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Nerve Control 911 is a groundbreaking protection formula for the central nervous system that contains the best natural ingredients to ease the pain. 

Unfortunately, people worldwide are suffering from several medical health issues secondary to the lifestyle prevailing in the current times. Everyone is trying hard to earn hefty amounts of money to have a lavish life. People have become so workaholics that they have forgotten to keep their health maintained. We cannot see our forefathers’ tips for healthy lifestyles anymore; people do not care about going to bed early or waking up early.  

There is only one thing that the majority of the people in all regions of the world care about, and that is the economy or, directly, money! The unjustified focus of people towards earning cash is crucial to human health. Human health concerns did not exist in previous times as much as they do today. Many new deadly diseases are being discovered every day, and there was no clue of these illnesses before when people bothered to care about their dietary lifestyles.  

The harmful effects of unhealthy lifestyles in the current times show up as a surge in many diseases, like Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues etc. An unhealthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean that one eats pretty much junk food only, but it also includes a sedentary routine. Many people are doing office-based jobs, which do not require much physical movement. Besides, currently, the job hours are so hectic that people cannot take out time for physical exercises or even evening or morning walks.  

Therefore, an unhealthy lifestyle means unhealthy eating habits, disturbed sleeping patterns, significantly less sleep or too much of it, and no physical activity. Following such lifestyles, most people unintentionally destroy their essential body systems like cardiovascular and nervous systems. One must understand that a human body has so many interconnections; if a person develops Diabetes, they will also suffer from hypertension or nervous system issues. Similarly, if a person has high blood pressure issues, the nervous system will eventually get involved.  

As mentioned above, in the current time, people are practising sedentary and unhealthy routines. Therefore, one of the major complaints is about nerve pain. People who do not belong to the medical profession or have very little knowledge about it may explain their symptoms like tingling and numb sensations in different parts of their bodies.  

Younger people may suffer from neuropathic pain (nerve pathology) due to their disturbed lifestyles. In contrast, senior citizens are more prone to such scenarios due to their increasing age and decreasing nervous system functionality. However, anyone who is suffering from nerve pain, for any reason, may try NERVE CONTROL 911, which will work like magic to relieve the nerve pain.  

Nervous Systems In The Human Body – Brief Overview 

Before moving on to the details of NERVE CONTROL 911, people who do not have vast knowledge about the insides of the human body must learn a little about nervous systems.  

As the name suggests, the collection of all the nerves present in the human body is called a Nervous system. In the human body, two types of nervous systems exist; the peripheral and central nervous systems. To make it easier to understand, whenever someone feels tingling, numbness or pinching sensations in their hand and feet, it is usually due to the involvement of the peripheral nervous system. However, the central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord; these components are responsible for signal transmission.  

All the nerves responsible for interconnecting all the body parts with the brain and spinal cord are peripheral nerves. These nerves include cranial, somatic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. So, long story cut short, people who experience tingling and similar sensations are usually due to some peripheral neuropathy; damage to peripheral nerves.  

Nerve Control 911 – Introduction  

People with peripheral neuropathy issues may get tired of using multiple medications over a long period. Besides, every medicine comes with few to less adverse effects, creating further problems, especially for an aged person. However, such people who are hopeless about their peripheral neuropathy problems must not worry anymore! The NERVE CONTROL 911 will become their saviour, hopefully.  

NERVE CONTROL 911 is a dietary formula that works as an alternative to medicines to suppress peripheral neuropathy issues. PhytAge laboratories have put their efforts into creating a formula that claims to help people experience nerve pain. The composition of NERVE CONTROL 911 ensures pain relief due to nerve damage. In addition, the supplement also tries to ensure improved reflexes, signal transmission to and from the central nervous system, signal transmission to and from all the body organs and muscles. Furthermore, the distribution of cranial nerves may be involved in peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, NERVE CONTROL 911 also supports the improvement of vision problems.  

Different components of NERVE CONTROL 911 are crucial in declining inflammatory reactions in the human body. Besides, disturbances in the peripheral nervous system are also responsible for causing depression, anxiety, insomnia and similar conditions. Therefore, NERVE CONTROL 911 plays a significant role in managing the mentioned symptoms.  

