry skin, itchiness, epidermal irritation etc. 

And that’s not it – the humidifier option can also improve the health of your lips, throat and nasal passages. Additionally, it can also help ease numerous symptoms that may emerge due to allergies, common cold, irritations, and seasonal flu.

●     Incredible Cooling

Even with the most severe heatwave, the cooler can extend incredible cooling to users, thanks to its freeze function ability. Every unit is equipped with an effective ice tray component that pumps out cool air when required. Additionally, please note that users can regulate how this air is dispersed from the air conditioner’s main unit, very similar to Blast Portable AC.

●     Versatile Usage

Due to the device’s formidable inbuilt cooling unit, the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler can be utilized either as a powerful air conditioner, humidifier or even as a regular fan, depending on the user’s personal preferences and needs.

Keep in mind that each of the above-stated functioning modes consumes varying amounts of electricity, which fundamentally implies that users can switch between different available modes to save money on electricity bills.

●     Optimal Functioning at All Times

Many people get dissatisfied with their air conditioning units simply due to the fact they fail to function as promised during peak summer times. But that isn’t the case with the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler. With this portable air conditioning unit, users can relish incredible cooling even during the toughest peak times.

●     Easy to Use

Another most underrated advantage of the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler is its stress-free and effortless usage and operation. Unlike numerous other identical air conditioning units present in the market that aren’t exactly easy to use, it is very simple to operate.

All the users have to do is to turn on the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler, relax and enjoy the cool air for maximum relief.

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There are some other major benefits to users:

  • Can be effectively utilized in extremely dry conditions, especially because it comes with a high-quality, built-in humidifier that effortlessly moisturizes the surrounding environment.
  • When used regularly, it can also allow consumers to control their surrounding environment, fostering improved work setting, relaxation, physical and mental health etc.
  • Thanks to its built-in humidifier, it can thwart a host of dryness related health problems and irritations known to affect eyes, skin, nasal and throat passages during the summertime.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Arctic Air Pure Chill. You can search online to view more real-life Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews and testimonials.

Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Legit?

A 100% YES! Don’t believe our word?

Search on the internet to read more real-life Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews and testimonials or search the web yourself to learn about the portable air conditioner’s legitimacy and efficiency.

Truth be told, the Arctic Air Pure Chill is unlike any other portable air conditioning unit we have come across in a long time, and this is one of the reasons why we can’t seem to get enough of it. You can beat the summer heat and sweat without losing an arm and leg.

How Does Arctic Air Pure Chill Work?

The Arctic Air Pure Chill is certainly a fascinating piece of contemporary tech; however, when you learn how it works to deliver all that incredible performance with such efficacy, it becomes even more remarkable. Unlike numerous air conditioning devices available in the market, the way Arctic Air Pure Chill works is not complicated at all; rather, it’s quite smart and straightforward.

Basically, the Arctic Air Pure Chill uses a technique called ”thermoelectric cooling.” This technique converts electrical energy to thermal energy with the help of a solid-state semiconductor. In simple terms, this means that one segment of the device cools down significantly below the room temperature, whereas the other part extricates heat because of the temperature difference. This results in an air conditioner that does not necessitate any refrigerant, meaning that it becomes highly durable and portable.

The Arctic Air Pure Chill also encompasses other supplementary components that enhance the entire cooling experience. For example:

  • Ice tray – the Arctic Air Pure Chill includes an ice tray that delivers instant cooling during extreme or emergent heat situations.
  • Water curtain – additionally, it has a water curtain that gives refreshing cool air.
  • Misting device – last but not least, it involves a multi directional air vent misting device that moistens dry air by hurling humidity into your surroundings.

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The best thing about the Arctic Air Pure Chill is the fact that all air first passes through a cleansing filter that extracts harmful dust particles before it reaches the user. With abilities like these, you may think the device would require a lot of power and have a toll on your electricity bills, but earlier, we have already clarified that isn’t the case.

