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The BioEnergy Code is an audio program designed to help balance the energy centers of chakras. The program is designed to follow for only 30 minutes a day to help activate and balance the energy centers. The program functions by using healing frequencies to turn on the BioEnergy switch and achieve optimal positivity.  

By healing your energy centers, you can manifest positive things into your life too. Furthermore, the program targets negative energy from the mind, which, in turn, unleashes full energy from the mind and helping to change your mindset. Using the program doesn’t need special equipment. All you need is a pair of headphones you use to listen to the program for 30 minutes daily.  

Once the frequency fills up your body, the manifestation process kicks in, leaving you with positive energy all day long. Additionally, using the BioEnergy Code audio program, you will achieve all the goals you have put in place. According to the author of the Program, Angela Carter, a manifestation and meditation guru, trauma can be stored in the cells of your body.  

Sometimes called epigenetics, cells can store trauma like memory passed down from one generation to the other (generational trauma). This scientific theory has been tested and proven by scientific studies. The same theory has been applied in ancient Eastern teachings, explaining how the body blocks a person from manifesting the lives they want, need, and deserve.  

Bioenergy Code Review Introduction 

According to the program, the body has energy centers, sometimes called the 7 chakras or BioEnergy centers in the ancient Eastern teachings. These energies are what empowers a person to live their best lives. However, when blocked by traumatic events, painful experiences, disappointments, or setbacks, it is impossible for a person to manifest what they truly want. This concept is popularly called the blocked BioEnergy.  

Since the 7 chakras are connected like leaves and branches, when one’s energy is blocked, the entire network is distorted. This is where the BioEnergy Code program jumps in. instead of the complicated yoga, targeted meditation, or chakra specific meditation, the BioEnergy Code meditation takes a simpler approach to balance your chakras.  

This in-depth BioEnergy Code reviews takes a deeper dive into what the program does, how it works, and how it can benefit you. Time to reclaim your energy and the much-needed balance! 

Product Name:  The BioEnergy Code 

Category: Meditation 

Main Benefits: Balancing the 7 chakras (BioEnergy centers) 

Program format: Audio  

Price: $37 (Check for Discount

Availability: Only through the official website 

Official Website: Click Here 

BioEnergy Code Website 

The BioEnergy Code’s official website can be accessed through this link. On the site, you will find everything there is to know about the BioEnergy Code program, including how it works and its benefits. Additionally, you will find information about supporting studies, proving that the program isn’t just another random one on the internet. Furthermore, the site provides detailed information about perks customers can enjoy. These include the amazing available discounts, bonuses, and refund policies.  

Currently, the BioEnergy Code program is only available for purchase on the official site. The exclusive availability ensures you can always find a copy without it running out. Additionally, the program can only be found on its official site to protect customers against counterfeit products, ensuring you find the authentic BioEnergy code program. 

What Does The BioEnergy Code Do? 

The BioEnergy Code functions to balance your energy centers, allowing you to manifest positivity into your life. The program allows you to always feel positive and stay healthy. All you need to do is listen to the audio program daily for 30 minutes. 

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How Does The BioEnergy Code Work? 

The BioEnergy Code program works by turning on a switch that unleashes the full power of your body’s BioEnergy. What makes this program stand out is it does so faster than other ancient chakra teachings. Instead, it follows the principles of an ancient Tibetan prophecy called the Tiger Prophecy. 

This is because the BioEnergy Code uses the latest neurological brainwave programming, combining it with guided meditations and powerful visualizations from traditional chakra teachings. These three concepts are pit together into a single, simple audio track for powerful results.  

The BioEnergy Code works using nine key phases. Here there are; 

Phase 1: Welcome The Energy 

This phase integrates scientifically researched audio frequencies that help put your brain into an aligned, receptive, and meditative state. These frequencies don’t prompt you to change your mind, rather, they convert you into a meditative state. The phase features the God/ Golden frequency and the 432 Hz frequency. The two audio frequencies work together to target BioEnergy using the core foundation, the guided mediation. 

Phase 2: Foundational Energy 

The foundational energy targets the root chakra. This phase allows you to develop a strong sense of safety and security to help you thrive in life. It does so by helping you identify areas in life where you lack security, stability, and belonging. It then guides you to clear blockages through curated affirmations and visualization. This, in turn, switches on the BioEnergy and allows a current of manifestation to begin flowing. 

Phase 3: Relational Energy 

The relational energy phase focuses on the sacral chakra. This energy helps to create emotional intelligence, deep meaningful relations and supports feelings of pleasure when unblocked. Thus, the phase allows you to find a new sense of balance in your relationships by honoring your own wants, needs, and feelings. It does so through guided visualizations and affirmations. The end result is developing a deep love for you and a deeper love for others. 

Phase 4: Personal Power Energy 

The fourth phase targets the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is the power core of your being. The power core is the inner fire, personal power, and happiness. Clearing this chakra is helps to unleash your truest and most powerful self. 

