Silencil Reviews (Tinnitus) Scam Side Effects Complaints or Real Ingredients? 


Silencil is a dietary blend with preventive value against ear-related issues, especially tinnitus. According to the official website, this supplement helps with ringing in the ears, using natural ingredients that improve ear health. However, it is common for dietary supplements to state unbelievable promises, many of which cannot be fulfilled. So should you use Silencil for tinnitus? Is it worth your money or just another name with fake hype? Let’s find out!  

Do you feel like something is buzzing in your ear? This buzzing is not painful, but it causes high-level discomfort and makes you stressed, and this is not even the worst part. No one except you can hear this buzzing, so even if you respond to it or try to ignore it, other people will be surprised to see you acting all weird.  

If you are one of these people experiencing buzzing in your ears, you are not alone. Millions of people from all parts of the world fall victim to it for countless reasons. For most people, the ringing in the ears is caused by blood pressure, anemia, thyroid issues, tumors, inflammation, or an injury. It could happen to anyone with no link to age. But can you imagine a life with ringing years and no way to deal with it?  


There are many things that may save you from this misery, and one of them is to use a dietary supplement, to help the body to protect it from these woeful outcomes. Silencil works on the psychological aspect of tinnitus. The company specifically mentions that it is not a treatment pill but a health booster that helps the body get over these discomforting signs attached to tinnitus.  

What is Silencil and is it safe for long-term use or not? How does Silencil for tinnitus work? Find out everything in this Silencil review.   

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Silencil Review 

No one can deny the psychological aspect, stress, and frustration associated with tinnitus. Even the medicines do not focus on the emotional distress and only work on the damage-causing it. That is why you see so many people stressed, insomniac, and anxious when they are suffering from a prolonged sickness.  

According to the Silencil website, the purpose of this product is to create emotional stability in the body while helping the body deal with ringing in the ears. The sales page of the website introduces a speaker who narrates a personal experience saying how he was into a rage, deep depression, and even had suicidal thoughts when he was suffering from tinnitus. He also says this situation is no different for other people, and something that could help make this situation better is highly desirable.  

Tinnitus can affect personal relationships, professional growth, public exposure, and basically everything. You cannot even enjoy your favorite TV show because the noise becomes intolerable. These issues could push a person to social isolation, contactless life, and anxiety, affecting the quality of life. However, the creator of the Silencil supplement used this stress as a motivation to develop a product that offers stress relief. Although there are medicines available that help lower anxiety, they require a prescription and come with severe usage warnings as they can be easily abused. 

It is much better than using a natural dietary formula like Silencil for tinnitus without risking your health to withdrawal effects, addiction, and abuse. Regular use of this supplement helps to take control back of life, making social interaction easier.   

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What is Silencil and How Does It Work? 

Buzzing or ringing in the ears is a common problem that could happen to anyone. Despite this high prevalence, people often misunderstand it, considering it an ear disease, which it is not. It is a sign that the body uses to tell there is something wrong in the brain to body coordination. However, people focus more on killing the buzz, eventually making themselves distressed, sleepless, and lethargic from this struggle.  

The biggest cause of tinnitus is the inflammation in the nerves that could be triggered by anything. This inflammation creates a slow buzzing sound that is only felt in the ears and is inaudible for other people around. So the purpose of showing this ringing is to warn about the damage going on in the brain; it is not a problem of the ears. Stress makes everything difficult, and even medical treatment could work if the body is under extreme stress. The dietary supplement industry works on making life better by using products that are not medicines but have healing power.  

Silencil is one such product that claims to use scientifically proven ingredients to relax the body. It focuses on the inflammation causing this ringing. As a result, the body tries to heal on its own without switching to synthetic medicines. There is no need to change your diet or lifestyle when you are using this supplement. But adding it into a healthy life brings out the best of its effects in lesser time. mentions that you need only one Silencil tinnitus pill per day to experience its effects. The company provides complete details on the ingredients, sources, and manufacturing unit. It is a US-made product prepared under GMP certifications. There seems no reason to question the product as it seems legit at first glance. Still, it is necessary to know how it works and which ingredients are added to it. Continue reading this Silencil review to know how it works.  

