8 easy and simple ways to boost your ranking in Warzone!


Even months after its release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is still witnessing some key changes. That said, Warzone, a Battle Royale mode, is by far the latest and greatest addition to its online constituent. One hundred and fifty players compete for the top spot on the huge Verdansk map, either alone or in teams of three. 

Climbing the ladder is challenging, yet, keeping the tricks and tips mentioned below cam ease up the task for you. Additionally, depending on the scenario and one’s play style, certain methods may work better in your case than others.  

1. Understand the importance of Kill streaks 

Kill streaks are still important in Warzone, even if they aren’t gained in the same way. Players must either locate or buy them rather than unlocking them via kills. Each of the options is beneficial in its own way. The UAV does not display everyone’s location on the provided map, but it does display a large radius around the player.  

When the circle becomes narrower, airstrikes are most effective because opponents fall short of place to hide. With the proper application of these advantages, opponents can be completely destroyed. 

2. Use RPGs to your best interests 

Traps can be built up using explosives like proximity mines and C4.Still, the RPG works perfectly in both attacking and defensive modes. Two rockets are enough to blast the car with everybody inside if a team arrives in a large truck. Smaller vehicles, on the other side, can be blown up by just one rocket.  

It can even accommodate an entire squad on foot if they are grouped together closely. The main drawback is the reload delays, however the other members of the team may protect the player as they prepare with the loading of another weapon. 

3. Keep your Armor stock intact 

The players can have three armour plates on at a time. Yet, you can keep an extra five in your inventory to replace any lost plates after a combat. Given how intense certain firefights can be, having more armour is critical to keep going. Armor may be discovered in the world or purchased at the buy stations. Because putting them on triggers animation, make sure you’re clear before picking the plates from the inventory. 

4. Make a lot of contracts 

One of the finest methods to get quick money is to pick up contracts. Players are tasked with seizing a zone on a map, opening numerous unique treasure boxes, or killing a specific player on the map and exposing their location in these short missions. The second one is very dangerous, but it can pay off early in the game because the player receives the reward even if they are killed by someone else. The first two are not only useful for making rapid money, but also for looting uncommon treasure. 

5. Pay attention to Ammunition Loading Stations 

Munitions boxes are portable ammunition stations that may be set up to enable allies and teams replenish supplies. These are quite useful, especially when a squad has found a stronghold. 

Ammo caches are common at police stations and gun stores, and they serve a related purpose. When you use one of these early in a match after locating the proper weapon, you won’t run out of ammo while the rest of the players are still trying to stock up on bullets. 

6. Pick the right settings 

This game has an almost unbelievable number of customizability options. While some are quite straightforward, even minor changes might spell the difference between life and death. Most gamers who use controllers should set the sensitivity to four or five, with the ADS sensitivity set to around.80 for better precision while aiming down the sights. 

 Standard auto-aim will also be adequate in this case scenario. If these settings make you uncomfortable, you may always experiment to find something that works best for you. Sound is also crucial, so make sure the audio is adjusted to your specific set of connections.  

7. Always travel in groups 

To level the playing field for lone wolves, solo play was just introduced to the playlist. In regular matches, one can still go solo, although this is not recommended. When you’re up against three-person squad, you’re clearly at a disadvantage. They not only have superior firepower, but they can also resuscitate each other if one of their teammates fails the trial. If you don’t have two players to make this squad, you can even pick some strangers. 

8. Opt for Warzone game boosting service 

There may be a chance that being a beginner, you won’t find tips and tricks mentioned until now as relevant. For all such instances, you can count on various Warzone LFG game boosting services. There, best professional gamers will guide you at every step during your Warzone gaming journey. 

So, besides making it up to the higher ranks, you’ll be learning some good skills while playing along with the best ones around.  

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