How To Post Engaging Instagram Content For Your eCommerce Brands?

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In recent times, Instagram seems like a popular social media platform around the globe. The records are 500 million monthly active users on the Instagram platform. The platform looks popular among the millennials and younger generations of people. The distribution of Instagram users classifies as follows. Approximately 55% of online users between 18 to 29 years old from the US use the app. 28% of people are 30 to 49 years old. Instagram records teens of 13 to 17 years old are 17% of boys and 23% of girls. Macro and Micro businesses are using Instagram marketing methods. From the topmost brands, Instagram records an 85% of approval rate. These brands make a 4.21% follower engagement rate which is 58 times more than Facebook. Also, 120 times more than Twitter.  

Instagram works as a photo-sharing platform for eCommerce companies. The business displays its products and potential services to check on its websites. It also starts to connect up with audiences on a more personal level and enhance brand awareness. Are you trying to generate more sales through social media? If yes, Instagram must be the right part of your strategy. Suppose you are working on Instagram but not producing the desired results. Now, it is the right time to check your marketing plans and tweak them to use the app. The following are some of the methods for eCommerce marketing on Instagram if you are starting. Or you are even trying to improve your conversion rates.  

1. Design A Lifestyle Look By Your Collection Of Photos 

Are you trying to improve your engagement for your Instagram videos? In that case, start to use Trollishly, resulting in faster boosting for your profile. The audience needs to look at changes on your Instagram page. Or, they need to look at the lifestyle images they are trying to do. The brand must grab the attention of potential customers. Anyways your Instagram photos must highlight your audiences’ present way of lifestyle.  

For example, Luxury fashion store NET-A-PORTER uses its Instagram platform. It has 2.4 million followers to control a particular luxury lifestyle appearance. Brand posts photos of women wearing their high-end jewelry and clothing. These posts are from urban locations like Paris and New York. In addition, there are photos from runways around the world.  Star celebrities like Alicia Vikander and Victoria Beckham work for the luxury niche. If their audiences are 1% focusing, then the NET-A-PORTER Instagram offers motivation. 

2. Repost Your Audience Post  

Are you trying to beat your ROI for your brands on Instagram? In that case, start to buy Instagram views monthly that improves the credibility of your profile. The audience will use your hashtags or tag brand on Instagram. It is your job to keep on checking these brand mentions. Mostly your several trusted customers become interested in your business to motivate for your promotion in the future. So, try to offer them some recognition from your personal Instagram account.  

For instance, Amazon recently posted a photo of a customer’s children hanging out with an Amazon box. The company has 690K followers and tagged it as #Saturday is for forts! Moreover, they did shout-outs for the customers @momicakely. This photo bought several positive conversations among the followers and offered the @momicakely a reason to stay associated with the brand. 

3. Display BTS For Your Company 

Humanizing your brand on Instagram is vital. Start to post photos of your workers, machinery in your office, shots of the meetings where your office works, and staff members working with your products to give your audiences an idea about the features and benefits of using your products. Displaying BTS markets your products and markets your products where you need to converse with them on a personal scale.  

An eCommerce store that performs this BTS content strategy is Warby Parker, with 276K followers on Instagram. On the Warby Parker Instagram page, images of the team enjoying the glasses they market and pictures of dogs using the brand’s glasses. In addition, it tags posts with the handle of the team member who takes the shot to offer it an added personal touch. 

4. Motivate Followers Using Quotes & Images 

People follow some brands on Instagram as they like their products. Others need to look for inspiring content and images in their feeds that make them stop, imagine and react to their lives. Your profile needs to offer followers with few thought-causing posts that will break up their feeds’ similarities. For example, an online store markets secondhand clothes, and it has 69.6K Instagram followers. Use the hashtag #badassmom to grab their demographic. It posts motivational quotes and photos for mothers. It also displays customers and their families by bringing a humanizing effect for the brand.  


Instagram not only serves for improving and offering more methods for brands to associate with their customers. Trollishly serves as the right option to develop your audience and boost up the fan following for your eCommerce store.  

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