Arctos Portable AC Reviews: Shocking Facts Revealed About Arctos Portable AC


Arctos Portable AC claims to be the solution to the hot summer weather. The dry, hot summer season can be highly exhausting and excruciating. The toll summer takes on the human body is difficult to bear. People get exhausted, tired and incapacitated. In summers, even a touch of fresh and misty air seems rejuvenating! 

Incidences of dehydration are very frequent and serious in summers. The body seems to shut its functions down breath by breath. Too much sweat or even dryness also leads to unwanted infections and rashes. As a final resort, we install a regular Air Conditioner at our homes. But, it is then that the story starts. Bills seem to pile in and the downsides of using electrical energy for relief seem to dawn upon us mercilessly. Even the installation of large air conditioners in our rooms is a hassle. This stalemate is avoidable now. 

The personal air coolers are a great rescue in such situations. 

They are affordable, small and easy to set up. One of the best personal air coolers in the market is the Arctos portable air cooler.  

In summers Arctos portable ac  is a great choice because it cools down our body and also prevents dehydration. This cooler prevents us from sweating and its related infections. Threats like these to our health can be avoided through Arctos Portable AC.  

Let’s find out more about the Arctos portable ac Air Cooler. 

What is Arctos Portable AC? 

Arctos Portable AC is a personal air cooler which is very compact, effectively cool and humidifies surroundings. This cooler is very popular for bringing unparalleled relief to its users. It sports quite an unusual design for a cooler, requiring very little space for its use. This cooler is a popular alternative to the air conditioners for smaller rooms and offices and delivers very cool air for effective cooling of small rooms. It draws in hot and dry room air and then cools it. According to its official website, this cooler is small but very powerful in providing quick cooling, making the consumer very comfortable. 

It has a portable AC unit. This portable unit is very advantageous as Arctos portable ac does not use a HVAC system which is quite conventional. Instead, it uses a mixture of water and heat evaporation. This hydrates as well as cools the air, making summers comfortable.  

Arctos portable ac works as a fan as well. But it is primarily known to operate as a cooler plus humidifier. It includes ice trays to blast cool air. 

This cooler is a modern-style multifunctional and multipurpose air cooler. It can be plugged to the wall socket by using a micro USB cord. This makes Arctos portable ac more convenient and handy. It solves the existing problems of air coolers which are built on traditional models by providing more affordable, easier to maintain and a durable product. This device is modern yet easy-to-use and doesn’t require a tech-savvy person to operate it. 

Arctos Personal Air Cooler is not a very heavy personal cooler. It serves you as an air conditioner which is known to blow cool air in your direction. Its specialty is that it occupies very less space and has its parts built very close together. This makes it highly mobile and there’s negligible problem of tangling of different wires around as you move it. 

This personal air cooler comes with an air filter and is ideal for use within rooms. It is great for indoor use since it brings cool and clean air towards you, and filters away all the unclean air. This makes it a great air cooling system for different lofts as well as homes. 

Customers are especially delighted to use it as a 3-in-1 appliance : as a cordless air cooler, standard fan, and humidifier. A 3-in-1 appliance with a personalized cooling to the customers is the best that you can get. The in-built humidifier helps in cleaning the dusty air thoroughly. 

This appliance works with minimal noise and ensures you have a sound sleep. The air vents in the appliance also make the air clean so you breathe pure air. It is very easy to set up and requires no complex technicality for installation and maintenance thereafter.  

The 3 fan-speed option gives you the freedom to choose different types of air flows depending on whether the day is warm or hot. Also, this device is ideal for all age groups. 

Apart from all these wonderful features, the reception that Arctos portable ac gets from its customers is the biggest takeaway. Most reviews suggest that the product is received positively by the customers, and they are delighted to use it. The reviews are quite telling of the fact that the appliance is highly trusted among the consumers. If satisfied users are giving such wonderful and positive remarks, what’s stopping you from trying it?  

Arctos Portable AC Working Mechanism (Arctos portable ac Review) 

Arctos portable ac has a very simple, yet effective working mechanism. This simple device works on electricity and has a technology with evaporative cooling phenomenon. With this mechanism, the Arctos portable AC Cooler uses cooling methods with moisture from the surrounding air. In simple terms, the Arctos portable ac gathers moisture from the air, filters the heat and impurities away, and sends only cool, misty air your way. 

