Jeff Lerner Reviews Show He is the Ultimate Businessman!


Jeff Lerner: A Formula for Being a Millionaire 

Jeff Lerner, a well-known businessman, helps others escape the 9-5 world. There are many education options available to him, including online courses and live events. 

Jeff will teach you how he makes six figures per year through affiliate marketing and other business ventures. 

This review aims to be honest, however, so I won’t pull any punches and will give you the complete run down. 

Jeff Lerner’s products come with a lot of useful information that can help you make money in different businesses and to land huge affiliate marketing deals. 

There are some people out there that might feel that affiliate marketing is becoming too saturated as a business model. Jeff and his training can show you how to overcome all of that to be super successful. 

You’ll find the answers to many of the most common questions about Jeff Lerner’s products, and affiliate marketing in general at the end. 

We were so impressed by this system that we decided to swear by affiliate marketing. It uses the same skills as marketing online for other businesses, but is more powerful and lucrative. 

More on this later. 

Let’s get into it! Jeff Lerner time! 

Jeff Lerner Review: Product Overviews 

Name: Jeff Lerner 

Occupation Businessman, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Agency Owner, Course Creator 

The Company is Known for: ENTRE Institute 

The Best Product: ENTRE Blueprint 

Ideal for: People who are tired of working 9-5 jobs and want to create their own business, make passive income, and live the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Summary: Jeff Lerner, an online serial entrepreneur, is an authority figure within the digital realm. 

Jeff achieved his goal to become a millionaire through affiliate marketing. By simply marketing the products of other people online, he has made millions. 

He also runs a digital agency and created his own training program. 

Jeff is a remarkable example of how his business model works. He came out of $400k of debt and earned more than $40million. 

He has trained over 150k students successfully and wants you to “copy” his million-dollar business. 

Some of his unique qualities that distinguish him from other entrepreneurs and course creators are: 

  • Jeff believes that it is cool to learn how to generate steady income streams. However, Jeff also emphasizes the importance of a balanced life and believes that a holistic approach to business is crucial to success. 
  • Jeff manages a highly-sought affiliate program that can earn thousands of dollars for each referral. 

Rating: 97/100 

Recommendation: You should signup ASAP before they reach max capacity. 

Jeff Lerner: Who is he? 

Jeff was born in New York City, and grew up with his parents there. He received a BBA degree from George Washington University. He realized the value brands bring to consumers during this time. 

He discovered his calling in 2008 at the age 29. After several setbacks including his restaurant chain, he decided to join an internet marketing agency. He accumulated more than $400k debt, which he paid off in 18 months. 

Jeff is a highly sought-after speaker worldwide and an influential co-founder/founder of many successful businesses, including: 

  • Entre Institute 
  • 6 Steps to Freedom 
  • 7 Mile Digital 
  • Copy A Millionaire 
  • Awesome Marketing – a digital agency that costs less than 500 

Jeff Lerner has more than 100 episodes of his extremely high rated and popular podcast. 

Apart from his work at ENTRE the entrepreneur hosts “Millionaire Secrets with Jeff Lerner”. 

It has 1389 episodes and earned a 5-star rating from Apple Podcasts. 

According to the show, it “brings outlier examples physical, personal and professional excellence and digs deeply for the secrets, which define extraordinary success.”  

You can also find Jeff Lerner’s podcast episodes on YouTube 

Lerner also has a YouTube channel, “Millionaire Secrets,” that has more than 70,000 subscribers. It features “Ask Jeff” segments and video versions of his podcast. 

These are some of his most popular podcast episodes and YouTube videos: 

  • How to Survive as an Entrepreneur 
  • How to scale your business to $1 million with easy YouTube ads 
  • How to overcome depression and create your dream life 

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth in 2019? 

Although Lerner’s net worth remains unknown, his website states that he has gone from being a “broke jazz musician to making online millions.” 

Lerner spoke out about his early days as a businessman in a press conference. He was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2018 and lived in the guest bedroom of his ex-wife. 

He owed $500k in debt to two failed businesses, which included two restaurants franchises, during this period. Although he had a few piano gigs, a serious injury meant that he was unable to perform. 

Lerner discovered an online tutorial on affiliate marketing. Lerner spent 16 hours researching the topic over the next few months. He stated in another press release that he would only get out of his chair when necessary, and to create marketing videos that were…”cringeworthy.” 

He continued to say, 

“It worked. Six months later, I had $40,000 in commissions in one month. It was $70,000 the next month. In a community with over 40,000 students, I was the #3 affiliate marketer by the end of the year.” 

Entre Institute Review (Jeff Lerner). What is Entre Institute? 

Jeff says, “Entre Blueprint” is a six-step plan to transform your life and build your online business. 

This is the introduction course to the entire training curriculum for Entre Institute. 

Entre Institute can help you launch an online business. Entre Digital is one of their other products. 

