Best Dental Loans for Bad Credit & Dental Financing [2021]


Thanks to our teeth, we are able to sink into delicious food every day. However, when our teeth come across problems, it can be an expense you did not expect. Therefore, getting dental financing from banks is one of the ways you can afford dental care.

However, if you have poor credit, you may be declined for dental loans, and credit score reports should not prevent any person from getting the dental care they  need.

So, if you are looking for ways to get financing for your dental health, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you a variety of options to get financing for your dental needs. The options range from personal loan options to repayment plans you can discuss with your dentist.

Most people think having bad credit prevents you from getting any type of financing for the service you need. However, this is not true, and you have many options when it comes to financing dental work. This article serves as a guide, so you can choose the best option for you. 

Our List of the Best Dental Loans for Bad Credit 

  1. CashUSA: Best Dental Loans for Bad Credit Overall 
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best Emergency Bad Credit Loans
  3. Personal Loans: Ideal for Higher Loan Amounts 

Commercial Loans for Dental Health in 2021

Procedures like wisdom tooth extraction can cost a few hundred dollars per tooth. However, if you need dental implants or braces, you need more, as procedures like these can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000.

Requesting a loan with bad credit can be challenging, and most people get declined if they request a higher loan amount. However, some lenders and borrowers are willing to approve your loan request even if you are still rebuilding your credit. 

Commercial loans are loans you can request for any situation or reason. You are typically connected with a lender, and you can pay out your loan monthly or weekly. The repayment terms of your commercial loan depend on your lender.

After getting approved for a commercial loan, you have to repay the loan according to the lender’s terms. This option is excellent for those who need a longer duration for repaying their commercial loans. 

#1. CashUSA: Best Dental Loans for Bad Credit Overall 


CashUSA is known for its higher spending limit and an extensive network of lenders. This site gives you an online application and connects you with a lender suitable for your needs.

They also help borrowers make a more educated decision by providing free resources on finance management. You can learn everything about improving your credit and even how a credit score is calculated. 

Knowing these topics can give you a baseline on the amount of loan you should request. It will also better help you with setting your priorities when it comes to financing. Furthermore, the platform’s services are completely free to use. 

CashUSA has a goal and vision, and that is to help borrowers nationwide. They act as a liaison between lenders and borrowers. Moreover, people with below-average credit scores may find it difficult to find willing lenders that will offer them a loan. However, this platform helps those in that type of situation. They also have a high user rating, proving the service has satisfied fellow borrowers. 


  • Easy Application Process

Simply begin your loan request by providing your location and birthdate. You will be taken to a secure online form with SSL Encryption to protect your privacy. The platform will ask your name, required loan amount, and loan reason. 

They will also need your banking information, so you can receive funds directly in your account once you accept an offer. In addition, your employment and monthly income can determine the type of loan offers you receive. 

  • Affordable Interest Rates and Terms

You might receive higher interest rates if you do not have a good credit history. However, most sites have competitive offers, and you can compare the loan offers you receive.

The interest rate varies depending on the amount of your loan and starts at 5.99%. Keep in mind, however, that your lender has the final say when it comes to their interest rate, so be sure to communicate and negotiate with them.

Furthermore, this platform has one of the longest repayment durations when it comes to personal or commercial loans. The loan term can last anywhere from 3 to 72 months, giving you a lot of time to repay your loan.

If you need longer loan terms, it may be better to add a deposit, as this can give you an advantage and increase your chances of winning a favorable offer. Although CashUSA requests your reason for taking out a loan, you can request a loan for any reason, including dental financing. 

  • Quick Approval

CashUSA is the go-to platform for finding resources when it comes to loans. Their competitive network allows borrowers like you to get multiple choices. After signing up through their online application, you can expect to receive a decision after a few minutes. 

  • Simple Eligibility Requirements

CashUSA keeps their eligibility requirements simple. You need to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen to qualify for their services. You also need to provide contact information and a vaid bank account. 