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Nerve Control 911 – Composition  

PhytAge laboratories have tried to compose NERVE CONTROL 911 using pure and natural materials without adding any chemical preservatives. Similar dietary health supplements use synthetic ingredients and several hidden chemical preservatives that tend to harm human health instead of improving it. Let’s have a light on the natural raw ingredients that play a massive role in the composition of NERVE CONTROL 911; 

Nerve Control 911 Order Now.png

Let’s have a detailed review on the above-listed ingredients and their roles in the NERVE CONTROL 911 formula;  

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The marshmallow root is a natural herb that comes with several benefits to humans. The leaves and roots of marshmellow plant are famous for managing many conditions, especially those related to inflammatory reactions. Previously, people used marshmallow roots to subside the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and improve the digestive system overall.  

Many gut-related issues like diarrhoea, constipation, stomach aches, ulcers etc., show a visible improvement with ingestion of marshmallow roots. Not only that, but these roots are exceptionally beneficial when it comes to wound healing and pain relief. Speaking of peripheral neuropathy, there are no clear statements about how marshmallow roots work wonder for the mentioned condition. However, other evidence supports that these herbal roots truly work like magic to relieve nerve pain.  

Overall, being a part of NERVE CONTROL 911, marshmallow roots protect peripheral nerves from pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Moreover, this herbal addition also keeps the nerves safe from inflammatory and oxidative damages.  


Passionflower powder is a herbal extract from the maypop plant, mainly used for pain relief. However, in some people, peripheral neuropathy gets worsen over time if left untreated. Such people indeed need strong analgesics to relieve their nerve pain.  

Passionflower powder present in NERVE CONTROL 911 is an incredibly crucial component of the formula. The extracted powder naturally contains different chemical compounds like flavonoids, terpenoids etc., which play a vital role in protecting nerves. In addition, the passionflower powder also provides a safe environment for the nerve cells to grow and stay healthy.  

Passionflower powder’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties ensure that the already damaged peripheral nerves remain protected from other unpleasant conditions. Furthermore, as mentioned, the herbal extract is essential for relieving nerve pain secondary to peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, it also helps the person enjoy a sound sleep by reducing the pain, anxiety, depressive episodes and increasing muscle health (determined by the return of essential reflexes.) 


Prickly pear, also called as Nopal Cactus, works wonders being a part of NERVE CONTROL 911. The ingredient contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative properties along with fibre components. Like passionflower powder, the prickly pear holds a significant position in NERVE CONTROL 911. The ingredient focuses on protecting the peripheral nerves from inflammatory and oxidative toxins that may worsen the condition.  

In addition, prickly pear is also famous for boosting up the immune system. By making the defence mechanisms stronger and brighter, prickly pear ensures that cancerous cells do not grow in the body. Moreover, the ingredient is beneficial for other medical conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol levels etc.  

Understandably, high blood sugar levels correlate with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All these disturbances tend to damage the peripheral nerves. Therefore, prickly pear in NERVE CONTROL 911 tries its best to protect the nerves to the maximum extent!  


Corydalis powder is another herbal medicinal extract that comes from the Corydalis Yanhusuo plant. The anti-nociceptive (pain-relieving) properties of the element are remarkable and unmatched. As mentioned earlier, damage to peripheral nerves induces nerve pain in different body parts and messes up with the mental health of a person. The common mental health issues secondary to peripheral neuropathy include insomnia (unable to sleep), anxiety and depression. Therefore, the corydalis powder provides promising results in improving the mentioned mental health concerns in people with peripheral neuropathy.  

Since the powder also contains anti-inflammatory features, it ensures that no agent can cause nerve inflammation, thereby protecting the nerves from getting damaged. In addition, the corydalis powder also supports improving nerve pain secondary to nerve damage. Sometimes, people with peripheral neuropathic problems may experience limb tremors (intentional or unintentional). The herbal extract also works to stabilize such tremors in these people.  


A flowering plant, the California poppy, is highly effective in relieving pain either due to nerve or blood vessel damage. Though all the parts of this plant are beneficial, the seeds work exceptionally well. In peripheral neuropathy, people experience pain in different parts of their bodies and suffer from inability to sleep regardless of physical activity, anxiety, depression, and muscle aches. Therefore, California poppy seeds, one of the essential ingredients, play a crucial role in alleviating pain and solving other mentioned issues.  

When peripheral nerves undergo damage, the most typical complaints are tingling, pinching and burning sensations in the hands and feet. Besides, some unfortunate people may also experience bladder dysfunction. But, nobody has to worry about all such conditions because the California poppy seeds act as a saviour for people with peripheral neuropathic problems.  

