How to get more spotify plays in a short time


Sometimes it may seem to a person who has nothing to do with music that it is very easy to become a musician in our time. You just need to write a track, upload it to Spotify and that’s it, you’re popular. But it isn’t so easy. Because of this apparent simplicity, there is now a huge competition. After watching how every second blogger releases their albums with songs and makes a lot of money, many people wanted the same. Nowadays, even being able to sing is not necessary for this, when there are programs such as autotune. You don’t need a producer either, because you can upload your songs to music venues yourself. For example, on Spotify. This platform contains over 350 million users from many countries of the world, it is available for download on any device, so you can find on it the most diverse audience. It is easy, convenient, and fast to upload songs to it. Also on this platform, various statistics are available to help track your progress. Which makes everything even much easier. 

Therefore, such a competition is formed, which makes it very difficult to achieve success in the music field. Therefore, often a young artist who dreamed of conquering this sphere, but faced such difficulties, gives up and throws everything halfway. To prevent this from happening to you, you can buy Spotify plays. It will help you get the attention of Spotify’s algorithms and start promoting you. Of course, you can try to promote yourself, through your social networks, using posts, hashtags, participating in some contests, and trying to attract friends or family, but, in truth, this is long and ineffective. 

Instead of tormenting yourself and stuffing your head with unnecessary information, you can trust the professionals and calmly write future hits. Why do I recommend that you buy plays if you still have subscribers, likes, saves? For one simple reason, plays can only increase, they cannot be decreased. Subscribers can always unsubscribe, likes can be removed, the same with saves, monthly listeners can also change, but plays remain forever. Think, when you listen to the song, you can no longer listen it back, that’s it, your listening remains forever. Spotify’s algorithms will also compare this indicator with others and, based on this, decide whether to promote you. And, the greater the difference between plays and subscribers, it means that they are more interested in you, listen to your songs many times over and love you. In this case, it will be profitable for the algorithms to promote you, recommend to users and add you to various playlists. Thus, your statistics will begin to grow organically and your popularity will not be far off. 

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