Also check out what Silencil customer reviews are saying about this product. Do Silencil pills for tinnitus really workFind Out More Here! 

Silencil Ingredients; Benefits And Risks 

Every Silencil pill has 620 mg of natural ingredients in it. The information on its official website states it has 28 ingredients, all of which are obtained from purely natural sources. But it does not explicitly mention the location or any information on these sources. If you want to know the details, talk to customer support about it. Others who are interested to know about the Silencil ingredients should read the following list. 

  • Skullcap 
  • Hawthorn 
  • Oat straw 
  • Mucuna pruriens 
  • Rhodiola 
  • Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 
  • Potassium 
  • GABA 
  • L-Theanine 
  • Ashwagandha 
  • Chamomile 

Here is a description of every Silencil ingredient and its benefits for health.  

Skullcap: the first name in Silencil ingredients is skullcap, an ingredient with hundreds of years of medicinal history. It has been historically used to relieve the body from stress, and this effect has been proven by recent studies too. It offers numerous antioxidants to the body that prevent developing neurological issues that sometimes show up with age, i.e., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. 

Hawthorn: next on this list is Hawthorne, another plant with dozens of remedial antioxidants. It reduces the inflammation in the body and helps the body in healing. Some research data also confirms its role in managing blood pressure, fat, and sugar. It is most beneficial for people at cardiovascular risk or struggling with anxiety.   

Oat straw: another naturally relaxing ingredient in Silencil ingredients is oat straw. It focuses on inflammation in the brain, improves brain-to-body coordination by repairing the nerve damage. Some studies also show its role in improving digestion, heart health, and immunity.  

Mucuna pruriens: this Silencil ingredient is a medicinal herb to improve hormonal health. Traditionally, it has been used in fertility treatments and sexual health-boosting, but new research shows its effect on nervous disorders.  

Rhodiolait reduces stress, inflammation, and oxidative damage that otherwise hits the nerves and causes damage. It is often linked with lowering fatigue, but it can also improve exercise performance, inhibit cancer growth and prevent diabetes.  

Vitamins B1, B2, C, and B6: next in the Silencil ingredients list is vitamins. It has vitamin B1, vitamin B2, B6, and vitamin C, all of which are necessarily required by the body to work well. They work on improving energy levels, blood circulation, and control digestion. Vitamin B mainly helps maintain ideal nerve health, while vitamin C is linked with an immunity boost.  

Potassium: is an electrolyte that regulates the fluids in the body. Potassium also helps in nerve signaling, regulating blood pressure, and keeping the body fluids intact.  

GABA: this Silencil ingredient is a neurotransmitter that governs all functions of the brain. It controls mood swings, stress, anxiety, and sleep schedule, saving the body from all these.  

L-Theanineit helps to relax the brain and the body and help in focusing. Some studies also confirm its role in immunity boost, maintaining blood pressure, and preventing obesity.  

Ashwagandha: a natural adaptogen with proven stress alleviating effect, ashwagandha has been used for hundreds of years in traditional remedies. It improves hormonal health, fertility, sexual stamina, and libido in the body.  

Chamomile: the last name in this list is chamomile which needs no introduction. It is often added to herbal teas for its relaxing properties. The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile also makes menstrual pain, cramps, and discomfort better. It helps to regulate sleep and saves the body from sleep disorders.  

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Where To Buy Silencil For Tinntus? Pricing Details and Discount Info 

Silencil tinnitus supplement is exclusively available online and can be purchased through its official website ( It is not available anywhere else except the official website. Do not search for it at random sellers and local stores because there are high chances of buying a fake product. The company has no partners authorized for its sales, and the only way to get it is by placing an order online.  

Here are the pricing details.  

  • Get one bottle of Silencil pills for $69 
  • Get three bottles of Silencil pills for $59/each   
  • Get six bottles of Silencil pills for $49/each  

One bottle of Silencil lasts for one month, and you may need three to six bottles for a complete health transformation. Buying one bottle is better if you only wish to try it for a couple of weeks but for a long-term plan, consider buying the bulk packs.  

