5 Learning Tools That Can Help Working Students


Artificial Intelligence has turned out to be that one thing that we all used but never knew the importance of, until very recently. The pandemic has really put these things into perspective. Most of professional and personal lives have entirely shifted from real spaces to virtual ones. A time like this has also brought education up to speed with the rest of the world. The traditional methods of education were practically not possible during this pandemic, and thus the entirety of the process had to be shifted online. 

Another issue most of us must have faced is the problem of time management, especially for college students who need to develop career-building skills, during their college life. You can use an expansive  essay database to guide you through those very hard-to-complete assignments. Online resources can definitely help you make the most of your time, along with help for assignments and essay examples as an aid in your pursuit of higher education. 

Why Are Online Resources Important? 

● A way to familiarise ourselves with the latest technology and skills required, later - The way things were progressing in the tech industry, it was inevitable to not shift to more technology infused methods of work. This is a very good opportunity for college students to increase their employability by learning new skills and familiarising themselves with relevant tech tools.  

● The freedom to work at our own pace - In a virtual atmosphere, students have the opportunity to work and learn at their own pace. There is no pressure with respect to completing class work in a one-hour class and professors can be contacted easily. Students can choose to work at hours that are most suitable to them, and can manage internships or part-time jobs alongside, as well.  

● Higher education accessible without any bounds – The shift to online modes of work and higher education has made it really easy to access education, even remotely. All hindrances like physical, distance, and time constraints have been eliminated. There are no bounds to classrooms or, in fact, learning. Whether you are looking for content on economic concepts or essays about poetry, online tools have got you covered. 

● An easy way to track students’ progress for educators - With detailed and comprehensive reports available to educators and professors, it is very easy for them to keep tabs on a student’s progress and learning ability. 

● The total cost is much lower compared to offline modes of higher  education - The travel costs, cafeteria snacks, fees payable, even study material costs are relatively cheaper compared to traditional modes of education. This is a real advantage for people who are facing a little financial trouble due to the pandemic. 

Online Learning Tools for College Students 

1. Cloud Productivity Suites 

Cloud based productivity suites are basically a package of applications (web-based or applications) that run exactly life offline productivity software but do not take up any space on your device. Instead, they are saved in a cloud storage system. It is a very secure and reliable way to work. All you need to do access your documents is to log in to your account from any device. You can use the free versions or you can buy subscriptions that are offered at varying prices with different benefits.   

2. Planner and Organiser 

Along with your documents being handy and readily available, as a working college student you will also need a planner app that can keep track of your day, meetings, appointments and your time. You can make use of apps that help you organise your day, send reminders and alerts and have your schedule ready for you, each day. 

3. Online Courses  

Numerous ed-tech start-ups have introduced various courses, diplomas and MOOCs that allow you to learn skills that increase your productivity and are sure to make you more hire-able. 

4. Online College Portals 

As colleges have shifted their working online, students can just log into the portal and check their assignments, classes, notes and even study materials. It helps them stay ahead of whatever is going on in their college. 

5. Notes Taking Software  

We cannot carry little post-its everywhere we go, a notes taking software will help you keep writing the things that you are likely to forget during the course of the day. Nowadays, you can even transcribe or dictate to an app and it will type the information out for you. 


Life as a college student is hard. You need to juggle studies, work, family, social life and so much more. You deserve to make your lives just a little easier with the help of these study tools for college students mentioned above. Be sure to give them a try. 

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