Entre Digital is the course that will teach you how to start your company. 

How it works: The Entre Blueprint 6-Steps 

This part of the Jeff Lerner Review will go over the six training modules in Entre Blueprint. 

These are the 6 most important steps to follow: 

Step 1: The “3 Ps” Of Excellence 

This video explains the three pillars that make a life extraordinary, and how you can create them with the help this training business. These are the three Pillars. 

  • Personal 
  • For professionals 
  • Physical 

Step 2: The “3 Legs” Of Successful Action 

These are the three legs that make a successful action. 

  • Community 
  • Strategy 
  • Belief 

This lesson will discuss how to use these three tools to help propel your business forward. 

Step 3: “The “3 Phases” Of Building A Legacy 

This module is another round in mindset shifting. You can learn more about the three phases of building your legacy. 

  • Leverage 
  • Growth 
  • Wealth 

Step 4: “The Online Business Model of the ‘Lazy Person. 

This part is a discussion by Jeff about affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most effective ways to start an online business. 

This video gives you an overview of affiliate marketing. 

Step 5: “High-Profit Retail Stores without ‘Brick & Mortar Headaches” 

This lesson will show you how to make $50k with a $500 investment. This video will show you how to maximize your earnings through your e-commerce company using the following formula. 

  • Customer to Business 
  • Business to Business 
  • Customers for Business 

This business model was created for e-commerce. It is a business model that focuses specifically on generating millions in revenue. 

Step 6: “Building Predictable Bankable & Sellable Cash Flows” 

The final video discusses how to start your own digital agency and make money online. This video is very similar to the rest. You can find this topic on the internet. 

Apart from the six video modules, you also have access Business Adviser and The Awesome Life Challenge. 

Enjoy helpful tips and information for a super affordable price. 

The Entre Blueprint includes access to the following: 

  • One-on-One Business Advisor to Support Students ($299 Value). 
  • Awesome Life Challenge for Personal, Professional and Physical ($199 Value). 
  • Entre Nation Community ($175 Value). 
  • 30-day “Keep it All” money-back guarantee 

Entre Institute’s Product Line 

Entre Institute, as we have mentioned, offers several training programs to help you start an online business. These range from low-ticket to high ticket systems. 

The Entre Blueprint, the most popular product in the line, is also the subject of this review. We’ll be discussing it more in the sections that follow. 

The Entre Blueprint 

This course package is affordable and teaches you how successful your online business can be. It consists of six video modules in which Jeff shares his secrets to success with students. 

Entre Blueprint, the front-end product of Entre Institute, costs $39 one-time. 

Entre Nation Elite 

This training teaches students about internet marketing and entrepreneurship. It is available to members and the community. You will have access to live webinars each week with Jeff Lerner and his team, where you can discuss any aspect of digital marketing. 

You can subscribe to Entre Nation Elite for a monthly fee, or opt for a yearly subscription. In either case, you will receive the following benefits: 

  1. Members-only training 
  1. Weekly live training program with Q&A sessions 
  1. Weekly archive of live video 
  1. A great digital library of courses that cover everything related to Internet marketing, with new courses being added every day 
  1. Every month, “What’s Working Now?” live workshops give you an opportunity to see the most recent updates on Jeff’s businesses and other top online entrepreneurs. 
  1. Mastermind with Elite members and the Entre team via Elite Members-Only Facebook group 
  1. Entre Nation offers all the benefits, including a smaller, stronger “community within a Community” that is accountable and holds itself to higher performance standards. 

Entre Digital 

Entre Digital, a training package that costs only one-time, teaches you the three most important aspects digital marketing. 

  • Affiliate Marketing: The Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator 
  • eCommerce: The Millionaire Accelerator Digital Course 
  • Entre Results Coaching: Digital consulting 

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator 

This article will cover everything you need to know about “How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Business from Scratch, Regardless of Your Previous Knowledge or Experience”. 

This accelerator basically has everything you need for Affiliate Marketing success. 

You will also receive 5 modules. Here’s a glimpse of what you will find inside: 

  • All Affiliates Needed. 
  • Secrets Of Sales Funnels 
  • Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing 
  • Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Marketing 
  • All About Affiliate Marketing 

Digital Course: The Millionaire Accelerator 

You will also learn everything you need about “How to Build a Profitable Digital Course Business from Scratch, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.” 

This accelerator also provides seamless and complete instruction on how you can create a digital course that is profitable. 

Three High-End Guru Modules will be sent to you. Here are some of the things you will find in this module. 

  • Your Digital Course: The Tech Behind It 
  • Marketing, Launching, and Fulfillment 
  • Market Research and Product Viability 
  • Bonus: $123K Course Creator Case Study (valued $1995) 

Entre Results Coaching 

Entre Results Coaching will give you access to coaching sessions with industry professionals and leaders. 