Phase 5: Heart Energy 

The heart chakra is the core of love in your body. However, it can easily get blocked due to unmet expectations and disappointments. This phase allows you to unblock this chakra through visualizations and affirmations. In turn, you will be able to find out how love is around you and that it resides within you without boundaries or expectations. 

Phase 6: Expression Energy 

The phase focuses on the throat chakra. The throat chakra is responsible for self-expression and spoken truth. Unblocking these energy centers allows you to own and speak your truth. Additionally, it also helps you release what others may think of you 

Phase 7: Intuition Energy 

The intuition energy focuses on the third eye chakra. When balanced, the third eye chakra gives you great intuition, insight, and wisdom. Thus, during this phase self-doubt is replaced with confidence, allowing you the clarity, insight, and wisdom you need. It allows you to experience a rebirth of your own intuition through affirmations and guided visualizations. 

Phase 8: Oneness Energy 

The oneness energy phase targets the crown chakra. The crown chakra helps you to understand how we are intricately connected. There really is no separation and individuality in the universe. Thus, the phase allows you to experience a deep sense of oneness and wholeness with the energy of the universe, allowing you to recognize the divine all around you and in you. 

Phase 9: Power Extension 

The final phase guides you through releasing your visualizations. However, it holds on to the energy of emotions. This phase allows you to return to your conscious life with a new sense of expansive peace and warming love.  

What Are The Benefits of The BioEnergy Code? 

The BioEnergy Code benefits include: 

  • Balancing the 7 chakra points 
  • Eliminating negative thoughts 
  • Improving self-confidence 
  • Boosting cognitive abilities 
  • Strengthening your relationships 
  • Keeping you at peace and content 

Where Can You Buy The BioEnergy Code? 

The BioEnergy Code is only available for purchase on the official site, Therefore, if you find the program on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, rest assured the program will be counterfeit.  Similarly, you cannot find the BioEnergy Code program in physical bookstores.  

According to the site, the exclusive availability on the official site ensures you buy the authentic product. Furthermore, purchasing the program from its official site ensures that stock never runs out. While bonus and discount offers may vary, the stock is always maintained. This takes us to the next point! Additionally, buying the program from the official site gives you access to many customer perks. These include amazing discounts, bonuses, gifts, and a flexible money-back refund policy. 

Furthermore, purchasing the program from the official site helps to keep your data (including financial information) secured, thanks to the unique encryption on the site and payment gateway. Payment through the site is quite easy and convenient too. The site accepts different modes of payment including PayPal along with visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. 

How Much Does The BioEnergy Code Cost? 

The regular cost of the BioEnergy Code audio program is $197. However, at the moment, you can enjoy the BioEnergy Code package for only $37. You will receive the audio track, eBook manual, and all the bonus products.  

The best part about purchasing the BioEnergy Code program is you don’t have to worry about shipping. The entire program comes in digital format. So, immediately after you pay for it, you will receive instant access. 

Currently, while the offer lasts, you can receive a special discount – allowing you to get the entire program for only $17. 

Here’s what you will get when you pay for the BioEnergy Code program; 

Contents of The BioEnergy Code 

When you purchase the BioEnergy Code program, here’s what you will get; 

Bonus #1: BioEnergy Code Manual ($47 value) 

The BioEnergy Code manual offers everything you need to know about the seven energy centers. The 157-page eBook guides on how the chakras get blocked and how to activate them and balance them for positivity in life. 

Bonus #2: 5-Minute BioEnergy Healing ($147 value) 

The 5-minute BioEnergy healing provides a simplified way to balance your chakras. Sometimes, it may not be easy to sneak in the 30 minute routine in your busy schedule. Thus, this simple guide provides a 5-minute healing audio track for people who don’t have time to use the 30-minute audio track every day. 

Bonus #3: BioEnergy Code Decoded ($97 value) 

The BioEnergy Code Decoded activates and balances chakra points in the body. Additionally, using this guide you learn how to keep your chakra points balanced by keeping negative energies away from your life. 

Bonus #4: The Heart Energy Activator ($147 value) 

This bonus track uses the golden frequency to unlock blockages from your heart chakra. As the most important energy center in the body, the heart energy activator connects the upper three chakras with the three bottom chakra points.  

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Does The BioEnergy Code Have A Money-Back Guarantee? 

You bet! The BioEnergy Code meditation audio provides a 100% risk-free 365-day money-back guarantee for all its orders. 

If a customer needs to ask for a refund, they need to do the following; 

  • Simply contact the team through the contact form on the official site and ask for a refund. 
  • A customer support team member will reach out to guide you through and activate the refund process in 24-48 hours. 
  • Refunds are done in a few days. 

The BioEnergy Code Verdict 

According to the site, in 24 hours of using the BioEnergy Code, you will begin to notice changes. While the program provides balancing and soothing results, its innovative design allows you to experience them in no time. The best part of the program is you needn’t have doubts or worries when using it. After all, it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. This means that in a year if you don’t notice changes, you can request a refund. 

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Affiliate Disclosure: 

The links contained in this manifestation program review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. 

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