Life Journey of Agrie Ahmad aka Bartmann


Growing beards is one of the most prevalent inclinations in recent years. The transition from clean-shaven to a well-groomed beard is embraced by men in different countries worldwide. Although facial hair trends for men are bound to change now and then, the final verdict, for now, is that beards are still in for the coming times. 

Such trends always have three types of individuals at the root: The initiator, the advertiser, and the general masses. Agrie Ahmad aka Bartmann, may not be the initiator of having a beard but he sure is a propeller of an idea long lost. He transformed the way men took care of themselves and showcased the importance of health, grooming, and style for men all around the world. 

Where did he come from? 

The hit youtube personality, the stylist, groomer and regarded philanthropist, was born and raised in Germany in a city called Manheim. But, unfortunately, you are not in for a treat of him using scissors when he was three because the passion for styling and the significance of male grooming came much later on. 

He started his college studies in business and management at a university in Germany, but he graduated with a degree in science. However, that wasn’t the main goal or purpose, either.  He started his setup to serve the men of Manheim just afterwards and has been rising ever since. 

The passion for style and the birth of his youtube channel 

The fire for grooming and makeover ignited at 22 when he started working on a beard for himself. He concluded that facial hair is neither easy to embrace or tackle. He used a plethora of oils and natural products from different places. He started experimenting on himself and simultaneously recorded and uploaded these videos on youtube. 

Being in front of a camera isn’t easy, but Agrie Ahmad worked hard to become Bartmann; he uploaded over a hundred videos of himself and finally started getting the recognition he deserved. 

Agrie Ahman aka Bartman, today 

Today the stylist, grooming artist, clothing advisor and youtube star has over five hundred thousand subscribers on youtube with hundreds of videos up on his channel. He teaches men how to roll in style, with tips and tricks on how to take care of their masculine hygiene, style and overall look.  

Besides the youtube channel and the work he does at his shop, he is also seen giving back to the world. Unlike the individuals who get intoxicated with fame, he prefers to aid his community and the men of Manheim who don’t possess an opportunity of the like. Many of his videos are makeovers of homeless men. He isn’t a mere stylist who does your hair but rather an overall mood shifter and can transform an individual’s attitude towards life. 

Final words 

Agrie is ready to take on the world and promote grooming and men’s looks from the inside out. We see many people going from zero to the sky, but Bartman went all the way up to realize that he can bring everyone else up there, too, one person at a time. Be sure to check out his social media pages to get a glimpse of the never-ending angelic endeavours of Bartmann. 

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