MiracleWatt Review: can miracle watt save you a fortune on your electricity bill or is it a scam?

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A great percentage of most family’s monthly/annual budget is taken up by the electricity bills, making these bills significant contributors to the increased cost of living. Almost every home if not all, make use of electronic devices starting with the smartphones, laptops, washing machine, fans, light bulbs, air conditioners, etc. some of these appliances are huge energy vampires. We interact directly or indirectly with electronics daily. It is therefore imperative to find out things you can do to potentially cut down your power bill and save up money to meet other aspects of the family budget as well as conserve the scarce world energy resources. 

Miraclewatt is the latest technological innovation with the ability to conserve energy usage, provide a steady electrical voltage, and most importantly cut your monthly/annual electricity bill by almost half its previous cost.

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What MiracleWatt Energy Saving Tool does.

MiracleWatt is a brilliant energy-saving tool made with cutting-edge technology that allows it to conserve the amount of power consumed by your electrical devices. It maintains an untottering electric current. 

Electrical devices such as smartphone and laptop chargers continue to consume power as long as they are plugged even when not in use. Devices such as the television do not reut down when you press the ‘’off’’ button rather, they transcend into a standby mode that allows them to come up faster the next time you put them on. In this mode, they continue to consume power unknown to most. Miraclewatt claims to reduce this unwanted stand-by power.

An eye-catching attribute of the miracle watt is its simplicity of installation. You only need to plug it in and off it goes to work. It has an automatic installation that does not require and additional configuration or adjustments. You, therefore, do not require the help of an expert or electrical engineer. This is catchy as it saves you the additional cost of hiring an expert for installation alongside rendering the device user-friendly ay anyone can get it installed whether or not they know their way around electrical devices.

Miracle watt is best suited for?

Miraclewatt is suited for all kinds of buildings. it is designed in a way that allows it not to be limited to a particular building type. It, therefore, produces the same perfect results when used in large apartments, commercial buildings, and penthouses as it does in tiny homes.

Electrical devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, air containers, water heaters, etc. are high energy consuming devices and the chief culprit in the costly electricity bills. Miraclewatt is made with such a cutting-edge technology that allows it conserves the energy consumption by these energy vampires which increases their lifespan in addition to saving you money.

Miraclewatt energy-saving device claims to potentially reduce the electricity bill by half its cost before installation of the device. This efficiency makes the device affordable for its current price. 

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The working mechanism of miracle watt

Miracle watt rolls into action immediately it is plugged in. it conditions all your electrical devices to operate on low power when plugged in and this translates into a reduction in power consumption. The result of this high technological device will be demonstrated in the electricity bill of the following month.

With its ultra-modern design, miracle watt runs smoothly and unnoticed as it does not produce any background noise when in use. The only indicator that shows it is working is a green light that comes up when it is plugged in.

For most consumers, a top-of-the-list quality of any product is its durability and lifespan. Miracle watt aside from been user-friendly and its automatic operating system also claims to be highly durable and can go on for many years without developing any malfunction. 

The merits of using miracle watt

Rarely do you find a product that advertises itself? The merit claim of this device is sufficient advertisement.

The manufacturers of miracle watt use electricity stabilizing technology and advanced power factor correction technology in the design of the device. They claim the device can cut down the energy consumed by all electrical appliances by almost halve thus conserving money and power. 

Miraclewatt is creatively designed and uniquely shaped with smoothly curved edges making it pocket-friendly. Its creators are UL approved and RoHS compliant, these regulatory bodies’ electrical devices are certified non-hazardous. Users of miracle watt can therefore rest assured of its safety qualities.

Wireless devices produce electromagnetic radiation which has been shown to increase the risk of developing health conditions such as various types of cancers. Miraclewatt claims to significantly cut down this radiation and potentially protect the users from the associated health implications of such radiation. It is therefore recommended to install miracle watt in every 1500sq. ft of space in the home.

The device comes with a user-friendly simple self-help manual that guides the user through its installation. It is simply plugged into the wall socket after which it begins to work automatically. It, therefore, does not require you to pay any service fee to experts to help with its installation making it cost-effective. In addition, it does not require expensive maintenance nor does it use batteries further contributing to its cost-effectiveness. 

Sudden power surges are ugly experiences that can potentially damage electrical appliances cause you to incur huge losses. It is therefore important to protect against such. Manufactures of miraclewatt also device ensures all your electrical appliances are protected from sudden power surges further saving you money.

Miracle watt maintains steady electric voltage and prevents fluctuations. It also enhances the signal quality of power thus increasing power efficiency.

How safe is miracle watt? 

