Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review 2021(Latest Update) Does Pure chill Ac Actually Work?


Arctic air pure chill Ac (Is also called pure chill Ac) As the summer period approaches every year, it is usually very difficult to manage and not become worried about how to handle the extreme hot weather conditions during those times .

The regular air conditioner is supposed to help you survive right? However, this regular air conditioner comes with its own downsides that include the limitation as to where to fix or position it and the fact that it adds to the bills on energy.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to the problems stated above: The Arctic Pure Chill AC.

The Arctic Pure Chill AC is a modern multifunction and multi-purpose air cooler that can be plugged to a wall socket with the help of a micro USB cord.

The device promises to solve the problems of traditional air coolers by being more affordable, easier and cheaper to maintain, durable and very portable.

You also do not need to be tech savvy to use or install this great product. This Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews article will give you a detailed review of this Pure Chill AC. So grab a seat, let’s talk about the Arctic Pure Chill AC.

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What Is Arctic Air Pure Chill AC? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

Arctic Pure Chill AC is a not-so heavy personal cooler that can serve as both a fan and an air conditioner in blowing cool air to your direction.

It occupies little space and has its parts close together which make it very mobile and there’s no problem of different tangled wires accompanying you as you move it. Instead, to charge the appliance, you use a micro USB cord.

The Arctic Pure Chill AC comes with an air filter and it’s very good for indoor use because it brings clean and cool air your way, filtering away any unclean air.

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is an air cooling system that works very well for our different homes and lofts.

Customers will discover that it functions greatly in a number of other ways; it may be useful as a cordless air cooler, standard fan, and humidifier. It is a 3-in-1 appliance that grants personalized cooling to the customers. Because there’s an in-built humidifier, it helps in cleaning up the dusty air. This reiterates the fact that the customer would get very cool and clean air.

 However, the gadget is not so difficult to use and it gives off 3 fan speeds. It can be used in a room or any other place as earlier said.

Later in the day, around the evening time, the weather becomes hot and uncomfortable especially in summer periods and the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC always serves as a big relief in cooling the place so fast.

The appliance works silently and is therefore less likely to wake one from sleep. In addition, one doesn’t need to be worried about taking in dangerous and unclean particles. The channels in the appliance, as was mentioned earlier, keep the air clean so that the users can breathe very well without any issue.

In comparison to the regular AC we know, this appliance is compact, very easy to set up and maintain. It is user friendly and does not really require any technical know-how for its installation and maintenance.

Also, the portability and lightweight nature of this appliance also allows it to be moved from one place to another easily.

According to the specs mentioned on the official web page, Arctic Pure Chill AC air conditioner is packed with 3 fan settings, so you can alternate between the different blowers depending on how warm or cold the day’s temperature is.

This above shows that the device can be used by people of all age grades. For example, those at the extremes of age (toddlers and elderly) can use it at the same low fan setting while a young person can use it at a medium or even high fan setting.

In addition to all these said, Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has so many reviews from customers saying how good it is. This shows that this appliance can be trusted to the extent of people caring to leave good reviews because they want others to share in the use of the amazing appliance. So, if people are giving positive remarks, why not try it?

Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

  1. Well improved Cooling Technology – Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is a way more effective AC than any other regular AC in the market. This is explained by the titanium cooling element it contains.
  2. Rapid cooling time – The cooling time for the AC is directly proportional to the size of the room. For a room that’s about 400sqft,it can cool it from 95 to 70 degrees in like 6 minutes. If your room is smaller, it will take less time of course.
  • Simplicity in its usage– Like earlier said, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is very user friendly. It entails plugging it in, filling it with water, putting  it on and then it starts cooling at your desired level.
  • Has aesthetic value– The appliance looks very stylish and doesn’t look out of place when positioned in different homes. There are various colour choices to pick from to meet your exact style.

5. Consumes less energy – Compared to the regular AC that consumes so much energy and increases bills, Arctic Pure Chill AC is different. You tend to save more money from paying huge bills on electricity.

6. Very valuable – This appliance is so valuable and affordable to give as gifts to family and friends especially those in very warm, uncomfortable rooms. You would be more than happy you got it.

7. Return policy on return –For any reason whatsoever, if you think the Arctic Pure Chill AC doesn’t fit your desire, you can return it within 30 days and get your refund in full.

Other Major Features of the Pure Chill AC (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

  • The AC can be used almost anywhere and everywhere.
  •  It operates with a powerful USB.
  • It purifies the air and chills the rooms.
  • It doesn’t operate noisily.
  • Its water tank is clear and transparent.

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Facts and Specs

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has lots of different facts and specs. Some of them include:

  •  It can be used as a wireless air conditioner.
  •  It reduces and maintains the humidity in the room.
  •  It has a filtering function to remove dust particles.
  •  It is very simple to use.
  •  It’s not so noisy.
  •  It has 3 fan speeds that can be adjusted.

