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Biotox Gold by Biotox Nutrition is a weight managing supplement that, ii presented in liquid form, and its main purpose is weight loss and optimal energy levels for users. Recent statistics show that at least 40% of all adults worldwide are either obese or overweight. It is alarming since it would imply that 4 out of 10 men and women have unhealthy metabolic markers. Biotox Gold aims to stop this problem right at its tracks before you, the individual, might even experience them in the first place. This supplement is deemed to be highly effective, for that matter. More so, Biotox Gold has many positive reviews that tell us this product works for them. I would be skeptical at first, but this supplement has one gimmick that is its “ace in its sleeve.” It’s a liquid-based dropper supplement instead of the traditional capsule form we often see in the dietary supplement industry. 

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Table of Contents: 

  • What is Biotox Gold? 
  • Biotox Gold Recommended Dosage 
  • Ingredients of Biotox Gold 
  • What does Biotox Gold do? 
  • Biotox Gold Benefits 
  • Biotox Gold Side Effects 
  • How does Biotox Gold work? 
  • How long does it take it to work? 
  • Where is Biotox Gold made? 
  • Who is the manufacturer of Biotox Gold? 
  • What are the related scientific studies to Biotox Gold? 
  • How much does Biotox Gold cost? 
  • Where can people buy Biotox Gold? 
  • Biotox Gold Customer Real Reviews 
  • Biotox Gold, Worth it or Not? 

Biotox Gold focuses on one of society’s most pressing matters – excessive weight. With that said, let’s find out what this supplement is all about. First, we will answer the most crucial question of them all – does Biotox Gold work? Then, we’ll be looking at each ingredient’s uses to gauge if the product is scientifically backed or not. Finally, we’ll culminate every bit of information that we collected along the way to create the perfect verdict for the Biotox Gold supplement at hand. Let’s begin! 

What is Biotox Gold? 

Biotox Gold is a liquid-based weight loss supplement that can fix every single stressor in your body. It does this so that your body’s metabolic speed would turn back to its usual form. People often take their metabolism for granted since today’s society heavily believes that they should reward themselves for their hard work. Biotox Gold aims to balance out your hormones so that you wouldn’t go overboard for yourself. In general, this supplement encourages less calorie intake through appetite suppression and hormonal balance. There’s also the angle that it contains antioxidants that can cleanse your body of certain toxins. This, in turn, can flick your body’s “switch,” prompting it to let go of its fat-storing command for the opposite. We’ll discuss more of that later. 


Biotox Gold, a liquid-based supplement, is a revolutionary approach to how weight loss supplements are done. Usually, weight-loss dietary supplements are presented in capsule form to deliver the nutrients straight to the gut. However, Biotox Gold is different since it needs to go down from the mouth towards our stomach to achieve its use. Even though that’s the case, Biotox Gold’s liquid composition makes it at least twice as effective as supplements made in capsule form. Since this is the case, Biotox Gold is potentially one of the best weight loss supplements in the market right now. It’s even marketed as the first-ever weight-loss dietary supplement to come in liquid form. Still, that piece of information is yet to be validated as of the current moment. 

Biotox Gold has many leeways when it comes to the number of its ingredients. In total, Biotox Gold has 17 all-natural ingredients that are added into the mix. In addition, since it’s made as a liquid, Biotox Gold can incorporate hard-hitting components into the mix without the risk of having shortages when it comes to their measurements or whatnot. Each bottle of Biotox Gold should contain a 30-day supply of the product, and as such, it should give you long-lasting relief for every purchase of the said supplement. Furthermore, since it comes in a small dropper bottle, you can carry it with you if you wish to. That means that Biotox Nutrition, the creators of this product, also kept convenience in mind when making this product from scratch. 

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In summary, Biotox Gold has the combined firepower of metabolic-stimulating ingredients that can alleviate a certain amount of pain. It is also known to relieve joints of their pressure and improve the sexual drive of those wanting to check this product out. Lastly, it can give its users healthy-looking skin that radiates youth from the inside out, thanks to all the antioxidative components found in the product at hand. 