“How?” you may question. Well, here is the answer:

For starters, the Arctic Air Pure Chill compact personal air cooler does not need any external wired power source (thanks to its cordless feature). In its place, it utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives more than eight hours of usage on a one-time full charge. Moreover, when the Arctic Air Pure Chill runs out of power, you can simply plug it into a USB Type-C charging socket for recharge. Additionally, the device can also be used while its plugged into an outlet and charges up.

Continue reading this Arctic Air Pure Chill review to learn how you use and set it up.

Arctic Air Pure Chill – How to Setup and Use it?

You’ll be pleased to know that the Arctic Air Pure Chill requires little to no setup or assembly for us. All you have to do is charge the batteries and enjoy the cool air. To make it clearer for you, unlike other Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, in this review, we have shared a step-by-step guide on how you can set up and use the air cooler:

  • Step #1: Place your Arctic Air Pure Chill on a smooth, even surface and attach the power adapter to the port and connect the other end of the adapter to an electrical outlet.
  • Step #2: Take the water curtain out from the drawer, soak it in clean water and put it back into the drawer.
  • Step #3: Next, fill the tank with clean water sufficiently, pick your preferred mode (air conditioner, fan or humidifier), and relax in the instant cool air!

Does the Arctic Air Pure Chill Really Work?

Yes, the Arctic Air Pure Chill works, and quite effectively, to be honest. If it hadn’t, it would not have been flying off the shelves so fast. This incredible portable unit can produce cool air, humidify the surrounding environment or can even be transformed into a regular fan.

So, if you are feeling hot, turn on the cool air; if you need simple ventilation, use the regular fan option; and if you’re suffering from a stuffy nose or itchy skin, use the Arctic Air Pure Chill unit’s in-built humidifier to feel better.

Several Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews even claim that the device generates cool air in as much as thirty seconds! Additionally, the air conditioning unit can effortlessly be operated at different fan speeds (slow, medium and high) to deliver maximum comfort and satisfaction levels.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the Arctic Air Pure Chill for whatever reason, you can get your money back guarantee according to the manufacturer’s refund policy.

What Is Included in Arctic Air Pure Chill?

Below are the core components of Arctic Air Pure Chill:

  • Water Curtain
  • Inbuilt Mister
  • Main cooling unit
  • Air Filters
  • Ice tray
  • USB type C wire

What Makes Arctic Air Pure Chill Better Than Its Competitors?

Here are some of the reasons that make Arctic Air Pure Chill better than other market players:

  • Evaporative Cooling – the Arctic Air Pure Chill utilizes evaporative hydro chill technology cooling to instantly turn unpleasant surroundings to comfortable and refreshing.
  • Efficient Water Curtain – The efficient and changeable water curtain helps moisture to cool and humidify while evaporate, taking the heat away in the process to release fresh, comfortable and cool air.
  • In-built Mister – Additionally, the device encompasses an inbuilt multi directional air mister spray that releases refreshing, cool mists to extend comfort, ease nasal/throat congestion and relieve dry skin.
  • Long-Lasting – the Arctic Air Pure Chill is incredibly efficient and has a long functional life. Meaning, you won’t have to waste money again and again on products that over promise but under deliver.
  • Eco-Friendly – Arctic Air Pure Chill has an eco-friendly setup that’s tremendously kind to nature. Moreover, it uses no harmful chemicals to operate and release cool air.
  • Different Operating Modes – unlike other air coolers, one of the best things about this device is its versatility. This portable air cooler isn’t a one-trick pony; rather, it has three different operating modes that can be altered according to the user’s preference.
  • Refund Policy – Arctic Air Pure Chill manufacturers provide a refund policy, meaning if you are not satisfied with the device, you can get your money back. Let us tell you, there aren’t many manufacturers who are willing to take this stand.
  • Power Efficient – the Arctic Air Pure Chill does not need any external wired power source (thanks to its cordless feature). In its place, it utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives more than eight hours of usage on a one-time full charge, hence saving you tons of dollars on electricity bills.

Can Arctic Air Pure Chill Cool A Room?

 Yes, it can. Do not get fooled by the Arctic Air Pure Chill units small size; it very much can cool an entire room. There are so many Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews out there that back this fact.