What Makes Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Unique? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

There are thousand and one air conditioners but what makes Arctic Pure Chill AC to stand out is how it moisturizes the air.

 The regular fans and ACs cool the room but make the skin dry. The Arctic Pure Chill AC doesn’t allow the drying up of one’s skin, eyes and nasal passages.

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Benefits of Arctic Pure Chill AC (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

Chills the room– Arctic Air Pure Chill AC chills the room and replaces the very warm weather with a cool one in a few minutes or even seconds.

USB cable – The portable AC comes with a USB port. Therefore, you can plug it anywhere in the nearest source of power.

Three fan speeds – Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has 3 different fan speeds meaning you can set it anyhow to fit your liking.

Simplicity in its use– The instructions are quite straightforward. It entails plugging it, pouring water into the top of the unit, inserting the replaceable water curtains and switching it on.

Water tank – It has an in-built tank used to add water.

Water curtains that are replaceable – Each of the water curtains last for approximately 7-9 months. To replace it, just soak and insert it.

Clears the air – It helps in clearing and removing diets as well as microorganisms in the rooms.

Prevents heat-induced stroke – With Arctic Air Pure Chill AC by your side while you sleep, it will prevent overheating and heat strokes.

How to Use Arctic Pure Chill AC? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

Like has been earlier said, Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is very easy to use.

There are about 3 steps in making use of this cooler:

  1. First step is filling the water tank with water at the top of the unit.
  2. Put in the water curtains that are replaceable. Remember the curtains last well between 6 to 9 months.
  3. Plug in your appliance, turn it on and enjoy.

These steps above confirm the simplicity of the AC. It doesn’t require extra technical know-how.

How Does Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Work? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

 It needs a 3 step process so that the fan or AC can run very well without any problem. What is needed is that you add water in the tank at the top of the unit, put in the water curtains that are replaceable and switch it on. Then you will enjoy the cool air that starts blowing from the appliance.

Arctic Pure Chill AC works with a phenomenon called thermoelectric cooling that uses the peltier effect to create a heat flux at the junction of two different kinds of materials. This consequently keeps the surrounding environment very cool. Physics is the basis of its mechanism of action. The water curtains that are replaceable should be changed after 6 to 9 months. The portable AC has a filter that helps to clear and clean the air of any debris, toxins and allergens. A user will be taking in clean, fresh and cool air.

How To Maintain the Arctic Pure Chill AC? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

Arctic Pure Chill AC is very easy to maintain and you do not need a professional to do that for you nor spend money on maintenance. All you need to do is to make sure to change the water curtain every six months as recommended by the manufacturers also it is important you endeavor to always charge your device as it helps to keep the battery life optimal; the battery can be charged easily irrespective of your location just by plugging it by the means of the micro USB cable that comes with it.

The Arctic Pure Chill AC can also be cleaned with a dry cloth if you feel it’s dusty as a result of usage. This product is very portable so doing these few things should be so difficult.

Why Should One Buy The Arctic Air Pure Chill AC? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

There so many portable air conditioners in the market but there are some things you need to consider before investing your money in any portable ac; worthy of note is that the Arctic Pure Chill AC boasts for have all the features expected of a device of this kind and these include:

  • Makes no noise – This device was made bearing the user’s comfort and sanity in mind therefore does not cause nuisance to the user by making almost no noise; it was made from the latest ac technology so you do not need to be worried about noise when using the device at work, meeting or prayers.
  • Built in air filter – This device carefully filters the air that passes through it and in the process removes dust or any harmful particles contained in the air around the user. This is to ensure that the user breathes a clean moist air devoid of impurities.
  • Adjustable fan setting – The users can easily regulate the speed of the Arctic Pure Chill AC. It can be set to very high during very hot weather conditions and to low during cold weather conditions so the user has all the choice and options.
  • Simple to use – This device is really very easy to use, charge and install. One does not need to be very tech conscious or need to invite a tech professional to operate or install the device. The user does everything on their own without spending a dime.
  • Transparent water tank – Unlike some traditional ac in the market, the Arctic Pure Chill AC has an added feature which is a transparent water tank; this is a big plus as it enables the user to track the water level of this device then refill when necessary.
  • Can serve as a fan – In addition to being an air conditioner; the Arctic Pure Chill AC can serve as a fan too. This is to give the user the choice of using either of the functions as desired.

What makes the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC special? (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

Arctic Pure Chill AC air conditioner is special in so many ways:

Firstly; it saves the user a lot of money. Unlike the traditional air coolers that are very expensive to purchase, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is really affordable and easy to install and maintain. Getting the traditional air conditioning system requires that you hire a professional to mount and set it for you this costs a lot of money as the service charge is normally high; the same thing also applies to its maintenance, the user needs to hire a professional to also unmeant before running a maintenance on a conventional air conditioner.

 This is not the case with the Arctic Pure Chill AC as the maintenance as outlined above is very easy and does not require any extra service charge.