The Hydro Chill technology has a misting technique that cools the hot dry air around you. It also has a filter that purifies and cleans the air, which makes it ideal for indoor use.  It is simple and easy to use, with a 450 ml refillable water tank and three different fan speeds – slow, medium and fast.  

The Arctos Portable AC has integrated fan modes along with a multi directional air throw vent. It requires only an electricity source and the push of a button, after which it humidifies the air around you like a pro! 

This device’s working mechanism boast of 3-in-1 features. Without its water tank being filled it can work as a simple personal fan. With its tank refilled, it becomes your very own portable Arctos portable Air Cooler with Hydro Chill technology. Last but not the least it acts like an air purifier, with advanced filtering technology that assures cleaner and healthier air in your room. 

There are two important components of the Arctos portable Air Cooler. The first is a UV light technology that becomes the purifying agent. This along with an installed filter enable the device to get rid of any impurities or micro particles in the air. In this way, the purifying feature protects your health from all the micro particles and allergens present in the air, assuring only clean and pure air reaches you. The filter even makes sure any foul smell is eliminated to keep the room smelling fresh and cool. 

The second component is the water tank which is responsible for the Hydro Chill technology. It requires water to be filled from the top, after which the heat is made to evaporate. The evaporation technology assures only cool and misty air comes out of the vent. 

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The Hydro Chill feature reduces chances of dehydration, dryness and heat stroke which are caused due to lack of humidity. This, along with the air purification feature makes the Arctos portable ac a very affordable and multipurpose product. 

Now that we know about the working mechanism and the simple design of the Arctos Portable AC, let’s proceed to its features. 

Arctos portable ac Features (Arctos Portable AC Review) 

The Arctos portable ac is surprisingly feature-loaded for its small, compact size. It gives the user its money’s worth and much more. Let’s find out more about the features of the Arctos portable ac Air Cooler. 

Ergonomic Design – Arctos Portable Air Cooler is a compact, portable and lightweight device. It is designed for personal use and its convenient size makes it easy to carry around both indoors and outdoors. It has a sleek design and is extremely maneuverable. This makes it not only portable but also easy to maintain. This device has a flexible vent and three different fan speeds. Its 3-in-1 usability gives the user multiple options for personal use. With water refill or without it, the Arctos portable ac is sure to become a personal favorite in your household. 

Long-lasting Water Refill – Arctos portable ac Air Cooler refill can last an entire day. Depending on use, the water tank with a capacity of 450 ml will keep going if used intermittently throughout the day. The idea is not to use the Arctos portable ac Air Cooler at full speed and max capacity all day, which causes the water to run out faster. It is advisable that when not in use, the Arctos portable ac is turned off to stop water consumption. If used with a medium or regular intensity, the water refill can last up to an entire day. The refilling becomes less frequent and tedious. 

Night Light Feature – Apart from the misty, cooling effects, the Arctos portable ac Air Cooler has an LED night light feature. It emits a range of soothing lights in different colors that create a relaxing ambience for rest. The light color selection can be done manually or set on automatic mode. In the automatic mode, the Arctos portable ac Air Cooler alternates between all the seven colors available – Yellow, Orange, Red, Aqua, Blue, Green and Purple. Manual selection of a single color is also possible. You can sleep in peace with your soothing LED light and Arctos Portable AC by your side. 

Quiet Device Operation – The Arctos portable ac has an added advantage over other air coolers and ACs. It has a very quiet and noiseless operation unlike the loud and distracting sounds made by the huge ACs and coolers. So, with the pleasant quietness of your personal Arctos Portable AC, you can have a very productive and peaceful work experience.  

Cool Misty Effect – The Arctos Portable AC has a cool and humidifying effect which makes it a perfect fit for harsh, dry summers. It reduces temperature considerably, eliminates offensive hot air and creates a relaxing environment around your personal space. Its Hydro Chill technology gives off a misty touch of moisture from the refilled tank, making you feel fresh and cool even in the hottest weather. You can work comfortably and stay sweat-free all day. 

