Buying a Mobile Phone in 2021: The 7 Checklists to Follow


Can you even think of a day without needing your Smartphone? The decade is flooding with a frenzy of technology, and buying a top-notch mobile phone to support various desires is one of them. Besides, mobile phones have become the need of the ever-changing world. This need can be attributed to the perpetual soar in the level of technology indeed.  

While buying mobile phones, most make the mistake of being fascinated by beauty rather than the needed specifications. Therefore, they end up paying more with fewer benefits to avouch. Apart from the brand name and personal choice, several other parameters must be considered before landing on the ideal Smartphone.  

Are you a perplexed buyer who finds the lined-up mobiles bizarre to choose from? Let those anxious lines be locked away in a box because here is a list of 7 pointers to help you buy your quintessential:-  

The User’s Resolve 

Instead of randomly jumping and scooping whichever mobile you can get your hands on, rationally analyze your choices. Your options for buying a mobile stand on two grounds: 


Your mobile primarily has to fit into your budget. Look for some low-range and mid-ranged mobile phones and sort accordingly if you cannot afford flagship ones.  

If you happen to run tight on budget and possess an old phone, either working or non-working, be it Smartphone or iPhone, sell it at a profitable price online at and receive your payment soon. 

If you are a tech geek who buys mobiles as an exciting hobby, your temperament and frequency are solely based on your financial status and likes.  


The specific qualities besides the generalized ones should be what you need in the long run.  

While gamers might prefer a flagship mobile that has high resolution, memory, and sturdiness that is quite expensive but has a wide variety of features to offer, a non-gamer is good with mid-ranged values that provide considerably high standard features.  

Therefore, along with maintaining a healthy balance between personal choices and needs, choose a mobile where you can utilize almost all the features.  

The Mobiles to Seek 

Once you have made up your mind and are clear with the options open for you, begin your search in the diameter of the following factors: 

Os and Processor 

Selecting iOS or Android is wholly based on personal choice. However, each of the following has its own set of merits and demerits.  

A sound processor duly performs the responsibility of being a bridge of every task commanded. It guarantees quicker processing of the inputs to provide an output.  

Memory and Storage 

While the RAM constitutes the memory that states the ability of the phone to open multiple applications simultaneously, ROM comprises the storage section of the mobile.  

The ideal specification for RAM is around 4 to 8 GB, while that of internal mobile storage, which is mainly based on mobile usage, is about 64 to 256 GB.  


No mobile is seemingly enjoyable if its power and facility supply remain widely restricted. Therefore opt for mobile with longer battery life.  

The ideal mobile phone can run 12 to 24 hours on a single charge in the Android variation, while the iPhone battery has slightly shorter durations.  


Now, there is more than one camera on both the front and backside. Apple is said to have the best camera quality, undoubtedly.  

Camera technology stands on the pillar of sensors and megapixels. The bigger the sensor of the camera, the better will be the quality of the image. Try to choose a bigger sensor and megapixel value of higher magnitude, around 40 to 60.  

Screen Size and Resolution 

The screen size is supposed to be kept at around 5 to 6 inches. The minimum resolution required for a good quality mobile phone is around 1080p. Beyond 1440p, flagship mobiles are recommended, which are highly graphical.  

Also, see the screen lighting; they will be either LCD or LED. While LEDs are expensive, they do not drain the battery as quickly as LCDs.  


Do buy the newest phone or the one that has not aged more than one year. Newly released mobile phones offer a variety of system updates and software that outdated ones do not.  

Do check a list of reliable guarantees and warranties that you might receive with the mobile phone. 

And lastly, enjoy the process! 

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