8 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Santa Clarita Valley


There are many reasons why you should love the Santa Clarita Valley, from being located close to LA to scenic spa resorts to the delicious cuisine available in different restaurants in the city, it is an area where there is small-town charm and upscale living, both available at the same time. We have gathered some reasons why you will love the Santa Clarita Valley, located in the SoCal:

1. Located Close to LA

Santa Clarita Valley is located only 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles and you can easily visit this at any time you want to since it is not far away from LA. The residents of Santa Clarita have access to the perks of a major metropolitan area without much hassle. If you are someone who’s living in Santa Clarita then going to LA and enjoying all the things that LA has to offer isn’t a problem. 

You can easily enjoy all the fun things such as watching Lakers play, watching Dodgers play, going for a date night to LA, enjoying live concerts, etc. When you are living in LA then you can take advantage of all the things that are available in LA but at the same, don’t get involved in much of the hassle. 

2. The Weather Is Warm All Year

This is one of the reasons why people love Southern California because the weather all around the year is warm and pleasant. In Summer, the temperature is in the 90s and in the winters, it is in the 60s which means that the weather all around the year is warm and pleasant. This lovely weather is the reason why people from all over the States, especially from East Coast love to visit Southern California 

3. Outdoor Adventures

The outdoor adventures that the Santa Clarita Valley has to offer are one of the biggest attractions. The biggest outdoor adventure is probably the Six Flags Magic Mountain where you can take your kids along with you for a crazy ride on a roller coaster or you can also visit the Vista Valencia Golf Course and have a nice, lovely afternoon to yourself. Plus, the Towsley Canyon Park is always open for Hiking and when you go there, don’t forget to take your camera alongside. 

Since Outdoor Adventures are a big thing in Santa Clarita, you find most people to be involved in outdoor activities and outdoor socializing instead of the online socializing trend that is going on around the world on platforms such as Omegle, where people can meet random strangers from around the world and Chatroulette, where you can chat with different people to have fun, such platforms are not popular in Santa Clarita.

4. Shopping With A View

If you are someone who loves shopping then Santa Clarita has got tons of different shops and malls for you. You can visit The Plaza at Golden Valley that is located in the heart of Santa Clarita and if you want to shop, dine, and have some fun then the Valencia Town Center is always available that offers shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities for families. That is not it, there are many more other locations in the area where you can shop and look outside to an amazing view. 

5. Famous Local Wineries And Breweries

The local wineries and breweries of Santa Clarita Valley are also very popular and the wineries there have won many awards. One of the most favorite local wineries is the Pulchella Winery that serves amazing wine along with special perks for wine club members. If you are looking for an amazing local brewery then Wolf Creek Brewery is a good choice for all beer lovers. 

6. Numerous Spas And Resorts

People love to relax and have a relaxing time to themselves and it is usually accomplished at resorts and spas where most people go to relax. The Santa Clarita Valley is full of Spas and Resorts that are located all over the area and you would find all sorts of spas and resorts, each with a different price point.

7. Good Public Transit

Sometimes it is better to leave your car at home and travel in public transport and luckily, Santa Clarita Transit offers you easy and affordable round the city trips. The city has 11 local bus routes and through these routes, you can visit the popular areas in the city without any problem. Having good public transit is important for any city and Santa Clarita makes sure that people living there get a good public transit experience.

8. Variety Of Restaurants Available

Having a variety of cuisines and restaurant options in a city is always a good thing and in the Santa Clarita Valley, whether you are looking for casual American food, Chinese food, or Italian, you will find different restaurants offering different foods. One of the most famous restaurants in the city is the Piccola Trattoria that is known for its unique and elegant Italian cuisine. Not only this, there are numerous other good restaurants in the city.

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