Biotox Gold Recommended Dosage 

The recommended dosage of Biotox Gold is 10 droplets three times a day. That means that you need to take a total of 30 droplets each day to achieve the most outstanding possible results from this supplement at hand. However, you mustn’t take more than 30 droplets per day as this might expose you to some side effects from this otherwise non-side effect product. 

Ingredients of Biotox Gold 

Biotox Gold bases its ingredients in a slightly well-known traditional Indonesian recipe passed down through the generations among men and women in a remote island found in the said archipelago. Unfortunately, it was not told which island it was. Instead, this formula is broadly associated with the Indonesian people right from the start. It’s a proprietary formula consisting of herbs, spices, amino acids, and fruits designed to stimulate our metabolism or provide secondary function and roles within the supplement. It has such uses so that our stress levels go down exponentially. This kind of protocol is vital since, according to the initial impression, Biotox Gold also deals with cortisol (stress) levels to alleviate the metabolic slow down of a particular individual. So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at Biotox Gold’s roster of 17 ingredients. 

Biotox Gold ingredients are: 

  • Malabar Tamarind 
  • African Mango 
  • Guarana 
  • Raspberry Ketone 
  • Capsicum 
  • Grapefruit 
  • Green Tea  
  • Licorice Root  
  • L-Carnitine 
  • L-Arginine  
  • Tryptophan 
  • Beta-Alanine 
  • Chromium 
  • Pyruvate 
  • Maca 
  • Panax Ginseng 
  • Eleuthero 

Malabar Tamarind 

Also known as garcinia, this fruit can help with weight loss by increasing one’s physical performance. In general, the Malabar tamarind is more of a physical-enhancing fruit that can give you a temporary boost in your overall physical state. Furthermore, additional studies have shown that garcinia can also deal with diseases caused by parasitic worms. On top of that, it can even make your digestion better. It is excellent since good digestion usually limits the influx of excess fats into our bodies. Lastly, it has been found that this ingredient can deal with joint pain, but this truth is still far from final as more studies are needed to solidify this claim. 

African Mango 

The African mango is known to reduce the blood sugar levels of those who take its extract through dietary supplements. In addition, it can also lower your blood cholesterol levels, making it easy for your body to get rid of excess fats along the way. With these benefits, this fruit can reliably help you on your road towards having a slim body. It is because it diligently deals with excess sugars and fats from the first time it is introduced to your body. 


This fruit found from the Amazon is an excellent alternative for coffee. It is because it contains significant amounts of caffeine, which, as we all know, is a must-have for workers who are stressed out in doing their jobs late at night. But, somehow, guarana can also promote better physical performance. Since that kind of activity burns many calories, we can conclude that guarana can also help make a person lose weight.  

Raspberry Ketone 

Studies have shown that raspberry ketone can encourage weight loss. However, it is unclear how this happens. When combined with copious amounts of Vitamin C, scientists have observed that this extract can allegedly turn the tide of a person suffering from obesity and overweight conditions. The studies end there, in any case. Therefore, further research is needed to resolve the matter. On a side note, it can also protect your hair from balding. 


This extract found in most chili peppers worldwide is one of the best blood sugar regulators. In addition, it can help people with diabetes and even stimulate the repair of nerve cells damaged by the said disease. In that sense, capsicum is an effective weight loss agent since it eliminates excess sugar that would turn into excess fat if left alone to their own devices. Lastly, capsicum has been told to be an effective painkiller of sorts. Because of this, you had capsicum in the mix can alleviate conditions that only arise when your weight burdens your movement. 


Scientifically speaking, grapefruit does not have any substantial benefits. However, it is an excellent source of both vitamins and minerals that are excellent at making your immune system stronger against viral, bacterial, and fungal threats.  

Green Tea 

This soothing extract delivers one unexpected benefit – it can alleviate genital warts. However, it’s in this supplement because it can reduce the amount of cholesterol inside your body. Since cholesterol can be dubbed as excess fat, you can expect green tea to help with your overall state of weight loss management. 

Licorice Root  

The extract of this herb can mitigate the symptoms of specific skin infections such as eczema and canker sores that sprout out of nowhere. Furthermore, it has been found that this extract can shoot down high cholesterol levels. Since it can do that, it might as well make your weight reduction process faster than usual. 


