How to take a baby passport photo

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Phew, the most time-consuming and sensitive job without annoying your young ones, especially those new to the world! So, after delivery, the most hectic or terrific part was to take a baby passport photo. We have been into nightmares for a perfect one. A scheduled newborn and grandparents meetup was our top priority as we had the family’s first grandchild. So travelling back to the home country was as crucial as anything. 

Let’s begin with the basics of “How to take a baby passport photo?” that we targeted to meet the requirements:

  • The Photo needs to be against a white background. (as easiest)
  • The child in the picture should pose frontally, i.e., head not tilted in any direction. (the hardest)
  • The child’s face should occupy 70% to 80% of the picture, and the eyes and chin should be in the right places. (the impossible one)

What took us the most time was to calm ourselves somewhat panicking and align with the newborn’s posture and balance body support to get desired results.

Will we photoshoot ourselves?

After a deep dive into “How to take a baby passport photo?” We opted to go to a professional photographer to get this done as perfect and in no time. To our surprise, this was not so quick, and it took almost 2 hours to get the required one. We then concluded with some of the tips to advise others and to remember for our next one.

Tips for Parents on “How to take a baby passport photo?”

  • The baby needs to be in a relaxed mood (no hunger or poop timings to have a flexible baby body),
  • A rattle or a coloured moving object, to place just beside the camera (to capture directive attention)
  • Sound free atmosphere to keep the baby’s attention to that object (to refrain from closed eyes)
  • Last but not least, the head posture and support get tilted-free results. So for that, we suggest that the mother wear a white sheet and postured straight to back the baby with her chest. It will take a few seconds, a non-moving position, time to have a perfect click!

Let’s look into some legality requirements by the USA, as the conditions are more generally accepted, since more specific and refined ones. To learn more about the requirements for a photo for a child’s passport, see this article about US  baby passport photo.

Do not get exhausted, and this was the first time that taught us great lessons and showed us great solutions like To all that hassle-free, less time consuming and perfect results, we suggest going with it. Let’s dive a little to see why we feel this will be the best solution (we choose for the next one) for all parents.

  • is the easiest and quickest way of capturing a passport photo. 
  • operates 24×7. 
  • The process takes just a few seconds. 
  • It consequently sets the proper measure, head estimate, and foundation of a picture and makes your photo 100% meets the necessities beyond any doubt. 
  • For several dollars, you right away get professional-quality visa photographs in two groups: an advanced one for online accommodation and one for printing on 4×6″ photo paper.

What Do You Have To Do?

  • First, take a photo of your baby one with your smartphone.
  • Clear visibility of face and shoulder to get perfect capture.
  • Eyes need to be open clearly. (need to refer to the tips given earlier) 
  • Mouth in a secure manner (closed). 
  • To capture a Photo when the baby looks straight into the camera. 
  • Casual dress up.

Several more photo tips are described here. Have a nice shot!

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