The environmentalist has not raised any concern about miracle watt as it does not pose any major environmental hazard. Additionally, it is completely heatproof and shockproof, protecting its user from electrocution. It is manufactured with such a material that does not heat up after long hours of usage. This material is also shockproof and long-lasting. The manufactures of Miraclewatt claim therefore that it is undoubtedly one of the safest energy-saving devices out there.

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Energy-saving tips

Turn off electrical appliances when not in use

Electronics such as light bulbs, ceiling fans, air conditioners are not required at all times of the day. A great way to cut your energy bills by half is learning to turn off these electronic appliances when not in active use. For instance, you can form the habit of always turning off the light bulbs, ceiling fans, and similar electronics when leaving home. Light bulbs may not also be necessary during the day when the sun is shining bright hence can be turned off to conserve energy usage. Turn off ceiling fans or air conditioners when the room is not in use to conserve energy. Cut your energy bill by half by avoiding energy wastage.

Keep the refrigerator’s door closed

Refrigerators are huge energy-consuming household electronic appliances. Energy consumption is by refrigerators is increased by the indiscriminate opening of the refrigerator’s door. Each time the refrigerator’s door is opened cooled air leave and your fridge consequently uses more energy to recondition the air. To reduce the refrigerator’s energy consumption and by extension cut your energy bill by half, you must mind how you open the refrigerator’s door and caution other family members to do the same. 

The amount of energy consumed by the refrigerator can also be reduced by selectively turning off the refrigerator ice maker.

Warm food increases the refrigerator’s core temperature and causes the refrigerator to work extra hard to create a cool atmosphere thus consuming more energy. Therefore, to cut down the amount of energy consumed by the refrigerator and pay less for your energy bills, only put cooled food in the refrigerator. 

Spare your dryer, use a drying line instead

Dryers are voracious consumers of energy. You can cut your energy bill by half and save up a significant amount of money by switching to drying lines for your laundry. Alternatively, you can reduce energy consumption by doing weekly laundry and setting the dryer at low heat.

Use ceiling fans in place of air conditions

Air conditioners are among the top energy-consuming household electronic appliances. Ceiling fans however consume less amount of energy when compared to air conditioning units therefore can help cut your energy bill by half.  Although ceiling fans may not effectively create a chill atmosphere as do air conditioners, they circulate air throughout the room and enable you to save cost on power bills.

Upgrade your appliances

Old models of electrical appliances are more energy-consuming than the new energy-efficient models. One of the reasons therefore your energy bills are over the roof is likely because of these outdated appliances. You can cut your energy bills by half by upgrading to the new energy-efficient models of these appliances.

Change to the energy-efficient light bulb

Traditional light bulbs are high energy consuming bulbs. Even though LED bulbs are a little bit more expensive than the traditional light bulb, there is however a better choice as they not only consume far less energy but are also more durable and long-lasting. Changing your traditional bulbs to LED bulbs, therefore, guarantee less energy consumption hence can help cut your energy bill by half.

How long do you power your electronics? 

A common finding in many households is some members of the family have a habit of charging their electronic devices especially mobile phones and computers over the night. While this is unnecessary as it takes only about 2-4 hours to get these devices fully charged, it is also part of the reason for the high monthly energy bills. To cut your energy bills by half, only charge your electronic devices for the required duration and unplug them as soon as they are fully charged.

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Using your air conditioner while your windows are fully opened

Putting on the air conditioner while the windows are opened is like pouring water into a basket. The air conditioners when working under ideal conditions are amongst the top energy-consuming household appliances. The energy consumption is doubled when the windows are simultaneously opened as hot air is let in and the expensive cooled air is wasted.

Inspect your air condition duct for leaks

Intermittently inspect your air condition ducts for leaks. Leaky ducts waste the cooled air. Consequently, the air conditioner works for a longer duration of time and consumes more energy to get the room cooled. When discovered, repair of these ducts increases the working efficiency of the air conditioners, reduces energy consumption, and by extension can help cut the energy bill by half along with other strategies.

‘’turning off’’ may not be enough

After flipping the switch of a particular electrical appliance, most people are under the impression the device has been turned off and is no longer consuming energy. This is far from reality. For most devices such as TV and watching machines, the power buttons do necessarily turn them off completely rather, they transcend into a standby mode during which they still consume some amount of energy. These devices are designed this way to enable them to come up faster the next time you put them on. Therefore, turning off these devices and ensuring that they are truly turned off involve unplugging them from the wall even after flipping the power button especially when you intend to be away for some time.

Pressure cookers

Given its frequency, cooking is a significant contributor to the monthly power bill. Cooking with a pressure cooker is a perfect energy-conserving technique that could help save you some money on your power bill.

Additionally, use cooking with flat surfaces that allow for even distribution of heat to allow for shorter cooking time.

Cover the cooking pots with a lid, this makes the food cook faster and therefore conserves the amount of energy consumed in cooking.

