Ikigai Weight Loss Reviews – Dr. Ichikawa’s Formula To Lose Weight

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Millions of people all over the world struggle with weight loss-related issues. Obesity is very common nowadays, thanks to our lifestyle and eating habits. However, weight issues don’t just affect our physical appearance. They also impact our physical and mental health, and left untreated, they can be life-threatening.  

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym every day, and not everyone can afford to make drastic changes to their diets. In such a situation, how do you lose weight? We may have just found the perfect answer to that question! 

Ikigai, a weight loss formula that is manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility and claims to aid weight loss. It addresses the root cause of weight gain, especially issues that lead up to abdominal fat.  

Ikigai  Weight Loss Review 

Ikigai is a weight loss formula that is sold as capsules. A bottle contains 30 capsules, and these are suitable for vegetarians. The formula has a lot of natural, plant-based ingredients and targets weight loss by reducing stress. A dosage of one capsule per day is normally recommended, and you can expect to see results in 2 to 3 months. There have been no major reported side effects from the use of this product, and it comes with a 60-day refund policy. You can get one bottle with 30 capsules for $69.00. 

The formula is all-natural and helps reduce stress which in turn aids weight loss. Andrew Miller, the man behind Ikigai suffered from weight issues due to stress eating, and after going through a terrible health scare, he resolved to crack the secret to losing weight naturally with ease. His research took him to a Japanese Island, Okinawa, and he was introduced to Dr. Ichikawa. From there on, his life changed.  

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How it started 

Andrew Miller was leading a very unhealthy life and struggled with excessive weight gain issues. He passed out one day while he was outside, playing with his son. An ambulance had to be called to take him to the hospital. His visit to the hospital opened his eyes and made him realize that he needed to change things; he needed to change his life.  

He started looking for ways for weight gain and his health issues. When he found out about Okinawa and the fact that the life expectancy of the people on this Japanese island is more than most people on earth, he realized they must have a secret, and he wanted to find out what that secret was. Obesity is something that is almost unheard of on this island, and so he wanted to see and understand how and why that was.  

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Dr. Ichikawa’s research told him that there was a Japanese diet and Japanese supplements that you could take to lose a good amount of weight without having to drastically change your diet. 

Andrew claims that you can lose weight a significant amount of weight without altering your lifestyle drastically and without the need to count every calorie you are consuming. This, to him, was life-changing. According to him, he has discovered a hack that only takes 10 seconds. Yes, it is that easy to lose with Ikigai. 

Ikigai Benefits 

Why should you take Ikigai? We bet that is what you are thinking right now, and believe us, we thought the same when we heard of the product. We are so used to weight loss being an impossible thing to achieve that the idea of something making it possible just with some supplements sounds strange. Almost unbelievable, but believe it now because Ikigai really does do it. 

Ikigai has far more benefits than aiding weight loss. It is an all-natural formula, so it does not have any major reported side effects. It is also the stress-reducing formula that helps with mental health. If you are suffering from health-related concerns due to excessive weight, Ikigai will help you get rid of them. We all know excessive weight affects our blood sugar levels, our cardiovascular health, and the health of our muscles and bones. With Ikigai, you can say goodbye to all such issues.  

Ikigai is an anti-stress supplement that targets cortisol release in the body. Cortisol normally triggers cravings for things like carbs and sugar, and with the use of Ikigai, these cravings are reduced. This leads to more regulated blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Regulated blood pressure levels help maintain health, functioning heart. And because of reduced cortisol and lowered stress levels, Ikigai also helps improve sleep function and sleep cycles. You are likely to get a much better sleep with the use of Ikigai and wake up very well rested. The use of Ikigai helps improve metabolism, which leads to higher energy levels throughout the day. Your performance in everyday activities will definitely improve, and you will end up leading a more active, more healthy lifestyle.  

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Ikigai is an all-natural supplement. It contains natural ingredients that are not at all harmful to you. The product is safe for use, with no major side effects reported. Ikigai capsules are friendly for use by most people since they are vegetarian. The supplement helps reduce stress levels, and we all know high stress levels are the major cause of all health-related issues, whether it is your heart, your blood sugar, or excessive weight gain and lethargy. With the use of this supplement, you can say goodbye to all these issues and never have to worry about them again. 

How to use 

Ikigai is an oral supplement, and it is safe for use since all of its ingredients are 100% natural. If you are allergic to any ingredient, then you may need to consult someone before you start taking the supplement. If you have any underlying medical conditions, are expecting, or are breast-feeding, please consult your doctor before using the Ikigai Supplement for weight loss. The recommended dosage is one capsule per day and is mentioned on the bottle. We do not recommend exceeding the recommended dosage in hopes of losing weight faster. 