This amino acid can encourage the burning of fats in your bloodstream. But, more importantly, it can also reduce your blood glucose levels in the process. So, with that said, we can conclude that l-carnitine stimulates metabolism to start itself to deliver long-lasting and satisfying results in the process. 


This amino acid, on the other hand, regulates our blood pressure. Contrary to popular belief, high blood pressure does not particularly mean that you have high cholesterol levels. However, suppose other factors are affecting your blood pressure, such as stress. In that case, it can effectively slow down your metabolism to a grinding halt. Either way, calming down your blood pressure is one way of making sure that all parts of your body receive the right amount of nutrition at any given time. If it does, your body will be less stressed, and your metabolism will eventually go back to normal. 


Commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of teeth grinding, tryptophan can encourage to produce some of your positively inclined hormones. In turn, it can help you overcome the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Thus, tryptophan is more of a hormone stabilizer. However, further studies are needed to cement this cause truly. 


This amino acid is commonly used to increase the overall physical capability of your body. It forces your body to use up its excess fats so that they can be turned into energy. It is beneficial in cases where you need to burn them in the process. 


This mineral is known to be heavily effective against blood sugar incursions. More specifically, this mineral is used by people with pre-diabetic and diabetic conditions. Since it can lower your blood glucose levels, you can expect fewer incidences where your body stores excess fats once again. 


Commonly used to make the skin look brand new, it can also help alcoholics overcome their drinks’ damage to their liver. In some cases, it can even improve cardiovascular symptoms that can be deemed life-threatening. However, that’s not what all is when it comes to this useful organic compound. According to recent studies, Pyruvate can effectively reduce your body fat, which in turn can reduce your weight in the long run. 


There is no solid scientific evidence that maca truly has benefits for a user. However, the alternate name for maca is Peruvian ginseng. The Incas have allegedly used it to promote male fertility while helping them go through the symptoms of menopause without a problem. Still, scientific research needs to be done to grasp the full effects of this ingredient at hand.  

Panax Ginseng 

Also known as Korean ginseng, the Panax ginseng is well-known to provide men with enough arsenal to get through the night. With properties that can improve erectile dysfunction and libido among men, it is a valuable addition for couples who want to have a hot night ahead of their fantastic date. However, that’s not precisely the benefits that we’re looking for. Panax ginseng can improve physical performance, ensuring that you burn those fats for much-needed energy. 


The Siberian ginseng, more commonly known as the eleuthero, is frequently taken as an all-around supplement for physical enhancement and mitigation of several illnesses and diseases. Some of the things that eleuthero can help with are cardiovascular diseases, mild disturbances such as the common cold, and nerve pain.  

What does Biotox Gold do? 

Biotox Gold focuses on fixing your metabolism through a multi-disciplinary approach. What do we mean by that? It means that the supplement improves almost every area of your body that’s stressed out to promote better bodily functions and faster metabolism in the long run. To further emphasize this aspect, the creators of Biotox Gold states that they created this product to take out the hindrances that are causing your metabolism to slow down in the process. Our bodies are designed to store fat when we feel stress. Since stress is part of our current lives in this fast-paced world, our body’s metabolism severely slows down. With more stress comes more inflammation. Our bodies, thinking that they’re in danger, stores fat. With a slow metabolism and increased susceptibility to storing the fats that we intake regularly, our weight goes up, and we face the crisis of obesity in our lives.  

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Biotox Gold deals with this kind of problem, ensuring that your body is free of stresses that may cause your metabolism to slow down. Their official website tells us of more complicated hormones, but the idea stays the same. This supplement even gives you tons of hormones that deal with happiness. As they say, if you need to counter something, you need to put it against something opposite in nature. As such, Biotox Gold can combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Just from that type of action, we can conclude that Biotox Gold can make our lives better in the long run.  

Other uses of Biotox Gold include a lot of better quality of life improvements. Things such as joint pain, weakened arteries, high cholesterol, and elevated blood pressure levels can be easily mitigated by the constant use of this supplement. Furthermore, Biotox Gold contains antioxidants that can make you look younger than before while eradicating micro toxins found in your blood. It can also serve as a protective measure against cancer growth and heavy cellular damage. 