A similar tip is cooking more than one dish at a time when using the oven and limiting the number of times you open the oven door as this increases how long it takes to get the oven back to maximum heat. 

You can also turn off the oven some few minutes before the food is done. The built-up heat can get the job done.

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The electric kettle

This is another domestic electrical appliance that could potentially contribute significantly to power consumption therefore ensure to not to use it indiscriminately.

The pressing iron

 A huge consumer of power is the pressing iron. Have you ever noticed the dimming in the light bulb whenever you plug in the pressing iron? This is because it is one of the power-draining devices. Use the pressing iron with discretion. Do not allow it to stay for too long while waiting for it to warm up. Ensure it is turned off when not in use.

Other important tips to consider include

Setting your fridge core temperature to about 38 degrees and the freezer’s to about 0-5 degrees

Also, keep the coils clean. Dirty coils mitigate against voltage flow and thus make your fridge work harder and consequently consume more energy.

Cover food to be refrigerated before placing them in the fridge as this reduces the amount of moist air the fridge need to get the food cold

Resetting the temperature of your water heater from its default 140 digress to about 120 degrees

Installing some dimmer switches that adjust light contrast and brightness to soothe your need and at the same time-saving electricity.

You can easily avoid dishwashers and dryers by doing the dishes with your own hands. This is an easy way to cut down on unnecessary power consumption. Alternatively, you can simply turn off the heat dry selection on your dishwasher.

Use tankless water heaters, this will save you a fortune on your power bill.

In addition to this, use a water heater timer which allows you to set heating times to when you need hot water.

Switch to solar lighting especially for your outdoor bulbs. The panel sucks the solar energy by the day and uses it to power the bulbs by night. A clean free energy source.

Conduct a free home energy audit to identify other ways of conserving energy usage.

Where to buy miraclewatt

The company has an official website that claims to sell original miraclewatt that comes with a five-year warranty. The buyer is required to fill out an online form on this site to place their buy order. A single unit cost $59 each, 2-unit cost $99 and 3 unit of miracle watt cost $135 on the website.

The website claims the device will be shipped at no cost to the buyer in 3 to 7 working days. They also claim a full refund if after 45 days of using the device there is a marked difference in the electricity bill.

How to contact the company

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1(855) 458-0128

Company address: comeback commerce inc.,1624 market st STE 226, PMB 42980, Denver, co 80202 USA


Is miracle watt for real?

Owing to the high quality and uniquely long-lasting materials used by the miraclewatt manufacturing companying, the devices will stand the test of time in terms of durability and safety criteria as these materials make them both heat and shockproof as well as environmentally friendly.

Does miracle watt save electricity

Even though many believe this is a mere claim by the company, users of this device have however seen a tremendous drop in their monthly power bill further demonstrating the truth behind the company’s claim.

However, many also claim the power saving tool did not meet up the acclaimed percentage as it was only able to save up to 30 to 40% as against the 50 % claim by the company. Others continue to doubt the Genuity of the device.

It has a surge protection technology that enables it to protect other electrical appliances from the adverse consequences of a sudden electrical surge when plugged in.

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Which energy-saving device work

There are other eco-friendly power-saving tools out there that could help cut down on your electricity bills. Some of these include:

Smart sockets

Smart sockets unlike conventional wall sockets can cut power from electrical appliances such as the television and others that operate on a standby mode. In this mode, these devices are not turned off completely and so continue to consume energy even while seeming to be put off. Smart sockets have an input technology that enables them to truly shut down and disallow access to electricity in that state.

Eco charger

Smartphone chargers and laptop chargers continue to consume energy as long as they are plugged in even when there are not in use. It is therefore advisable not to leave them plugged in when not in use. Alternatively, eco chargers are unique types of chargers that automatically turn of once the device is fully charging thus conserving energy.

Energy monitor

energy monitors are devices designed to monitor the amount of energy consumed by the various electrical appliances and allow you to manage your energy usage accordingly. They go ahead to show how much energy could be saved by discontinuing the use of certain appliances.

What does MiracleWatt actually do?

MiracleWatt help to cut down the usage of idle energy. It does this by stabilizing surgical electricity using a surge protector. The surge protector helps to balance the flow of energy. If you aren’t sure of the state of electricity in your residence, PowerVolts will help to keep your appliances safe.


Miracle watt claim of energy conservation is a key quality and a much-needed one give the limited availability of natural resources. Its environmentally friendly nature is as well commendable given the number of environmental hazards caused already by existing innovations.

The device not only safe power but save you money on the monthly electricity bill. Given that it is almost impossible to find a household without an electrically operated appliance the significance of such a device can therefore 

Click here to visit the purchase the MiracleWatt from the official website

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