If you do not notice any side effects or reactions, continue to use the supplement for a minimum of 90 days. Even though you will start to see results in a couple of weeks, we do recommend taking the supplements for 3 months to truly enjoy the full benefits of the formula and be consistent and take the supplement at the same time every day. This supplement will drastically improve your health, and you will see the results last for up to 2 years, but with that, you must continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. Limit your use of processed and junk food, caffeine, and alcohol. Lower your carb intake and focus more on proteins. Exercise regularly, even if it’s a walk, follow a day and night routine by sleeping and waking up on time, and drink lots and lots of water. For more information or to order Ikigai diet pills, visit the official website today. 

Ikigai Ingredients 

All the ingredients used in the Ikigai formula are 100% natural with a ton of benefits for the human body. Every ingredient is added in the right dose and proportion, and the formula contains a lot of vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy function of the human body. You will find potassium, zinc, calcium, and magnesium in the supplements, but there aren’t any artificial additives or flavors in there.  

Some of the main ingredients in the formula include the following:  


Grown in cold and mountainous regions of Europe and Asia, this herb has been used for centuries to ease anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Its roots are adaptogens which means they help your body adapt to stress when consumed. It is also known to improve brain function, exercise performance, and manage diabetes. It is also known to have some anti-cancer properties. It also helps the body to burn fat by boosting metabolism. 


This ancient medicinal herb has numerous benefits. It is also an adaptogen, so it helps your body manage stress better, along with a ton of other benefits. It boosts brain function and helps lower cortisol and blood sugar levels, and fights the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It has been used in the practice of Ayurveda for over 3000 years, and a lot of its benefits are attributed to the high concentration of withanolides, an important component to fight inflammation and growth of tumors. It also helps increase muscle mass and strength, along with lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.  


Theanine is an amino acid normally found in tea and some mushrooms. L-Theanine is a type of theanine that improves mental function and helps manage anxiety and stress. It has a chemical structure that is like a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that is glutamate. Glutamate helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain.  


Who isn’t familiar with the magic of chamomile? It has been used as a medicine for thousands of years to help calm anxiety and an upset stomach. It has a ton of great health benefits and is one of the main ingredients to make up Ikigai. It not only helps calm anxiety but also detoxifies the body, suppresses appetite, and uplifts mood. 

These ingredients, combined and used in the right ratios and amount, help aid weight loss and improve health. Ikigai has cracked the perfect formula, and you can use it to get rid of all that excess weight you have been struggling with. 

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How it works 

Ikigai claims to target the root cause of weight gain and excessive abdominal fat and that the root cause is stress. Ikigai control’s the release of the body’s stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is the reason why our body’s metabolism slows down or why we feel unmotivated to do anything. By suppressing the release of cortisol, Ikigai helps boost the body’s natural metabolism, and its natural ingredients manage stress, so cortisol levels remain in check.  

Most weight gain is caused by overeating. Stress is a primary cause of overeating. When you use Ikigai, and it manages your stress levels, you will no longer be overeating. In fact, it will suppress your appetite in case you are in high-stress situations. The ingredients in Ikigai enable a healthy inflammatory response from the body.  

As your hunger gets under control, your metabolism starts to return to normal, and your body starts to function normally. Eventually, the stubborn fat on your abdomen is removed thanks to all the calories getting burnt, and this is what results in faster weight loss even though you are not making any significant changes to your diet. The weight loss is effortless and long-lasting.  

The ingredients in Ikigai help improve blood flow, thereby reducing your chances of getting heart disease. The ingredients also ensure that you have better energy levels throughout the day and enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep at night. All of these are very important functions to maintaining a healthy life and losing weight.  

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Ikigai Price 

Ikigai bottles come in individual packs, but you can get great discounts if you buy them in bulk. A single bottle would cost you $99 (they have a deal going on, so check it out ASAP), but if you buy a bundle of 6 bottles which is a supply of 180 days, you will get each bottle for $49.50. Now that is a steal! 

You also get a lot of deals on their website so keep an eye out. Every now and then, they will offer some freebies with your order that will help you a lot in your weight loss journey, like books with recipes for weight loss smoothies, hypnosis modules to help you stay on track, and secrets of how celebrities lose and maintain weight and we don’t think you would want to miss out on any of these.  

