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E-documents are the reality of the 21st century. No one can deny how important is to be able to create and customize documents online. Be it school projects, office PowerPoint presentations, research papers, internship assignments, necessary documents and all such material is being made and used in e-format. Pdf is the prominent extension for all such documents and assignments. Here one cannot downplay the need for a merge Pdf tool.  

There are many tools available related to altering Pdf format documents. Merge Pdftool is one of them. In this, different files of the Pdf extension are clubbed together into a single file. You may have divided big projects into multiple small projects and delegated them to many people. In this case, this tool will help you combine their assignment back into a file, to make the project complete. Softwares related to pdf are available for insurance, medical, real estate, human resource, tax & finance, and legal fields.  


To understand this tool, you can look at various features: 

  • Simple tool: The merger pdf tool is simple to use. One can quickly combine multiple Pdf files into a single document with hardly a few clicks. For merging PDF, you don’t need any signup or paid account. It is an online tool that works in seconds. 
  • Safe and Secure: The privacy policy of this tool says that the files uploaded, generated and downloaded are permanently deleted in an hour from their server. We don’t store any information or part of your file. Therefore, you can upload, merge, and download your document without worrying about privacy and security. Your data is safe! 
  • Suitability in every system:Merge Pdf works in all kinds of operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, and windows. The tool is web-based, therefore, all you need is an internet connection and a working device. 
  • Preview availability: It provides the preview of files that you are combining. Therefore, it is easy for you to rearrange, edit, or delete pages of your wish. You can also add more pages and then make it into a single PDF file. 
  • Reliability: The online merge pdf option is easy to use. You don’t have to buy expensive software for this process. At this platform, it has been made easy for you, along with safety and security. 
  • Doesn’t takes space: This tool also has its cloud service. So, your device’s capacity won’t drain, and you would still be able to perform your function. 
  • Convert Anywhere, Anytime: It is compatible with all popular cloud services, such as google drive, dropbox, and Microsoft one drive. Also, it works with all popular operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. 
  • Free Access: All services here are completely free and full of features. Access anytime for free. 

How to merge pdf online? 

Like we said earlier, merging pdf files online is quick, easy, and free. Follow these four steps, and you will merge pdf files online in no time. 

  1. Select and upload/drag your Pdf files into the merge pdf section. 
  1. Rearrange files, delete pages, further add pages, or change the entire file in your desired way. 
  1. Check in the preview to validate your final draft. 
  1. Click the merge pdf button! Now download, save or print your file. 

The merge pdf tool is rated 4.8 out of 5 with over 6 lakh votes. Not only this but this tool is also used by trusted brands like Apple, Microsoft, Ford, General Electric, Sony and Stanford University as well.  

Is it possible to merge pdf offline, or add pages to pdf files? 

We made you aware of the fact that you don’t have to pay any amount or share your details to use the merge pdf tool. But, this is applicable only when you have access to an active internet connection.  

However, not every time do you have an active internet connection. You might be on the go, and need to add pages in your pdf files offline, then you can get an app for the same task. It’s free to download, comes with a trial period, but it will completely serve your needs. 

Apart from merge pdf, what other services are available?  

You would be surprised at the number of tools and services available at your disposal for free. Other than merge pdf, you get:  

  • Compressor: With this tool, you can reduce the size of a Pdf file easily in seconds for free. This is beneficial if you have to upload your files on a website that asks for a size limit. 
  • Split: Sometimes, splitting a pdf file also becomes necessary. When you wish to divide work among different segments of people, you can use split pdf. This will split your file in the way you want. Using this tool is super easy. Visit the site that provides all such services. Choose the split pdf option, upload your file, and the pdf editor will open. If it is a multi-page pdf file, the pages will come in thumbnails. Then change the setting the way you want and download your file.  
  • Convert: There is a heavy need for converters today. You can convert an excel sheet into pdf, a pdf into a word document, a word into pdf, a pdf into jpg image, a jpg into pdf, a pdf into png image, a png into pdf, a tiff to pdf document, a ppt to pdf document and so on. You can merge two files with the same extension only. That’s why before using merge pdf, you have to convert your file into pdf format. It is easily and quickly achievable with converters. 
  • In-depth tools: A document needs more than just to merge pdf. To make the presentation better, many tools are available. With these tools, you can edit a pdf, add e-signature, rotate pages, insert watermark, including text, images & stamps, allow free drawing, shapes, lines & arrows, erase, redact, highlight, and much more.  

The company that provides the merge pdf tool has a 4+ star rating in TrustSpot and Trustpilot with the number of total reviews exceeding 40,000. 

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