Furthermore, you need to earn a monthly income of $1,000 before tax is applied. You will also have to have an active checking account, because once you accept the offer, the funds will be sent to your checking account after one business day. 


  • Easy and quick application and approval
  • Funding within 24 hours
  • Free to use platform
  • Connects borrowers with multiple lenders
  • Long repayment durations


  • Must earn a monthly income of at least $1,000

=> Click here to get more information on CashUSA

#2. BadCreditLoans: Best Emergency Bad Credit Loans


If there is one factor that sets BadCreditLoans apart from others, it is their availability. We all know how difficult it can be when you are wondering how and where you can get additional funds for an emergency. 

Many people do not account for sudden dental health care situations. We can always try to protect our teeth by brushing and flossing. However, sometimes prevention is not enough, and maintaining your dental health requires a visit to the clinic. 

If you have no insurance and have a low credit score, it can be stressful trying to find additional funding for your dental health. However, emergencies like these are what BadCreditLoans specializes in. 

This online lending platform connects you with lenders who are available any time of the day. They know emergencies can happen any time, which is why they make the site available to borrowers 24/7. 

You can also complete the process at your convenience, because it is all done online. BadCreditLoans’ vision is to help borrowers pay off necessary bills and get the funds they need. So, this platform connects you with lenders without requiring a good credit score. 

Borrowers put their trust in BadCreditLoans because of their warm and friendly customer service. The only drawback to this platform is that the loan terms can be shorter. Compared to CashUSA, who can give you terms for up to 72 months, BadCreditLoans’ terms usually go for only 60 months. 


  • Easy Loan Request Process

Connecting with lenders using their site is simple. Just enter the amount you need and your basic personal information, and you will then be redirected to a secured form that will ask more about your employment, contact info, and banking so you can receive the money. 

  • Multiple Loans Offered

You can get a commercial loan of up to $10,000 with BadCreditLoans, and the platform is available for any type of loan, including student and mortgage loans. Simply choose the reason you are taking out a loan so lenders can give you offers accordingly. 

  • Efficient Customer Support

Aside from 24/7 available lenders, BadCreditLoans’ staff is also available 24/7. Do you have any questions about their services? Simply contact them using their email address or their toll-free number any time of the day. 

  • Simple Eligibility Requirements

Unfortunately, if you are under 18, you cannot apply for a loan on their site. You also need proof of citizenship and a regular income to qualify for the loan. Other requirements include a checking account and valid contact information.

  • Quick Funding

After submitting the requirements, the platform will connect you with available lenders. Any willing lenders will give you terms and offers that you need to evaluate. Once you agree, you will have to give your lender your e-signature, and the funds will be transferred to your account after one business day. 


  • Loans up to $10,000
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free, online services
  • Accepts bad credit holders
  • Multiple lenders to choose from


  • Shorter loan terms than other platforms

=> Click here to get more information on BadCreditLoans

#3. Personal Loans: Ideal for Higher Loan Amounts


If you have a major dental health surgery or procedure, you may need more than $10,000.  Dental bridges and implants can cost a lot of money, especially if you need multiple done. Cosmetic dental procedures, like clear aligners and dental veneers, are also expensive and are not typically included in dental insurance. 

For situations like these, you may need a higher loan amount. Therefore, Personal Loans is one of the top online lending platforms that allow you to take out a loan of up to $35,000. Just like the first two networks on this list, this platform connects you with a large group of lenders. 

Aside from a larger loan amount, Personal Loans also has a simple process. Unlike other commercial loans that require a lengthy process for higher amounts, everything with Personal Loans is easily done online. 


  • Fast Approval and Funding

You can get started with your loan request by selecting the reason you are taking out a loan. This question does not affect your rate of getting accepted, so you do not have to worry. You then need to provide the loan amount you need and other personal information. 

You may not have enough time to wait for other lenders or creditors to approve your loan request when you have an upcoming dental procedure. Most lenders or creditors take long processing times to review your request, only to decline it a few days later.

On the other hand, Personal Loans can send the funds directly to your bank account after you agree with a loan offer. As soon as your lender deposits the money, you can expect the funds in your account after one business day. This feature is helpful for people who are in a pinch and need the money quickly. 