One-on-one tutoring will be provided to help you set goals and create strategies for launching a successful online business. 

Entre Inner Circle 

Entre Inner Circle focuses on five pillars of entrepreneurship and provides you with the following: 

  • Jeff and his team host 12 virtual intensives each month 
  • Jeff and his team hold two live workshops each year. 
  • Additional training and opportunities available 

Entre Mastery 

Entre Mastery is Jeff Lerner’s last course. This course lets you have Jeff Lerner as your own personal coach while you create your online business. 

As you have probably seen, Jeff Lerner’s Entre program is very extensive. They made sure that each course contained the right amount information necessary to succeed. 

It was designed so that you feel compelled to complete all of the courses, if you want to follow Jeff’s instructions and succeed with them. 

Jeff Lerner’s Product Prices: How Much Would You Pay to Get All of It? 

Tickets for Jeff Lerner are priced from very low to very high based on the training you need. 

Blueprint is available for $39, which is basically the cost of signing up. You might feel the need to grow your business to reap the full benefits. 

These are some of the courses that you can take: 

  • Entre Institute Blueprint 
  • Entre Nation Elite 
  • Entre Institute Digital 
  • Entre Institute Results 
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle 

Jeff Lerner’s Courses Can Really Help You Make Money 

Affiliate Marketing is a complex area that many people have difficulty understanding. 

Don’t let this get in the way of your understanding. 

Jeff Lerner can help you make a lot by affiliate marketing and online marketing in general. You need to be prepared to put in the work required to run this business, which is not easy. That means you should follow Jeff Lerner’s footsteps to make things more straightforward for yourself. 

Who is Jeff Lerner for? 

Jeff is for people who don’t want to work for anyone else, are tired of being a slave to others, and wish to have complete control over their lives. 

There is more to this. It’s for: 

  • For beginners looking for a long-term online business opportunity, you can find a part-time job or a full-time position. 
  • 9-5 employees are tired of living the “mainstream” lifestyle and want to create an opportunity that allows them financial independence 
  • Internet entrepreneurs who are looking to diversify their income streams and grow their business 
  • Those aiming to become a marketer, and be able to make money online with any business model. 
  • Fathers 
  • Mothers 
  • Students 

Who Jeff is Not For 

  • People who don’t aspire to success in life. 
  • For those who are looking for a magic button to make them rich. 
  • People who are “information seekers” and not “action takers.” 
  • People who are happy with their current life situation 

Pros And Cons 


  • A reliable mentor online for entrepreneur-mentor. A track record of earning more than six figures from multiple ventures. 
  • Jeff’s blueprint for success can be used as a guide to help you avoid having to start from scratch. You won’t waste your time or money trying to figure out what you should do. This will allow you to get more done and make bigger profits. 
  • A training program that teaches the 3 P’s to excellence and helps you to have a positive mindset about your business and your life. 
  • This program has already trained over 15,000, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with them so that you don’t have to navigate your entrepreneurial journey by yourself. 


  • None that I’ve found as of yet! 

Is there anyone complaining online? 

Most likely, you’ve seen the majority of reviews on Google. You may also have viewed other YouTube videos and noticed how positive everyone is about Jeff and his courses. 

The online trainings by Jeff Lerner have been extremely successful so far for everyone and anyone online. 

Money Back Guarantee 

They offer a money-back guarantee, just like any other course. It is valid for 30 days. 


What is The Entre Institute? 

Jeff Lerner founded Entre Institute, an online business education platform. They aim to teach what an online business is all and how aspiring entrepreneurs can use it for three levels of success in life: personal excellence, professional excellence, and physical excellence. 

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth? 

Lerner’s net worth remains unknown. However, he stated on his website that he went “broke jazz drummer” and “$50,000,000 in online income.” 

Who is Jeff Lerner? 

Jeff Lerner was a former Moores School of Music composition and music theory major. In 2007, he decided to change his career from pianist to restaurant owner to eventually become a serial entrepreneur. 

Jeff Lerner Reviews 

Jeff Lerner became a millionaire by combining his talents with his expertise. This is no easy feat.  

ENTRE is Jeff’s training platform, which he designed.  

The Entre Blueprint is a 6-video video module that he created. It talks about 3 things: failure, success, and wisdom. It is a blueprint for his entrepreneurial success. He derived it from his personal experiences. 

He shares his entrepreneurial journey, which has seen him achieve the three highest levels of success: personal excellence, professional excellence, and physical excellence. 

Entre Institute is a worthwhile resource that offers a wealth of information. 

Jeff Lerner Review: How does his training compare to other trainings? 

Jeff Lerner offers the best online training program for this type of business. It is well worth buying if you are looking to make a living online. His training is superior to all other similar programs, and even more so than the many scams out there. 

You may have seen Jeff Lerner live or as a motivational speaker online. It is likely that you already know from your gut that training with him and his team will be a life-changing experience. 

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