Pavel Lisitsin: shipping agents are well versed in the intricacies of logistics, ensuring business flexibility


Pavel Lisitsin notes that the logistics sector is developing rapidly, and you need an expert who will point the right direction and allocate the necessary resources to the business. Not only big businesses will benefit from working with a carrier. Small enterprises can also benefit and strengthen their position in this sector through their relationship with a shipping agency.

Pavel Lisitsin says that underestimation of the value of working with agents leads to the loss of the benefits associated with working with experts. You can use their services both locally and internationally, depending on your needs.

The flexibility available when working with a carrier is an advantage as your potential mistakes will no longer cost you as much as if you were working on your own. Due to the complexity of the shipping process, you may need to regularly change your business strategy.

The agent makes this process much easier,” notes Pavel Lisitsin.

The agent can also provide you with additional useful information as it becomes available. For example, they will be able to inform you about the opportunities available or missed. You can then reroute your shipment so that customer requests can be met in the most efficient way. Companies that have worked with shipping agents have noted improvements in productivity and profitability.

This increases their net profit,” notes Pavel Lisitsin, “and makes them, in general, more sustainable.

And if you are entering a new market or sector, the services of a carrier are even more important to you. Many shippers make mistakes because they simply don’t understand how the industry works. An experienced carrier will identify your needs and connect you to the right link in the supply chain. This way you will make fewer mistakes.

Pavel Lisitsin: shipping agent is required in case of predictable changes

Logistics include a number of aspects that are not always predictable,” warns Pavel Lisitsin.

A shipping agent can increase the predictability of a business through provision of timely and accurate information. At the same time, they will make sure that you can best respond to unpredictable changes in the market. Shipping agents are experienced in the sector and can mitigate any transport problems before they escalate into a crisis. At the same time, you will have more time for other important business activities.

The use of carrier services allows you to save on delivery due to discounts on wholesale supplies,” says Pavel Lisitsin.

One customer rarely takes up bulky space and won’t get access to these discounts if they don’t work with a carrier. What’s more, the best agents are able to negotiate the best terms of service for their customers.

Such advantages,” Pavel Lisitsin draws attention, “arise regardless of whether you use air transportation or sea transportation”.

Experienced professionals will tell you about the negotiations and the potential benefits for your category of clients. They will discuss issues such as port chargers, insurance and fees. You can even share this information with the end customer who will ultimately receive the shipment.

Pavel Lisitsin: hiring a shipping agent is profitable

If you have not hired a carrier, it might take you a long time to resolve issues that could be resolved faster. “For example, there are some types of documentation and logistic procedures that a shipping agent can successfully handle without your direct participation,” recommends Pavel Lisitsin. The specialist will make sure that everything is prepared on time and sent to the right officials, while you will spend less time trying to understand how the intricacies of bureaucracy work.

The experienced agent easily works with customs and officials who run this service.

In many cases, customs and excise regulations are complex,” emphasizes Pavel Lisitsin.

This is an especially important advantage when shipping to different countries with a variety of legal and regulatory regimes. Moreover, you are unlikely to make costly mistakes in your paperwork when working with a carrier.

In addition to the main task of ensuring the delivery of goods from one point to another,” adds Pavel Lisitsin, “shipping agencies often provide additional services that may be useful for your business. These are so-called value-added services that can give you a competitive edge in the market. The information these companies provide will educate you and make you more competent business person,” sums up Pavel Lisitsin.

One of the additional services that you can access when working with a shipping agency includes tracking your shipments. With tracking, your customers know what’s going on with their orders without thinking about your expertise in the sector. The best providers offer real-time on-demand reports.

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