  • Connects Borrowers to Multiple Lenders

This site acts as a middleman between borrowers and lenders. After submitting your information to Personal Loans, the site will match you with the lender that can give you the best loan rates and terms. Personal Loans does this by analyzing your profile and checking your reason for borrowing. 

You do not need a good credit score or credit history, but having one can increase your chances of getting offers from a lender. If you have filed bankruptcy recently, this can lower your chances of getting a good interest rate and fees.

It may also be difficult to get an offer from a lender if you have a debt that cannot be settled with your monthly income. Lenders will check your profile and see if you can pay off the loan with your current monthly income. 

If you cannot pay your loan or monthly rates, you should message your lender. You can work out flexible terms or refinance your loan, so you can cover them every month. You can also contact the Personal Loans customer service team to ask for a grace period from your billing due date. 

  • Variety of Loans Offered

Commercial loans or personal loans have a higher spending limit because they can be repaid in longer periods. So, if your procedure costs more than $5,000, this is your best option. You can also get the funds within a day if you accept an offer. 

Compared to short-term loans, commercial loans have a lower interest rate, and you can also rebuild your credit score this way. Although no credit score is required, your lender will still relay your timely payments to the bureau. 


  • Loans up to $35,000
  • Funds available within one business day
  • Simple, online application and approval process
  • Large network of lenders available


  • Bad credit holders may not be eligible for large loan amounts

=> Click here to get more information on Personal Loans

Short-Term Dental Loans

If you prefer a shorter-term loan and do not need a high loan amount, short-term loans may be good for you. Shorter-term loans have lower loan amounts, but you can repay them within the year. This is a good choice for those who would like to pay back their loan quickly. 

Depending on your needed procedure, this might be a better option. For example, cavity fillings are relatively more affordable compared to other procedures, as the typical price for one silver amalgam filling ranges from $50 to $150. 

Getting a more luxurious porcelain filling and having multiple teeth that need filling can increase the total cost. However, if you need less than $5,000, short-term loans can be a better option for you. 

Short-term loan terms are parallel to your monthly income. So, you do not need to have a specific credit score to apply for a loan. The lending networks below can get your loan amount sent directly into your bank account within 24 hours. 

#1. Cash Advance


If you only need one or two cavity fillings or a simple tooth extraction, you would not need thousands of dollars to finance your dental care. These two operations typically cost only a few hundred dollars. Most loans have a high minimum loan amount of $500 or more. However, if you are only looking to borrow $100, you may want to avoid long-term loans or commercial loans. Instead, short-term lending networks like Cash Advance may benefit you more. 


  • Small Loan Amounts

Cash Advance allows a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000 when it comes to loan  offers. However, the maximum amount you can loan varies depending on your state. Some states have lower maximum loan amounts, while others have higher maximum loan amounts. 

  • Quick, Secure Application Process

This platform is perfect for borrowers who are looking to get access to funds quickly due to emergencies or unexpected expenses. You can start your loan request by entering your basic information.

You then get redirected to their online questionnaire, which uses 256-bit encryption to prevent your personal information from leaking. After you finish the online questionnaire, Cash Advance will find potential lenders that can give you loan terms. 

  • Free, Easy Services

The site itself does not charge fees if you use their services to process a loan request. However, their services are not available nationwide, as only specific states can use Cash Advance to connect with lenders for loan requests. 

Tracking your current loans and repayment history is also easy. You will get an account that you can use to sign in every time you go back to the official site. The loan term and rates vary depending on your lender, so be sure to communicate your financing properly before agreeing.  

  • Customer Services

Cash Advance also has a consumer hotline you can use whenever you have a question. You can also call this hotline in case you are reporting a case of fraud on your account. Cash Advance is helping borrowers identify scam situations that are common on the internet as well. 

The interest rate you pay when you cannot make a payment in time is determined by your lender. Unfortunately, the platform has no control over this, and if you make a late payment, it can cost you high rates of interest and impact your credit score. 