Secondly, this product is very portable. Unlike the traditional air cooler that is very cumbersome and takes up a lot of space, the Arctic Pure Chill AC can be kept in a corner as it is very portable.

Also because of the size of traditional air coolers, once it is turned on, everyone in the room must adapt to the new temperature whether they like it or not but this product is for personal use so can be adjusted to serve just the user. It is also ideal for people living in small homes and for travellers.

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Pros and Cons

Pros (Arctic Air Pure Chill Review)

  • Adjustable speed: This product’s speed can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences and weather conditions. The device boasts of a three fan speed which can also be adjusted as the user desires; its cooling temperature can also be adjusted accordingly.
  • Simple to Use: From all available reviews and recommendations, it is obvious and a fact that the Arctic Pure Chill AC is very easy to use. The instructions for use are very useful and be carried out by anybody whether tech savvy or not. The water level can also be monitored easily via the transparent water container and can be refilled easily. There is no added maintenance required other than refilling the water tank, changing the water curtain and charging the device periodically.
  • Hygienic: This device effectively and automatically filters the air it produces. It filters out dust particles and other macro contaminants present in the user’s surrounding air making it ideal for people with asthma and tor everyone too as no one would like to inspire contaminated air.
  • Very Portable: The Arctic Pure Chill AC is very portable and can be carried around from place to place without discomfort. It doesn’t add or make your luggage too cumbersome to travel with. It is also ideal for people living in a small home without much space for large gadgets and appliances.

Cons (Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews)

● The Arctic Pure Chill AC is not readily available in local stores, Home Depot, or in local/ large supermarkets; it can only be purchased online and must be ordered through the official website; this can be a problem for people with no electricity or no to poor internet connectivity as they will have a problem with purchasing this device but it’s definitely not a problem because for one to be able to access this review means the person will be able to access the manufacturer’s official website.

● This device is speedily gaining popularity so it won’t be surprising if it runs out of stock so it is advisable to make your order as soon as possible

Where to Buy Arctic Air Pure Chill AC (Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review)

The Arctic Pure Chill AC can only be purchased online through the company’s official website and as expected, the delivery gets to one’s desired location as fast as possible. Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and one’s payment information is always secure with 256-Bit SSL encryption.

  • Solo air cooler – $89.99.
  • Two air cooling units – $179.98 (instead of $276. 98)
  • Three Company Pack – $202.48 only.
  • Mega Cool Pack (4 units) –  $247.47 (instead of $553.78)

Please endeavor to check for your expected delivery date and also read the terms and conditions of the product before ordering.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Review Consumer Reports

“This product is really awesome. Its portability and effectiveness is the real deal. I recommend it for everyone”

“The sense of having a personal ac is something I find very cute so I don’t regret purchasing this product. It’s really affordable and delivers just as the company promised, I would rate it 9/10.

“The first time I saw a friend using this product, I thought it was a toy but I was wowed when I came closer. I purchased it for summer and it really delivered. This is indeed a great product. Recommended.

“I have spent quite a lot on maintaining my conventional air cooler so purchasing this product has saved me a lot of money as I don’t have to pay to maintain it or pay more for electricity charges. Kudos to the manufacturers!”

Frequently Asked Questions (Arctic Air Pure Chill Review)

Can Arctic Pure Chill AC Be Purchased from a Local store?

Not really. This product is only available in the manufacturer’s official website and as such can only be purchased from there. Beware of fake products and buy the original by ordering from the official website.

How many people can comfortably become cooler while using Arctic Pure Chill AC?

There’s no official recommended number of users for this product. But ideally the product is made for personal use but can serve as many people as the cooling ability can handle.

How fast can I get my order delivered to me?

The delivery service of the manufacturers is top notch so you don’t need to worry so much about this. The amount of days it takes for an order to be delivered to the owner will be stated once the order is made.

Where is the best place for operation?

This product can be kept and operated anywhere and anytime. it all depends on the user’s preference but it recommended that the Arctic Pure Chill AC is best kept in a flat surface.

Is the Arctic Pure Chill AC affordable?

When compared with conventional air coolers bearing in mind that the Arctic Pure Chill AC offers more, it is obvious that this product is really affordable. No extra charges, no professional fee and also no maintenance fee.

Does the Arctic Pure Chill AC increase my electricity bill?

Not really. The Arctic Pure Chill AC is fitted with a micro USB port and cable which can be used to plug and use the device whenever there’s electricity. It also does not disproportionately increase your electricity tariff or bill as its power consumption is very optimal and economical. You can also unplug it when not in use in order to conserve energy.

Arctic Pure Chill Review: Conclusion

Conclusively, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is a great product starting from the price to its effectiveness and durability. The reviews from different and diverse sources also supported the company’s claim of having the best portable ac. The pros of this product also outweigh the cons so it’s generally a wonderful product and a great buy. Click to the link below to get your own Arctic Pure Chill AC.

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