Is Now the Time to Start Your Own Architecture Firm?


As the world begins to bounce back from a crippling year, many people out there are exploring new endeavors and vocations with passionate intensity.

Many individuals had to work from home last year and this year, which might have been challenging for some, but for others it was likely an empowering experience.

As a result, many people might be making the choice to go into business for themselves. Growth in the architecture industry will likely continue to increase as more people go back to school and explore subjects they are more passionate about.

Obviously, if you’re someone thinking about starting their own architecture firm, you probably have extensive experience and the proper education — this isn’t some wayward dream that never got realized. The individual thinking about starting their own firm will likely be tired of working for someone else after having done it for years.

Timing is Everything

If you’re working at a firm, your departure should come before you become highly valuable to your employer. Often, those who get sucked in might be chasing the partnership track. The less a firm relies on you and you alone, the better the timing it will be to make a decision to strike out on your own.

Choose a Niche

Take the right steps before you strive out on your own. Having a plan and knowing what kind of work you’d like to do is tremendously important for starting an architecture firm. Are you more interested in doing residential or commercial projects? Are you trying to get in on government contracts or are you going the private route?

You’ll also want to decide if you’re going to focus on landscaping, green or sustainable design, interior design, urban design, industrial design, or restoration design. Knowing what you want to do before you start your own practice will help you prepare and set yourself up for success from the beginning. You’ll save time, money, and headaches by making a concrete plan. Once your plan is in place, it also never hurts to have someone else take a look at it, especially an expert.

Be Smart with Your Money

Starting an architectural firm doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg initially, but you will have to have capital in order to purchase supplies — computer, architecture software, perhaps even an office. 

Just like with any business, there will be busy times and down time as well. Experts advise less established firms to save money in order to weather any droughts — having about 6-8 month’s worth of expenses just in case you hit any hardships along the way. For those who are in need of quick cash and don’t want to rack up high interest credit card bills might consider pawn shops or typing title loans near me into the search bar. Both are unorthodox routes for the typical architect, but will likely end up being a money saving move.

Having the right amount of expertise, entrepreneurship, and the right relationships will help any architect striking out on their own this year make a name for themself. As with anything worth anything, building your own architecture firm will take patience, hard work, and time.

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