If you like, you can also go for a 3 month or 90-day supply, which is also their most popular bundle, and, in that case, you will be paying $66.00 for each bottle. These prices for bundles include FREE shipping. The bundles are a much more economical option since the minimum course duration is 90 days. Also, with their amazing refund policy, you can always get your money back if you are not satisfied. Read more about the refund policy below.  

There are no hidden charges with the bundles; you pay one time and reap the benefits for a long, long time. 

Where to buy 

Ikigai is only available for purchase through the Ikigai formula official website. You can access it here. All payments are direct and, therefore, secure. You can always track your order, and they keep offering amazing deals and discounts on their website, so keep an eye out because you may end up getting an offer that is a HUGE steal. We all always want that, don’t we?  

For example, they have a deal on their website right now where if you order the supplements, you get their Results Accelerator Package which is worth over $199 for FREE. It contains the best-selling book by Andrew Miller, Flat Belly Smoothies, along with “Listen to Lose Weight” MP3 course that has modules of healing and hypnosis to help you on your journey and resist cravings to stay on a healthy track. The package also contains a bundle of books, “A-List Weight Loss Blueprint”, full of secrets on how celebrities lose weight and stay on track. For more information or to order Ikigai diet pills, visit the official website today. 

Refund policy 

The great thing about Ikigai is its refund policy. They have a 60 Day refund policy. I know, it’s too good to be true, right? But it is. You get to use the product for 60 days, and if at the end of that time frame, you are not happy with your purchase or you are not satisfied with the results, or Ikigai wasn’t THE BEST DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE, and you will get your money back. All of it. No questions asked. 

Does it get any better than this? You get to use the product, and if the results aren’t to your satisfaction, you get all of your money back. The customer support and this refund policy are definitely something that excites us. 

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Side effects 

These supplements have been proven to have no major side effects. Any and every healthy adult can take these supplements without having to worry about any negative effects on their health. They haven’t had any reaction on anyone of any gender and are therefore safe for use by adults of any age and gender. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in Ikigai, you may experience a minimal reaction. We urge you to check the ingredients list before using the supplement. 

In case you have any underlying medical conditions or health-related issues, we recommend consulting with your doctor before you start taking the Ikigai capsules. We do not recommend pregnant or breast-feeding women to take the supplement. The product’s recommended dosage is 1 capsule a day. Exceeding the dosage could cause side effects or reactions. Please stick to the recommended dosage, and you should be good.  

How long-lasting is it 

With Ikigai, you will start to see results after using it for the first couple of weeks. It is recommended to complete the 90-day dose to fully reap the benefits of this amazing formula. Afterwards, the benefits and effects of Ikigai are expected to last for more than 2 years. You are expected to maintain healthy habits post the use of Ikigai to stay in shape and maintain good health.  

Like with anything else, to see long-lasting effects, you have to be consistent with your use of the product and then consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay at the top of things. Ikigai will do the job in 90 days; you will have to take it from there and make it last for a lifetime.  

Final thoughts 

Weight gain and then having trouble losing that weight is something all of us struggle with. I know I have, and a lot. It takes a toll on your mental health; it takes a toll on your relationships, and it takes a toll on your self-esteem, and it really is not worth it. Losing weight through conventional methods is hard. It is also a very slow process, and 90% of the time, it just ends up demotivating us. These supplements are all-natural; the ingredients are natural, vegetarian, and non-GMO. The supplements are manufactured in a facility that is certified by the GMP. There are over 150,000 people that have successfully used this supplement and made the most of it by seeing instant results and changes in their bodies and health.  

For me, personally, it has more to do with the health benefits it offers along with the weight loss. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the underlying reasons for so many health-related issues, including excessive weight gain and abdominal fat. Ikigai supplement attacks the root cause behind weight gain and abdominal fat, and that is stress. When you manage stress, so many of your health issues automatically start to get resolved.  

Ikigai targets cortisol and reduces the amount of cortisol produced in our bodies. In turn, our body stops craving carbs and sugars, and slowly our metabolism starts to get back on track. These supplements not only claim to help lose weight but also promise to get our bodies healthier and move towards better habits of eating and improving our overall relationship with food. The improved metabolism level results in improved energy levels, and slowly we start to get more active. We sleep better, start our day better. 

With the 60-day refund policy and all the above-mentioned benefits, Ikigai is definitely something you should give a try. It has already managed to change the lives of so many people. There are no negative reviews around it, and it doesn’t seem to have any major side effects either because it is made with 100% all-natural ingredients. We definitely think it is worth a shot. 

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