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Advantages and disadvantages of exchangers.  Cryptocurrency exchangers are a pretty fast and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency for real money or vice versa.

 For example, let’s take one promoted exchanger called “xchange”.  In general, this is an even less sparing exchanger, compared to some others.  Let’s start with the pros of exchange (fortunately there are):

 • Huge selection of payment systems for exchange.  You can directly transfer money to a Sberbank card, or qiwi.

 • Relative convenience, to exchange cryptocurrency, you need to use almost only one service (in our case, it is xchange).

In the current financial and economic environment, identity verification is an indispensable condition for performing trade or exchange transactions with real currencies.  This is a kind of tool for combating money laundering and illegal transactions.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges, due to this circumstance, force customers to confirm the relevance of the specified information during registration by means of the verification procedure.  Even when crypto coins are used, which provide the highest degree of confidentiality; you need to disclose your own identity.  Otherwise, converting or trading will not work on a particular site.

Practice demonstrates a great desire of users who come to earn money or profitably exchange on a cryptocurrency exchange to keep their personal account secret, hide the details of operations performed and hide the amount of withdrawn amounts.  For this category of users, developers create and improve anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges.  Here, all customer desires are resolved instantly – there is no requirement to provide personal data during registration.  Registration of an account, opening an account, creating online wallets for crypto coins, confirming transactions and other necessary actions are carried out anonymously.

Previously, almost all exchanges were anonymous.  In 2018, the European Parliament announced the adoption of measures to combat money laundering in the cryptosphere.  To get the job done by European exchanges, it was necessary to introduce compulsory registration for those.

 Benefits of anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges

All users who systematically visit trading platforms, the rules of which involve the introduction of personal data with confirmation of information by copies of documents, are at significant risk.  Accordingly, anonymous crypto-exchanges initially block most of the potential dangers.  These platforms have the following particularly significant advantages:

·   the absolute impossibility of leaking personal information of clients.  Administration, service employees or cyber-thieves will not be able to take possession of any records, facts or figures concerning a particular client;

·   you can start converting or making money on cryptocurrency trading immediately after registration events and crediting funds to the trade balance.  No time is wasted for the exchange employees to receive documents, analyze them and give full access to the trading platform functionality.  Often all this is greatly delayed;

·   there are no problems with the acceptance of documents.  It is not uncommon to meet the requirement to provide a legally certified translation, which is performed by specialized organizations.  This is an additional time delay and overhead.

Below are a few examples of popular cryptocurrency exchanges that do not require strict account verification and where you can easily exchange btc to etn.  In some cases, it is not needed at all, and in some, it is only needed to expand withdrawal limits or access new payment methods.

Best Anonymous Exchanges:

• Godex;

• Binance;

• Livecoin;

• Bitmex;

• BTC-alpha;

• Yobit.

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