  • Short-term loans
  • Loans as small as $100 available
  • Personal data is kept secure
  • Rapid approval and funding


  • Not available in all U.S. states
  • Have to contact the lender about late payments, etc., not Cash Advance

=> Click here to get more information on Cash Advance

#2. MoneyMutual


If you are looking for a short-term loan option that uses a quick and easy process, you can take a look at MoneyMutual. This online lender network has hundreds of lenders in their network, increasing your chance of getting a favorable loan offer.

You can see the available lenders on their site, and you can get a loan request of up to $5,000. What makes MoneyMutual different from others is how fast the lenders respond to you after finishing their online questionnaire.

The online questionnaire will ask how much money you need to loan and your employment status. It will also ask for your contact information and bank account so they can deposit the money into your account. 

After you finish their questionnaire, several lenders will review your profile and answers. If they are willing to work with you, you can get a decision within minutes of submitting the loan request. 


  • Quick and Convenient Services

MoneyMutual has hundreds of five-star reviews because of how quick and convenient its process is. The online lending network also has an active number of lenders, so you can get a decision no matter what time of the day you submitted your loan request. 

Keep in mind that short-term loan rates vary, but it depends on the offer you and your lender agreed on. Failure to make payments will cost you interest rates issued by the lender using their terms and conditions. 

  • Fast Funding

The amount of time you need to wait to get your money deposited in the bank once you agree on an offer is one business day. However, holidays and weekends can delay the loan money you requested. Some lenders may also take time in depositing their money, so it is up to you to follow up with your lender directly. 

  • Free Resources

MoneyMutual also provides free resources on their site for those who would like to know more about loans and financial management. You can find the definition of different types of loans on their site, as well as a guide on short-term loans for people with bad credit. 

  • Simple Qualification Requirements

The eligibility requirements of MoneyMutual are also simple. You need to be 18 years of age or older and have proof of your U.S. citizenship. You are also required to have a checking account and a monthly income of at least $800 to be qualified. 

The other requirements will depend on your lender, as they may ask for more information and take a look at your credit history.  You can also choose to refinance your payment terms directly with your lender if you cannot keep up with the monthly payments.

In addition, there is no credit requirement when applying for a short-term loan through MoneyMutual. You can even apply for a loan if you have filed for bankruptcy. You can also find the best practices of applying for a loan and how to spot scams in the loan industry. 

  • Interest Rates

Short-term loans are great for people who need immediate financing for their dental health. However, the drawback to this method is they offer a higher APR or interest rates compared to other methods.

If you are using an online lending network, the APR depends on your lender. Online loan sites can have multiple lender members and partners. This high lender ratio can give you multiple offers from which to choose, but be sure to read all of the terms and compare them with other offers to get the best out of your loan. 

Although short-term loans are great for getting your money quickly, it has the highest APR compared to all of the options in this article. So, be sure you can repay the loan as quickly as possible to avoid high-interest rates. 


  • Loans up to $5,000
  • No credit requirement
  • Relaxed qualification criteria
  • Educational resources offered on the site
  • Funding within one business day


  • High-interest rates
  • Not available in NY or CT

=> Click here to get more information on MoneyMutual

Lines of Credit for Dental Health

If you already have a credit card or are planning to get one, you can use it to pay for your dental care. Many dental services allow credit cards as their payment method, and it is also one of the simplest ways to immediately borrow money without waiting for your loan request to be processed. 

Aside from accessibility, credit cards have a lower interest rate compared to short-term and commercial loans. If you are opening a new line of credit, you may even get promos and discounts with your card, such as 0% interest. 

However, there is a drawback to this payment method — repayment duration is usually short, shorter than short-term loans. As a general rule of thumb, you have to pay your credit card bills every month to avoid getting a higher interest rate.

You also have a grace period from your billing date, which usually lasts for 21 days. However, keep in mind that if you fail to make your payment within the billing date and grace period, it can affect your credit score.