Biotox Gold Benefits 

From the information stated above, we can accumulate Biotox Gold’s benefits to our body. It is so varied that Biotox Gold may as well be dubbed as the “most complete weight loss dietary supplement” on the market. It is all thanks to its liquid composition, upon which it can accommodate more ingredients than usual. 

To summarize, Biotox Gold benefits include: 

  • Faster metabolism 
  • Better weight management 
  • Lesser joint aches 
  • Better cardiovascular health 
  • Stronger immunity 
  • More energy 
  • Stabilized hormone levels 
  • Younger-looking skin 

Faster metabolism 

The primary goal of Biotox Gold is to give you faster metabolism. By putting in ingredients that can lessen the burden on your body, we can see a substantial speed-up of your metabolism in the following days of using Biotox Gold in the next months. 

Better weight management 

With better metabolism, your weight will slowly decrease. It is because your body starts to burn all those excess sugars, fats, and proteins that your body mistakenly stores for its perceived “survival.” But, of course, it doesn’t only boil down to better metabolism. Still, several factors such as stress levels are also considered for this type of matter – one that Biotox Gold also gets rid of. 

Lesser joint aches 

Biotox Gold includes ingredients that can reduce inflammation. What does this mean? It can lessen the pain that you’re feeling in your joints. Less inflammation can also cause less pressure in your joints, which means you can walk better when taking Biotox Gold regularly. 

Better cardiovascular health 

Biotox Gold also incorporates several ingredients that can lower your blood glucose and cholesterol levels. This, in turn, can give you a better blood supply all over your body, leading to proper nutritional distribution. Your arteries will also be stronger than usual. In addition, your heart will be less susceptible to diseases since it will be less strained than usual. 

Stronger immunity 

Biotox Gold contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can support a person’s overall immunity. In general, toxins, viruses, bacteria, and fungi can make our body think it’s going to collapse any minute. This, in turn, makes our body store more fat than usual. With a stronger immune system, you are less susceptible to your body’s paradoxical approach to life. 

More energy 

If more fats and sugar are burned, it produces more energy. You can use this excess energy to go on an adventure, try to do the things you love, or just simply go on a road trip to unwind. In short, you can do more than just loafing with more energy in life! 

Stabilized hormone levels 

Ever wondered what life is with less stress in mind? Now you can taste a feeling of it! You can finally eliminate the overpowering sadness that has stopped you from doing the things you love with stabilized hormone levels. Also, this implies that you can now sleep soundly at night without any hint of anxiety or stress in mind. 

Younger-looking skin 

Biotox Gold’s antioxidative benefits do not only include cell protection and regeneration. It can also make your skin look younger than usual. In some cases, your wrinkles may even be lessened due to the presence of these positive micro-helpers! 

Biotox Gold Side Effects 

Biotox Gold ingredient side effects can manifest if you take the supplement at an overdosed state. Therefore, you must prevent this from happening by staying within the recommended dosage of 30 drops a day. You can go lower, but never higher. Simply put, do not take more Biotox Gold as intended. 

Some Biotox Gold side effects that may show up are headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, constipation, and other mild discomforts that can ruin your day. In a worst-case scenario, immediately call your doctor for instructions on how to alleviate the pain. Biotox Gold naturally doesn’t have any side effects since it’s made up of all-natural ingredients readily absorbed by our body. 

How does Biotox Gold work? 

From the facts stated above, we can simplify the process upon which Biotox Gold works. 

Biotox Gold works by: 

  • Giving our body the right amounts of nutrients to recover 
  • Stabilizing our hormonal levels 
  • Burning all the excess sugars and fats that accumulated through natural means 
  • Shedding four pounds of weight per week at a minimum 

Giving our body the right amounts of nutrients to recover 

An overweight body is a highly stressed body. However, with the proper amounts of nutrients to strengthen it, our body can have a chance to fight off all the hormonal disturbances. It can cause it to regain control of itself and ensure that the next phase will be achieved. 

