How to Increase Social Media Exposure Through Smart Website Design

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The website design must be integrated with a social media presence. This is very important. If you are a designer, then you will receive lots of requests from clients asking for stylish and eye-catching social media buttons or link integrations inside their websites, on the landing page, and on other relevant pages.

If you are the person creating your website or working on the site ui/ux design, then you must also look for practical and smart input about including social media on the site, at essential locations of the page where eyes will reach. For this reason, various methods for including social media in a website design must be explored, understood, tried, and tested to determine the best results.

How to show your social media presence on the website

Social media presence can be shown in several ways: social media site names, icons of the sites, favicons, or graphics containing site names with logos. There are lots of options to choose from. The graphic or link must be clickable to take the user to your relevant social media profile page, and the most common way to do that is to use buttons that direct to your social media profiles.

Floating buttons that would hover over the page in place, and remain there as you scroll through the page, keep the buttons in front of the user’s eyes. In case you do not want to distract or frustrate the user too much with the visible sticky floating icons or buttons, you can use them as links in the footer, in the top corner, at the contact page, etc. Besides, large logos or graphics placed in an essential part of the page is visible can also be used.

Where are the best places to show social media links or buttons?

The best place to show social media links on a page is where the users would look directly when landing on that page. Some direct links are at the menu, where people tend to look, which increases clicks. The contact page is one area where people look for social and other contact links in case they missed the link or button elsewhere. Hence the contacts page must contain the info. The footer section is also vital because the footer in most sophisticated sites includes the social media profile information with critical links. While website designing, you should try to include profile links in these areas.

How to determine the best position on the landing page for social sharing

There are some places on a landing page or an inside page on a website that receive more clicks than other areas of the page. The social media icons or links must be kept in these parts. Professional website designers are equipped with service subscriptions and software, which can tell the locations on the website where the maximum clicks are recorded. Based on that data, these areas can also be used to show off profile icons, etc. By showing the social media icons on those parts, the chances of getting clicks and exposure on your social media profiles are maximized.

Why it’s important to show your social media existence on the website

If you are trying to create an online market for your site, increase your ranking, generate awareness about your product and services, build a brand and reputation, and become a reliable name online, then you will follow many steps. Search engine optimization, online marketing, and social media marketing are the three most important steps to take for achieving this goal. Among them, social media marketing is highly effective in creating an online market and reputation, branding, and bringing traffic to the site.  That’s why you must bring your social media presence and activities on the various social platforms into focus for your users.

The more your users see that you are active on social media, the more they will take you seriously. The more active a business is online on social media, the more people see them as interactive, customer friendly companies, the more your audience will associate with you.

Integrate all of your social media accounts into the website design

Show off as much as you can. There is no sense in hiding your presence if you are active on any social sharing site. Just like the extra efforts you put in to get more views on Instagram, put some effort into getting people to click on your Instagram profile from your website landing page. Try to let people know your locations, and activities while sharing your views, events, business, products, and more. That is the way to establish a connection with viewers. The website designer plays a significant role in getting you noticed. It’s all in the website design.

How important is web design in showing off your social media presence?

The role of website design and the designer behind creating it is crucial in determining your social media exposure before your website viewers. The better a designer thinks and implements a design including the social media and business logos and graphics, site background, graphic size, fonts, etc., the more users view, notice, and click them.

The website designer must find new and advanced ways to keep the design unique, fresh, and attractive for sharing and showing off the social media icons or links. Users view so many sites that they become bored with seeing the same types of social media icons everywhere. Freshness must be included in the website design and graphics.


Being active on social media is crucial to the effort you are put into social media marketing. Linking social media profiles to your site makes you look more authentic as a brand. So be sure to embed links and icons for your social media profiles into your website design.

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