How Hard is it to Make a Baby’s Crib?


When you’re welcoming your new baby into the world, you want everything to be just right. From finding them comfy clothes to picking the perfect crib. Have you ever thought about making your own crib? You can build a safe space for your baby to sleep and create an heirloom for your family. You’ll need a plan, patience, and some DIY skills, but it’s definitely doable.

Types of Cribs

What kind of crib would you like to build? There are lots of different crib models to choose from. There’s the traditional cradle, which is a slatted square. As you’re building the crib yourself, you could pick different shapes such as a boat or a moon. You could even attach a rocking chair to the crib. Get creative as you like. It’s important to note the complexity of your crib design will depend on your DIY skills. Be realistic with what you can build.


When building your own baby crib, it’s crucial to take measurements. Not only because you want to ensure it fits in the room, but also for safety reasons. When your baby can stand up, there needs to be at least 60cm between the mattress and the top of the sides. This distance will stop your child from climbing over the crib. Remember to measure the size of your mattress so it fits into the wooden pieces.

Materials and Tools

It’s also important that you’re prepared with all the equipment you need for your DIY project. What will you need to build a baby’s crib? As mentioned above you’ll need wooden pieces to make the frame and a mattress for the bed. You’ll also need screws and nails. Plus, power tools will make your project much easier. An impact driver can quickly drive and loosen screws, which can speed up your job. Please remember to wear the required safety gear when handling power tools.

Mistakes to Avoid

During crib construction, there are mistakes you need to avoid. If you’re building a crib with wooden slats, you need to be careful with your spacing. You don’t want to leave to have large gaps which your baby could fit through. It’s also important to meticulously measure your wooden pieces so they fit together perfectly.

With the right planning and tools, you’re definitely capable of building your very own baby crib. It will become a beloved heirloom for your family. Do you have DIY tips you’d like to share?

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