Stabilizing our hormonal levels 

Some ingredients of Biotox Gold can counter our cortisol hormones (stress hormones) with serotonin (happiness hormones). But, of course, this means that our hormone-producing centers are stimulated. So, with that procedure well underway, our metabolism will start to work flawlessly once again. It is because our body thinks it’s not needed to store excess fats around our organs anymore. 

Burning all the excess sugars and fats that accumulated through natural means 

With our metabolism working as intended, our fats and sugars begin to melt as our weight decreases. As a result, our cardiovascular health also improves. Furthermore, we gain a lot of energy from the supplement due to burning fats and sugars. 

Shedding four pounds of weight per week at a minimum 

At a minimum, you should be able to shed four pounds per week when using Biotox Gold daily. It is because our body has gone back to its usual self. Expect yourself to experience a better quality of life from this point on. 

How long does it take it to work? 

It takes around a week for Biotox Gold to work. You’ll most likely feel like your thinking is faster in the first three days. By the end of the first week, you should have already gone down by four pounds or more. This pattern will repeat itself until you get to your third to the sixth month. In general, it is best to take Biotox Gold for six months to experience this supplement’s best results. 

Where is Biotox Gold made? 

Biotox Gold is made in the United States of America. Therefore, you can expect top-notch quality from its manufacturers due to strict protocols during the manufacturing process. 

Who is the manufacturer of Biotox Gold? 

Biotox Gold is manufactured by a company called Biotox Nutrition. They are proud makers of supplements that cater to a positive and healthy lifestyle. Some of their products include Biotox Gold, Biotox Complete, and Colon Clear. 

What are the related scientific studies to Biotox Gold? 

Biotox Gold makes use of studies found from different journals all around the world. As we have inferred from above, it would seem that they used a lot of science in this one to create the perfect weight loss supplement at hand. Specifically, they sourced multiple studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Research, the University of Michigan, and many more. 

How much does Biotox Gold cost? 

One Bottle 

Each bottle of Biotox Gold costs $79!  

Popular Bundle (3 Bottles) – $55 per bottle, $165 in total 

This bundle, containing three bottles of Biotox Gold, comes with a bonus Colon Clear supplement that can help the digestive process of an individual. It can also help protect you from colon-related risks and diseases, which is useful to the mix. 

Best Value Bundle (6 Bottles) – $42 per bottle, $252 in total 

However, the best price for Biotox Gold lies with the “best value bundle.” Containing six bottles at only $42 each, this bundle comes with free Colon Clear and Biotox Complete bottles. The latter is a multivitamin that gives us the complete nutrition needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Where can people buy Biotox Gold? 

You can only buy Biotox Gold from the Biotox Gold official website. Buying from elsewhere can expose you to the threat of fake supplements in the market and threaten your overall health. Buyer discretion is advised. 

Biotox Gold Customer Real Reviews 

Biotox reviews are primarily favorable. It is the case because Biotox Gold has the right mix of nutrients that can help your body recover from immense internal stresses. To exemplify this, one of the Biotox Gold reviews tell us that: 

“My joints were aching, not because of overuse, but because I’m heavy as ****. It’s a burden to walk around, and I felt like an absolute donkey (or a pig). It is why I started using Biotox Gold. I heard this supplement from way back and paid no attention because I thought this was a scam. It turns out it wasn’t. I’m in my fourth month now, and I’m down by 50 pounds already! The only problem I have now is the stretched skin that I got hanging from my sides!” – Lisandro J., San Diego, CA, 49 years old 

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Biotox Gold, Worth it or Not? 

Biotox Gold is a supplement that delivers its promise. It’s fast, efficient, and a good weight loss supplement. The liquid composition of the substance also adds weight to the overall greatness of the product. The body can easily absorb it. Your hormones will undoubtedly be stabilized due to the ingredients found in the said product. The testimonies don’t lie as well. The supplement is safe, and it works pretty well, as per our scientific findings 

Biotox Gold is worth it and should be tried by everyday folk like you and me. If you feel down all the time while having some prevalent weight loss issues, then this supplement might be the perfect fit for you. Try it now today! 

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