Arctos Portable AC Pros (Arctos Portable AC Review) 

The pros of purchasing an Arctos portable ac are quite evident in its multiple features mentioned above. However, we enlist some direct advantages of owning and using this device – 

Rapid Air Cooling Time – The rapid and efficient Hydro Chill technology of the Arctos portable ac cools your room and space in a matter of two minutes. You will feel the heat evaporate and the cool, moist air revamp the room atmosphere in no time. 

Seasonal Health Benefits – Seasonal transition can be a carrier of many allergens and toxins such as pollen. These can induce nasal and throat infections and trigger seasonal allergies. Dry and offensive heat in summer months can cause skin rashes and prickly heat. The Arctos portable Air Cooler helps in prevention of such seasonal allergies and skin problems. It keeps the air fresh, cool and moist around you, and helps avoid these health problems. 

Easy Maintenance – The Arctos portable ac Air Cooler has another brownie point over the regular large ACs and coolers. The heavy and expensive devices come with complex installations and require hands-on maintenance. The Arctos portable ac Air Cooler, on the other hand, is simple and easy to maintain. It needs no special skills or tedious manual procedure for installation. The user can easily install the Arctos Portable AC and keep it clean and dust free with just a piece of dry cloth. 

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Excellent Water Tank Design – The Arctos Portable AC has a secure and well-placed water tank. The 450 ml water tank has been designed on top of the device which reduces risk of spilling. Its location also makes it convenient for refiling. 

Good Customer Service and Refund Policy – The Arctos Portable Air Cooler guarantees customer satisfaction on all levels. If by chance, you are dissatisfied with any aspect of this device, the company has a great customer complaint reception and assures you a full refund policy for a good length of time. 

Convenient USB Cord – The Arctos Portable Air Cooler has a convenient USB port that allows you to plug it into the nearest power source.  

Portability – Its small and compact size enables you to carry it anywhere. You can easily maneuver your Arctos Portable AC and enjoy the cool atmosphere anywhere. 

Three Fan Speeds – The Arctos Portable AC comes with three inbuilt fan speeds that allow you to adjust the flow of air according to your convenience.  

Replaceable Water Curtains –  The Arctos Portable Air Cooler has replaceable water curtains that last for a convenient period of 8 – 9 months. You can easily replace these by soaking the new curtains in water and inserting them in the device. 

Gives clean and purified air – The UV light technology and the air filter cleanses the incoming hot air and gives off purified, cool air. This feature is a great addition to the Arctos Portable AC and acts as an added advantage. It ensures good health for the user by eliminating any allergens or toxins that could cause heat and weather related diseases.  

Affordable and Less Power Consumption – The Arctos Portable AC is extremely affordable and easy on your pocket. Even when you have purchased and installed it, you need not worry about hikes in your monthly electricity bill. This device has very optimal and economic power consumption. You can reduce expenditure even more by turning it off when not in use. 

Noiseless Feature Lets You Work and Relax – As mentioned in the features, the Arctos Portable ACis a very quiet and noiseless machine. It does not interfere with your work or sleep. It keeps running noiselessly, giving off cool air while you work in peace. 

Reduces Chance of Stroke – The extreme dry heat can be detrimental for your health and cause heat strokes. The Arctos Portable AC keeps your body and room temperature cool, reducing chances of a stroke considerably. 

Arctos Portable AC Cons 

Although the Arctos Portable AC is jam-packed with features and advantages, some cons that we found are – 

Low Accessibility – The Arctos Portable AC is unavailable locally, at the home stores or at supermarkets. It can only be purchased online and be ordered through the official website. This becomes a problem for people who do not have access to much electricity or have poor internet connectivity at their homes. They might have problems reaching this device or making its purchase.  

Low Chances of Availability – This device’s popularity makes it tough to be available all the time. More often than not, it is found to be out of stock for a brief period due to people buying it in large numbers. It is advisable to buy it as quickly as it gets back in stock. 

Single-use machine – This device is designed in such a way that it can only be used by one individual and in one small room. It is a small device and cannot be shared by a family or colleagues in an office.  

