How to increase online payment security for your business

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Secure online payments are vital for any business and will allow you to be seen as professional and trustworthy. However, it may seem like a difficult task to keep your firm and customers safe from hacks and fraudulent behaviour. Here is some advice on how you can ensure that online payments remain secure, and your services trustworthy.  

PCI Compliance 

PCI (Payment Card Industry) is an organization that sets security standards and practices that need to be followed by law. Depending on the size of your business and the number of transactions that are processed, you may need to follow slightly different regulations. You can find more information in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). In order to comply with PCI rules, it is easier to use the services of a provider who can handle and process payments for you, rather than tackling all payments by yourself.  


If you are looking to make payments even more secure and would like to add additional protections, tokenization may be a good option. Tokenization protects payment information from hackers by converting it into numbers. The numbers are randomly generated and cannot be used by the hacker to gain access to your customers’ bank account.  

SSL Protocol 

The internet security encryption protocol (SSL) is a security certificate that makes using a website more secure. Most websites have such a certificate, and it is easy to recognise it by simply looking at the URL. Websites with SSL protection have https included in the beginning of their URL, instead of simply http. This is a standard security measure that every online shop should consider.  

3D Secure 

3D Secure is a way to get a bank or payment provider to authorise a payment before an order is placed. This can protect businesses from fraud and the cardholder from transactions that are made with their card. The bank or service provider will decide how payments need to be authorised. Some banks simply ask customers to enter a pin code, while others use biometric scans to ensure that payments remain trustworthy. There are several useful payment processing solutions which can make payments to your brand both safe and easy to carry out. 

Prepaid gift cards 

Sometimes prepaid cards can be easiest to process since they already contain money. Card payments may not be necessary if the purchase is within the budget. In order to avoid having to create gift cards for customers, using a service provider can make it easy to check, activate, load or process gift cards. Incentives can also provide easier ways to offer products and services to customers.  

Offering secure payment services as a business is essential, but thankfully many firms are already offering safe and tested solutions.  

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