New contender joins race for 38th Assembly District

Artin Sodaify. Courtesy photo
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Sherman Oaks resident Artin Sodaify has announced that he’s a candidate in the race to represent the 38th Assembly District. 

A civil litigator, Sodaify told The Signal that issues of transportation, small business, wildfires and community safety are “important and vital” to Santa Clarita. 

In Sacramento, he said he would work to “improve the conduits of transportation in such a way that it would foster commerce.” 

Calling the highway system antiquated, Sodaify, a Democrat, said an inefficient system also impacts commerce, people’s livelihoods and the quality of the environment. 

“We need to upgrade,” he said. “We need to use the technology and resources and competence that we have and re-envision our transportation system.” 

Small businesses will also be a campaign priority, said Sodaify, noting he plans to bring accountability, responsibility and transparency to the state capitol for his constituents. 

“We definitely need to attract workers to help foster and grow small business,” he said. “We have to revitalize our small businesses because they help our local economy, which translates into the overall state economy growth.” 

On wildfires, Sodaify said his goal is to prevent, detect and mitigate wildfires. 

“They’re a threat of harm to our communities and our peace of mind,” he said. “We need to live and work in peace and in order to that we need to be in alignment and support our first responders.” 

A product of UCLA and a local law school, Sodaify also listed education among his top priorities. 

“We must make it easier for children to go ahead and go to school to be able to learn in an environment where learning is maximized,” he said. “(And) there’s no unreasonable deterrent to grow and achieve their academic needs and dreams.” 

Sodaify said he was appointed to the Los Angeles County Community Action Board by Supervisor Shiela Keuhl and serves as a member of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council. 

Not a resident of the 38th Assembly District, Sodaify said he is “making steps to move,” though he hasn’t decided on his destination yet. 

The 38th Assembly District is represented by Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares, R-Santa Clarita, who is running for reelection. Democrats Jonathan Ahmadi, Annie Cho and Pilar Schiavo are also running to serve in this Assembly seat. 

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