If you already have a bad credit score and are not confident you can pay the amount in time, this may not be a good option. However, if you know you can pay off the balance after a month, this can help increase your credit score.  

Maintaining a line of credit and keeping your payments on time is a great way to rebuild your credit. So, we recommend getting a line of credit that offers lower interest rates and has multiple perks. However, failing to pay your monthly bills on time can decrease your credit score even further.

#1. Surge Mastercard


If you apply for a new line of credit, you may get a decrease in your credit score. This is because a card issuer pulls your credit history, which can affect your credit score. 

The amount varies depending on the card issuer, but it is usually decreased by five points. However, if you would like to open a new credit card without decreasing your credit score, you can take a look at Surge Mastercard. This card issuer does not perform a hard pull when you pre-qualify for the card. 

This card issuer is made specifically for people who are looking to rebuild their credit. Pre-qualifying or checking if you are qualified for their line of credit does not affect your total credit score. In addition, those who are opening a credit card for the first time can also use this feature. 

There is no need to go to your bank every time you want to check your account if it is eligible for a credit limit increase, as you can automatically see whenever you can upgrade your credit limit without making a request online or calling your card issuer. 


  • Helps Build and Maintain Your Credit

If you are constantly worried about your current credit score and want to keep it in check, this line of credit is good for you. Surge Mastercard can give you free access to your credit score without having to wait for your annual copy of your credit report. 

Surge Mastercard is designed for people with bad credit who are looking to rebuild their scores. The card will report your credit payments monthly to huge credit bureaus, giving you a consistent increase in credit score, provided you stick with your monthly payments.

  • Notifications

With the constantly evolving technology we have today, there is no need for you to constantly go to the bank to check on your account, as Surge Mastercard notifies you about your payments and spending automatically. You can also set which types of notifications you want to receive. 

  • Fraud Protection

If you have ever been a victim of fraud, you know how frustrating it is when you are charged for purchases you never made. Therefore, Surge Mastercard does not charge you for fraud liability. Protecting yourself from fraud is important, but you would not be held responsible by Surge Mastercard if you make this mistake. 

  • Simple Pre-Qualification

The pre-qualifying process is simple. You only need to enter your basic personal information to the site, and then you will see all of the cards offered to you. They will also assess your creditworthiness and apply the appropriate APR for you. 

  • APR, Terms, and Fees

The common annual percentage rate of Surge Mastercard varies from 24.99% to 29.99%, and the APR for purchases depends on your creditworthiness when opening the account for the first time. The same average APR applies to cash advances made on your credit card. 

The annual fee for opening the card is between $75 and $99, and the offers given to you will depend on your creditworthiness as well. The monthly maintenance fee for the card varies from $0 to $120 annually, and the usual cost needed per month is $0 to $10. 

For the first year of opening your account, you will not be charged the monthly maintenance fee. You can view all of the terms and conditions of the card offer on their official website, so you can decide for yourself if this credit line works for you or not.

The credit limit Surge Mastercard offers when you first open your account varies, and it can range anywhere between $300 to $1,000. The starting limit may be small, but this can increase in time as you rebuild your credit score back. 


  • A+ BBB rating
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple pre-qualification and application process
  • Free fraud protection
  • Assists in building and maintaining credit


  • Small credit limit when you first open a card
  • Annual fees apply
  • High APR

=> Click here to get the best deals on Surge Mastercard

#2. Indigo Platinum Card


Another card issuer you can consider is the  Indigo Platinum Card. This card issuer does not decrease your credit score when you pre-qualify for their card offers. Just like Surge Mastercard, this card is designed to rebuild your credit score. 

If this is your first time opening a card, you can easily build your credit history by applying for this card.  Indigo accepts people with all types of credit, so even if you have filed for bankruptcy before, you can still qualify for this line of credit. 

Secured credit cards or starting credit cards either have a low credit limit or require a security deposit. A security deposit is a lump of money you deposit into the bank, which will determine your credit limit for that card. 

You cannot get this security deposit back as long as you are using the card. However, the Indigo Platinum Card does not require a security deposit, making it perfect for people who do not have funds on hand or are only starting with their credit history.