How to Maintain Arctic Air Pure Chill?

Arctic Air Pure Chill maintenance is as effortless as its usage. Once you are done using the device, you can easily turn it off. Throw out any excess water from the inbuilt water tank and safely store it on your side bed or a cupboard for future use. Additionally, the device can be cleaned very easily too. You can wipe it down with some water or cleanser, and it will look new as ever.

Who Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Good For?

This air cooler is perfect for people who want to take a break from the scorching summer heat or simply prefer cooler temperatures while working, sleeping or relaxing. In addition to this, the device is ideal for people who often experience skin or eyes irritations due to air dryness. Moreover, it also relieved congested nose and irritated or dried nasal/throat passages.

Arctic Air Pure Chill FAQ

How Much Does an Arctic Air Pure Chill Cost?

The manufacturer of this well-sought device knows its market inside out and hence doesn’t charge an exorbitant amount for it. With the current discount offer, customers can buy an air cooler for as low as  £80 / $90. However, if more than one air cooler is purchased, the discount gets bigger.

1 Arctic Air = £79.99 / USD $89.99 (original price $138.45)

 2 Arctic Air = £159.98 / USD$179.98 (original price $276.89)

 3 Arctic Air =£180.43 / USD $202.48 (original price $415.34)

 4 Arctic Air =£220.43 / USD $247.47 (original price $553.78)

The offer is only valid till the current inventory is available, so it is better you place an order ASAP!

Where Can I Buy A Arctic Air Pure Chill?

Some platforms like Amazon sell Arctic Air Pure Chill online, but after unsatisfactory personal experiences, we highly recommend you to only purchase it from the official website. Purchasing directly from the Arctic Air store can save you from buying a counterfeit or fake product for which the actual manufacturers won’t take any responsibility.

Additionally, the official manufacturers are also currently offering an amazing introductory discount of 50% if you place an order now.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Pros and Cons

Unlike many Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, to help you make an informed decision, we have shared some of the pros as well as the cons of this incredible device:

Pros of Arctic Air Pure Chill

Here are some pros of the Arctic Air cooler that makes the product worth purchasing

  • Highly compact and portable: The Arctic Air is highly compact and portable. You can easily carry it wherever you go, and once you are done using it, it can effortlessly be cleaned for storage.
  • No complicated assembly necessary: The Arctic Air Pure Chill is functional as soon as you take it out from its packaging. Due to its simple design, there is no complicated assembly required. All you have to do is plug it in and enjoy the cool air.
  • Easy storage and cleaning: Once you’re done using the air cooler, you can easily switch off the AC and clean it for storage. You can wipe the unit with a damp cloth or cleanser, and it will look new as ever.
  • Easy storage: Thanks to the unit’s simple design, the Arctic Air Pure Chill is very easy to understand and use; simply plug it in and choose the mode of your preference.
  • Multi-faceted: The Arctic Air Pure Chill personal space air cooler can be utilized either as a powerful air conditioner, humidifier or even a regular fan, depending on the user’s personal preferences and needs.

Cons of Arctic Air Pure Chill

Here are some drawbacks of the air cooler:

  • Limited product availability: Due to high demand and limited product availability, the personal space lightweight and portable cooler sells out fast and goes out of stock pretty quickly. Therefore, make sure you get yours as soon as possible.
  • Available for sale only online: The biggest shortcoming of the personal space air cooler is that it’s only officially sold online.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Arctic Air Pure Chill, the manufacturers provide a ”no-hassle return policy” through which you can receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Final Verdict

With a remarkable reliability rate (don’t believe us? Just search out there to read more real-life Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews), it is no wonder the device is such a fast-feller and trending worldwide. Why pay exorbitant amounts for a brand when you can get an equally good product at less than half the price. 

Overall, the Arctic Air Pure Chill provides a set of amazing qualities that are rivalled by none at a surprisingly low price. When paired with its incredible benefits, the portability and durability of this air conditioner is truly unique and for everybody trying to beat the heat this summer.

For a safe purchase and more details, head to the official Arctic Air Pure Chill Store Today Here!

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