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Nerve Control 911 – Working Mechanism  

NERVE CONTROL 911 is a dietary supplement that contains natural ingredients only. According to PhytAge laboratories, the formula does not include any fillers or chemical preservatives. The manufacturers of the formula claim that it works wonders for people with peripheral neuropathy. However, all the ingredients have various actions and do not focus on relieving nerve pain only. The natural formula can help people with other issues like insomnia, depression and anxiety as well.  

As mentioned earlier, both younger and older age groups tend to suffer from peripheral neuropathic issues. However, the latter ones are more susceptible. Since peripheral nerves make strong interconnections between the central nervous system and the rest of the body parts, their damage may give rise to many health conditions discussed above. The natural ingredients of NERVE CONTROL 911 ensure the pain relief and protection of nerves from further damage secondary to inflammation and oxidation mechanisms.  

As per the guidelines provided by manufacturers, people can consume two capsules of NERVE CONTROL 911 formula per day for 30 days and witness exceptional results in terms of nerve pain relief and improved mental health. All the mentioned ingredients of the recipe work together to protect the nerve cells and have multiple individual benefits.  

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Marshmellow roots present in the formula protect the peripheral nerves from viral and bacterial damage. Besides, their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties work side by side with other ingredients to keep the nerves safe. Even if a person does not have neuropathy issues but suffers from respiratory or gut inflammatory conditions, these roots will prove helpful since they possess diverse functions. Next in the line, the passionflower powder is one of the primary ingredients of the formula. Many people with peripheral neuropathy may suffer from allodynia, which refers to a condition in which a person experiences pain from normally not painful stimuli. The passionflower powder works incredibly well with reducing the allodynia phenomenon in such people. Furthermore, the herbal powder also reduces the depressive and anxious symptoms in people with peripheral nerve problems.  

The other ingredients like Prickly pear and Corydalis powder also come from entirely natural sources and are famous for relieving nerve pain. Besides, these ingredients also possess the ability to regulate blood pressure levels which help in avoiding hypertension and reduce blood cholesterol levels. In addition, the formula also helps in improving the mental health concerns like anxiety and depression secondary to nerve damage.  

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The naturally composed formula of NERVE CONTROL 911 is effective and beneficial for the human brain and overall physical health. On the one hand, some of the ingredients of the dietary formula ensure the improvement of peripheral neuropathic symptoms. At the same time, the rest of the constituents work together to boost up the immune system so that the body can fight all the inflammatory and oxidative damages.  

With the regular use of the natural dietary formula of NERVE CONTROL 911, people with neuropathic symptoms can experience a better and healthier lifestyle. In addition, according to the manufacturers, affected people can bet on the supplement since the formula comes with promising results for peripheral neuropathy relief.  

Let’s have a light on the primary benefits that a person suffering from peripheral neuropathic issues can enjoy using NERVE CONTROL 911; 


The most primary benefit of NERVE CONTROL 911 is its analgesic effects for people who experience nerve pain in the form of tickling, tingling, burning and numb sensations. The natural formula mainly focuses on relieving the pain secondary to damage to peripheral nerves, which may have interrupted the connection between the peripheral and central body (brain and spinal cord.)  


The perfect blend of natural ingredients in the NERVE CONTROL 911 can work much more than just providing pain relief. The formula can help people with maintaining their blood sugar levels within a standard range. However, one must focus on dietary intake as well! If a person consumes NERVE CONTROL 911, it would be great to alter their eating habits healthily to experience better results as early as possible.  


Inflammation is a reaction of body tissues towards any injury. It can result due to several reasons, like whenever any foreign particle invades body tissues or toxins attempting to irritate the linings of body cavities, the body’s first reaction is always inflammation. In addition, the inflammatory response tends to damage the nervous system, be it central or peripheral. However, if any inflammatory response damages the peripheral nerves, the affected person can improve their symptoms using the natural formula of NERVE CONTROL 911.  

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People with peripheral neural damage experience disturbed mental health, like anxiety, tremors, depression and the most important, insomnia. The inability of such people to sleep is pretty much understandable. Peripheral neuropathy makes a person’s life miserable and restricts them from having a sound sleep. However, the natural and chemical-free composition of NERVE CONTROL 911 ensures that sufferers get back to their regular sleep schedules as soon as possible by relieving their neuropathic symptoms.  


When someone suffers from peripheral neuropathy, it means any peripheral nerve can get involved! If the nerves that supply the muscles’ blood vessels get damaged, muscular growth can arrest, and atrophy (shrinkage of muscle mass) might occur. However, with the fantastic formula of NERVE CONTROL 911, people can restore their muscle growth within a few months!  