The actual price of one Silencil bottle is $99, but it is currently available for a discounted price. This discount increases when you purchase three bottles for $177 ($120) and six bottles for $294 (save $300). The single bottles orders also require standard shipping charges, whereas the shipping is free for the bundle packs.   

What If You Do Not Like Silencil Pills? 

Individual results may vary. It is normal to have concerns before trying a new product, and for Silencil, the company attempts to address this issue for all customers. Every order, no matter how many bottles are included, comes with a 60-day money-back offer. Under this offer, the customer can try and make up his mind about this product within 60 days of the purchase. If he feels Silencil pills are not helping him in any way, he can contact the company and get a refund of his order.  

This refund applies to the price of bottles only and does not cover the delivery charges.  

Also, the orders placed through the official website are considered for this refund policy, and bottles purchased from unauthorized sellers or with no order information are immediately rejected by the company. You may have to send the bottles back to the company to get this refund, so do not discard your empty bottles unless you are sure about the refund option.  

Talk to the customer support line to know more about Silencil orders, refunds, and returns by emailing [email protected]. Within 24 to 48 hours, a representative will contact you and answer your query.   

Silencil Reviews – What’s The Verdict? 

Silencil seems to address the psychological aspect of tinnitus, which is often ignored by the patients. It claims to help calm the body, preparing it to get better without subjecting it to unwanted anxiety, mood swings, frustration, and sleeplessness. Some ingredients in it may also improve memory, but it requires regular and prolonged usage to get this effect.  

Being a natural product, Silencil is safe for long-term use and carries no risks for health. The orders are protected with a money-back offer, through which you can get your money back without losing anything. If you have already made up your mind, visit the official Silencil website today and order it before the stock runs out.  

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Silencil Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can you get allergies from Silencil? 

It is rare for natural ingredients to cause allergies that are also true for Silencil. But if you have food-related allergies, the best is to check the ingredient list first to rule out a possible allergen. If you suspect an ingredient linked with an allergy, do not use this supplement.  

Can you take Silencil with other supplements? 

As a general rule, taking supplements with other supplements is not recommended. Natural ingredients are safe but highly reactive and may form severe interactions with other artificial or natural ingredients. Avoid experimenting with Silencil pills, and do not combine them with any other dietary blend.  

How long does it take to experience Silencil effects? 

Individual results may vary. The time required for a dietary supplement could be different for different users. Silencil may start working within a few weeks of regular use. But the complete effects may need up to six months. Do not compare your results with another user as these results depend upon a lot of factors such as age, health status, damage level, immunity, and response from the body. 

Who should use Silencil? 

Silencil tinnitus supplement is ideally recommended for people who experience light to moderate ringing in the ears. It does not help if the damage has taken a severe form or the doctor has recommended a customized treatment or surgery. In that situation, go with your doctor’s advice and do not rely on over-the-counter products. Those who are not sure about using a supplement can talk to their doctor for risk evaluation and make a decision later.  

Is Silencil available on Amazon? 

Silencil supplement is only available on its official website. You may never find it at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or any other place. Do not trust any random seller to make your purchase and only book your order through the official Silencil website  

Is Silencil Safe? What Are The Odds? 

Supplement safety is a leading health concern requiring attention and care. As a part of this self-care plan, knowing about the supplement you are considering use is mandatory, and information like safety evaluation and warnings should be checked beforehand. In the case of Silencil, the company has shared the complete usage guidelines on, including the safety precautions. Although the risk of side effects with natural products is minimal, one has to be careful while using any product that targets health.  

Never exceed the recommended dosage or mix any supplement in food or drink. Health experts also suggest not to use a supplement with a medicine, another supplement, herbal medicine, alcohol, or caffeine to avoid dangerous interactions.  

Silencil is suitable for adult users only and is not safe for people below 18 years of age. Only those who are suffering from continuous ringing in the ears should use it, and if you are not experiencing this, it is not for you. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it unless their doctor recommends it. People with chronic underlying conditions and daily medication should also avoid using a new supplement without discussing it with their doctor. All those confused about using Silencil should talk to their nearest healthcare provider and clear their minds before deciding on it.  When used as per instructions, Silencil should not have any side effects. To learn more or to place your order, visit the official website here! 

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