How a Magento developer can help you create an online store


Today, over 200,000 entrepreneurs have chosen Magento as a platform for selling websites. If WordPress is best suited for creating a catalog site, then for a large Internet site with a large number of products, Magento will be the ideal solution.

Magento provides a wide range of tools and applications that are also suitable for small startups. The owner of the online store will be able to use a multilingual interface and many universal functions. But all the advantages of this CMS manifest themselves in projects with a large number of products or when working with several online stores at once. Magento allows the user to manage several projects at once from one admin panel. This is a distinct advantage that WordPress or Shopify do not have. Therefore, many international companies choose this CMS for their sites, especially companies focused on the western market.

Magento was created as a universal environment for creating online stores with large needs for management, systematization and analytics. The system supports open source, which allows you to freely integrate any applications that you may need in the process. The presence of a large number of plugins and extensions is one of the main advantages of the platform. Many well-known brands have chosen for this: Coca-Cola, Vichy, Laptop and many others.

In order to work with platforms like WooCommerce from WordPress or Shopify, you can do it yourself or the services of an inexpensive agency. Magento requires a professional approach. But in the future, when you want to expand, a universal solution will allow you to set up an online store for a huge number of products and adapt the online platform to new needs.

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Magento benefits for online business development

Marketing and product organization functions 

Magento platform is a universal system with the ability to create projects from 500 products and more. It is logical that even the basic packages include modules for organizing and grouping goods: new items, show similar goods, kits “together cheaper” and many others. 

Flexibility and universality 

The CMS supports open source formatting, which allows you to integrate additional plugins from different developers. This requires the support of qualified specialists, but it greatly facilitates the use of third-party software in situations where the base platform does not have the right solution.

High SEO ranking 

For search engine promotion, Magento offers comprehensive solutions to speed up page loading and optimize text content. Moreover, the advanced capabilities of the shopping cart and payment systems support the attractiveness of the site for the search engine. Magento includes automatic sitemap generation features and an extensive number of SEO plugins.

Uniqueness and freedom of action 

Magento users can not only change the design of the site, but also change each fragment of the resource according to their interests and preferences. In addition, all website extensions are free and do not require additional costs in the future. This is a great opportunity to create a unique online store in terms of content and appearance. Whereas in WooCommerce you can only change the design, and the basic functionality of the cart remains unchanged.

Wide range of functions 

The main variety of the platform’s functionality is aimed at simplifying the work with a large number of product offers. With Magento, the user will be able to personalize, group products even from different sites using one administrative control panel. You can sort any product subjects, for example, registered users can be divided into groups and set personal parameters and settings for each segment. 

The universality of the platform allows you to quickly customize promotional offers, adapt functionality, use various payment and delivery modules. CMS will delight entrepreneurs who have great needs for analytics of warehouse balances. With the help of built-in modules, you can track the distribution of goods at retail outlets and minimize stock balances.

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