This line of credit is issued by Celtic Bank, which has been around since 2001 in Utah, earning a good reputation from lenders and users.  Genesis FS then services the card accounts all over North America. 

Do you want the fraud protection of Mastercard but do not have a good credit score? Indigo has those features without requiring a good credit score and gives you the benefits of Mastercard fraud protection. 


  • Simple Application Process

To get started and open a line of credit, you simply need to enter your basic personal information on their official site. You can then check if you qualify for the credit card. Unlike most credit cards, they do not perform a hard check, which can decrease your credit score by five points. 

The form is simple and easy to complete, and you will receive your offer within seconds. However, always read the terms and conditions of the Indigo Platinum Card offers you receive before making your decision, so you know the interest rates and repayment terms they use. 

  • Helps Build and Increase Credit Score

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard also reports to the major bureaus monthly. Therefore, you can expect to increase your credit score quickly, provided you are consistently using the credit card for purchases and repaying your bills in time. 

The starting credit limit of the credit card is $300, which is good because you do not need a security deposit to open the credit card. However, the Indigo Platinum Card does not offer a credit limit increase. 

  • Customizable Card

If you want to use your credit card and still look fashionable, this line of credit is for you. You can choose the image on your card without paying additional charges. You can also choose your favorite style and personalize your card. 

If you get approved for the line of credit, you can get your credit card within two weeks or 14 business days. However, keep in mind that this line of credit only allows you to open one account at a time and does not have a balance transfer option. 

  • Fees and Limits

Take into account the annual fee if you are planning to open the card for the first time. This is not a good option if you do not have an extra balance on hand, as an annual fee is required to keep your credit account. 

But, you can talk to your bank and see if there are ways you can waive your annual fee. Most lines of credit also have a spending limit, and getting close to or going over this can negatively impact your credit score.


  • Customizable cards available
  • Helps rebuild credit
  • Easy and quick pre-qualification
  • Comes with Mastercard fraud protection


  • Annual fee required
  • High-interest rates

=> Click here to get the best deals on Indigo Platinum Card

Repayment Plans by Your Dentist

If you are already planning on visiting the dentist, you can also discuss possible repayment plans with them. Some dental clinics offer third-party dental financing for your necessary procedures, and applying for these can have benefits.

One of the benefits you may get is lower interest rates, and you may also get discounts on different services, depending on the medical credit card issuer. However, always look at the terms and conditions of the card issuer to avoid any unwanted charges.

Opening a line of credit from a third party may also cause your credit score to decrease. Most credit card issuers will perform a hard credit check on your credit history, which can lower your score by a few points. The points deducted on your score is small, but it may be significant if you have a low credit score.

You should also note that some credit lines use higher APR and interest rates if you fail to make your monthly payments. So, always look at the monthly billing cycle and take into account the grace period of the card issuer to avoid any late payments. 

Your dentist may also offer an in-house loan term. You can have your procedure done at that moment, but you will have to pay back the dental clinic monthly. It depends on your clinic, but this option is great if you do not want your creditors to perform a hard pull on your credit report. 

Many dental health clinics offer flexible payment terms if you need to get major procedures like braces. However, some clinics will request a minimal down payment from you to approve your financial assistance. 

On the other hand, if you fail to complete your monthly payments, the establishment can still report you to the credit bureau. Even if they offer you in-house repayment terms, not being able to follow through with the monthly payments can negatively impact your credit score. 


It may not seem like it, but our dental health is as important as other health concerns. If you have dental health issues but need financial assistance, do not hesitate to talk to your dentist. 

They may offer flexible repayment plans or a line of credit. You also have multiple options for securing a dental loan despite having bad credit or no credit history. 

Long-term or commercial loans are great for longer loan terms and higher loan amounts, and short-term loans are great for quick processing but may have higher interest rates. Lastly, opening a new line of credit can give you immediate credit to spend on your dental health issues.

So, choose the right option for your specific needs, and make your dental health a priority today.

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