Purchasable Online Only – It is not possible for people to buy this through offline shopping. So, this product may not appeal to people who don’t trust buying from a website. 

Usable only in smaller spaces –  This device is great for chilling a small room. However, as the room gets bigger, its effectiveness reduces. You cannot expect it to cool a large room. This device covers a limited radius, so you cannot expect it to chill people who are outdoors and in a decent number. As told by the website, Arctos Portable AC is designed only for personal use. So, in case more people want to enjoy it, they need to buy as many units. 

It does not dehumidify – If you live in a very humid area and you expect this device to get rid of the humidity, then this cooler is probably not suitable for you. This cooler is designed to work in the opposite way. It adds moisture to the air, so it can worsen humid situations. It should be understood that this air cooler is not favorable for humid climates but only for areas which are dry. 

Arctos Portable AC Consumer Reports 

We were able to get the following online reviews from customers of Arctos Portable AC from their official site; 

Anita F. – Las Vegas, NV 

It’s VERY hot all year round here in Nevada, so personal coolers like these are quite common. I’ve used a few, but this cooler is the best so far! It really does cool down my work area in 30 seconds. Plus, it’s great for those who live alone since you don’t need to cool down an entire room or house. 

Michelle K. – Yuma, AZ 

I originally got one for my mom since she lives alone and she doesn’t like turning on the AC when she doesn’t have company. She liked it so much and she said that it even helps her sleep better because of the humidifier feature! So, I got one for myself as well. I love how efficient it is as a cooler, a fan, and even as a humidifier. No more sweaty, sleepless nights and dry lips!! 

Cam D. – San Diego, CA 

I always have a hard time sleeping during summer (the heat, the dry air, my husband’s snoring) so when I found out that there was an AC that doubled as a humidifier, I just had to get it! It’s been two weeks since we got our Arctos Portable AC, and my husband and I are both having much more peaceful nights and less stressful mornings. 

Heather R. – Alice Springs, AU 

As someone who lives in a tiny flat and on a very limited budget, multipurpose and space-saving stuff are a must for me. Summers get really hot and dry here in Alice Springs, so any sort of fan and humidifier is a must. Thankfully, this personal cooler fits the multipurpose and space-saving criteria for me. Budget-friendly too, since I don’t need to cool down the whole flat when it’s just me. Would definitely recommend this! 

How To Use Arctos Portable Aircooler 

As specified earlier, the Arctos Portable AC is very easy-to-use. Before using this cooler, 3 steps need to be performed : 

The first step is to completely fill the water tank till the top of the unit with water. 

The water curtains need to be put in, which are replaceable. These curtains are good to use for about 9 months. 

Now we just need to plug the appliance. This turns the device on and you can enjoy the cool air from it! 

These three steps demonstrate how simple it is to operate the Arctos Portable AC. It doesn’t require any extra technical know-how or a specialized technical operator. However, these three steps should be performed for the Arctos Portable AC to run efficiently. 

Arctos Portable AC Cost and Where to Buy 

The Arctos Portable AC is available for sale online on the official company website. The delivery is quick and to your doorstep. You can pay securely and quickly using various online methods. It is not available offline. It is very affordable and pocket-friendly. 

One unit costs only $89.99. 

Two units cost $179.99. 

The Three unit pack, also called Company Pack cost $202.48. 

The Mega Cool Pack of four units costs $247.47. 

They have a cool 60-day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your purchase, you can get a refund. If you want to contact the sellers of Arctos Portable AC, you can do so using the information below 

How to Contact Arctos Portable AC 

Company Name – Ontel Products Corp. 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004 

Phone Number: 866-955-4574 

Email: [email protected] 

Final Verdict on Arctos Portable AC Reviews  

The Arctos Portable AC provides People with constant comfort, They are at home, at work or on the move. It keeps their skin moist and cool in dry weather. 

It is light enough to be moved with ease. It consumes less electricity saving a you alot on your electricity bill.  

This water-cooler does its cooling task proficiently, and it is completely safe to use. The public has fallen in love with it for its mobility, convenience of use, and other attributes. If you are interested in getting this product, you can do so with the link below and bring home your very own Arctos portable ac today. Say good bye to the summer heat. 

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