Peripheral neuropathy does not spare any specific nerves. Therefore, the chances are that nerves that carry signals to and from the eyes may also get damaged. However, the regular use of NERVE CONTROL 911 ensures the reversal of peripheral neuropathic symptoms, which may ultimately resolve vision-threatening conditions related to nerve damage.  

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Nerve Control 911 – Instructions To Use 

It is always a good and sensible decision to look for any pamphlet that usually comes with the product. Such informational brochures inside the product’s packaging may help people understand the instructions to use. NERVE CONTROL 911 also possesses guidelines on using these supplements. However, one must consult a doctor before using any medicine, be it herbal or allopathic.  

As per the manufacturers, the formula is incredibly safe to consume. People who have peripheral neuropathic symptoms for longer durations can have two capsules every day. Buyers can take the pills either before going to bed or early in the morning before breakfast. Besides, it is up to the consumer’s choice to swallow the capsules with water or milk.  

Nerve Control 911 – Effects Of Overdosing 

Understandably, anything that goes inside the human body in excessive amounts, or more than the amounts required, will always result in an unfortunate outcome. Therefore, for people who suffer from peripheral neuropathic issues, it would be best to read the instructions before consuming capsules and consult your doctor first. In addition, it would help if a person does not take more than two pills each day. Besides, for maximum productive results, the sufferer must follow the recommended time for consuming the pills as suggested by his physician.  

If a person overdoses with the pills of NERVE CONTROL 911, the following are the side effects that they may suffer from right away; 

  • Nauseating feeling.  
  • Fever with an intense headache.  
  • Overall gut upset. 
  • Increased episodes of depression and insomnia.  
  • Inability to get up and continue routine life.  

Nerve Control 911 Bonus 

The manufacturers are offering 2 free goodies with every purchase of Nerve Control 911, these 2 bonuses are;

Free Goodie #1: Make Your Pain a Thing of the Past with Proper Management 

This EBook will teach you; 

  • How you can fully understand the possible ways to manage your chronic pain. 
  • What is causing that pain?  
  • What medications do and what to do if they stop working? 

Free Goodie #2: Natural Tips for Living with Chronic Pain 

This EBook will teach you; 

  • How to train both your mind and body to react to this chronic pain. 
  • How to adjust your lifestyle accordingly to manage this kind of pain. 
  • Different solutions to relieve the pain. 

Nerve Control 911 – Price And Purchase 

Undeniably, buying NERVE CONTROL 911 formula from a third-person like an unauthorized dealer or unrecognized store may be an unpleasant experience for people. The natural dietary procedure to relieve peripheral neuropathic pain is available only on the official website. If anyone buys the supplement other than the website, the original website cannot take responsibility for any mishap.  

People willing to buy NERVE CONTROL 911 must order it through the official website to avoid big-money scams. Besides, there are discount packages available only on the official website of NERVE CONTROL 911 so that the formula does not become heavy in anyone’s pocket. Let’s have a look at the prices of the supplement; 

As mentioned earlier, those who wish to experience good results from NERVE CONTROL 911 must consume two capsules each day, either before going to bed or early in the morning. Therefore, a single bottle of the formula contains 60 capsules which are enough for a month. Besides, it is of utmost importance to follow the instruction guidelines provided by the manufacturers to feel improvement in neuropathic pain.  

Furthermore, buying the formula from the official website comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if someone has started using the formula and finds out it does not work, they can only claim their refund through the official website.  

Nerve Control 911 – Final Word 

Understandably, pain due to nerve damage hinders routine life activities. People who suffer from neuropathic pain become physically irritated, but their mental health also deteriorates with time, secondary to insomnia and depression. However, managing such issues might be complex and require patience, life-long treatment and faith, but nothing is possible! Therefore, phytAge laboratories have introduced the fantastic formula of NERVE CONTROL 911, which contains all the natural constituents that play essential roles in nerve protection and growth.  

The article contains an honest and unbiased review on NERVE CONTROL 911, intending to help people combat their peripheral neuropathic pain and enjoy their lives as they used to, once again! People who buy the formula must get it from the official website to prevent scams and enjoy reasonable discount packages. To have the best results within a month, the user must follow the guidelines given by the official manufacturers. Furthermore, if the formula does not satisfy someone, they can claim their refund within 90 days of purchase from the official website of NERVE CONTROL 911. 

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