What is Public Health Engineering?


Assisting the construction industry, specialists in public health engineering can well-design wastewater and water systems. They offer cost-effective, reliable, time-bound, and high-quality PHE design services that are essential to successful, sustainable, and healthy constructions.

PHE means to cope with challenges ranging from sewerage in high-rise facilities to fire suppression systems, from piping technician gases and fluids to satisfying ultra pure water for different public and private facilities.

It is the process of designing systems for water sanitation and supply and sanitation. This engineering helps enterprises work better for owners, the environment, and occupants.

Public health engineers, together with electrical and mechanical engineers, provide coordinated building services to ensure that infrastructure and plumbing work together with the good water cycle.

Public Health Engineering Design Services 

The facilities of public health engineering include design, PHE system analysis, and implementation of renovation and new projects of all complexity, sizes, and scopes.

It is the implementation of construction drawings, customized design, and development, addendum, and as-built drawings.

The public health engineering area is liable for water works. Among them, we can distinguish the distribution, collection of water, transmission, and water disinfection. Public health engineering can develop a full range of Plumbing systems for any project while yielding with international code as needed.

More often, the pattern of PHE Design Services covers:

PHE Design Services;

Water supply systems design services (like treatment, storage and distribution)

PHE Design Services 

This service offers a wide range of advantages, with functional design services to meet infrastructural, industrial, and mechanical requirements. They are:

  • Selecting plumbing system sizing; 
  • Fit-out selection and plumbing fixtures; 
  • Sewage treatment plant design and sizing. 

Water Supply Systems Design Services 

PHE technicians can take care of all water supply systems design services with accurate water drainage system designs. They can help you design the following: 

  • The development and design of sewerage processing manufacturing systems like analysis, collection, distribution, and reuse. 
  • Rainwater harvesting systems to collect, recharge and reuse the water.  
  • Effluent Treatment Plant system design for treatment, disposal,  collection, and reuse. 
  • Water distribution, stormwater management systems and drainage systems for large buildings that are designed with pumping stations and centralized treatment plants. 
  • Automation of pumping arrangements to suit to project requirement. 

PHE: Final Words 

When planning the building within the public health engineering space, ensuring high-quality services is considered in early on and become essential design process.

This service maintains by highly qualified engineers who are proficient in ISO/ FDA requirements.  KarnoEnergy engineers are experienced in public health engineering. They make 2D and 3D CAD designs to develop wastewater and water systems. All their projects satisfy to the client’s customized terms.

They will qualitatively prepare PHE design documentation for new buildings, technical re-equipment of buildings, repair and reconstruction, structures for any purpose, their complexes or their parts.

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