Plexus Slim Reviews – Does It Really Work?


There seems to be a spurt in weight loss supplements that claim to help you lose weight by cleaning up your gut. Some of these are probiotic supplements, while others are a mix of common weight loss ingredients with probiotics added in for good measure. 

One of these is Plexus slim. Plexus Slim is a patent-pending probiotic formula that makes some tall claims. It claims to increase the levels of Lactobacillus, which is a gut-friendly bacteria by 365 times, and levels of Bifidobacterium by up to 290 times. 

The idea behind Plexus Slim is that when the levels of gut-friendly bacteria in your system increase, your body is able to metabolize lipids at a much quicker rate, which can help with weight loss. In theory, that works. 

>> NOTE: We currently recommend PhenQ over Plexus slim. Here’s why=>  

But in practice, it rarely does. We will explain more as we do a thorough Plexus Slim Review. Stay with us. 

What is Plexus Slim? 

Plexus Slim is a microbiome-activating weight loss supplement that claims to help improve the levels of gut-friendly bacteria, which in turn can help with weight loss. 

It is one of the bestsellers from Plexus, which has a wide range of plexus weight loss products on offer, including Plexus VitalBiome, Plexus ProBio 5 & Gut Health Advanced. 

Despite some of the claims that we do not agree with, there are a few things that we like about Plexus Slim. Let’s address the positives before we get to the quibbles that we have with this weight loss supplement

The Ingredients Used in Plexus Slim 

One of the things that we like about Plexus Slim Hunger Control is the ingredient list. There are only 3 ingredients in the formula, and all of them have some scientific backing, which connects them to weight loss. 

  • Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) - This is a clinically proven prebiotic that’s food for the healthy bacteria in your gut. There have been studies that demonstrate how XOS has increased gut bacteria levels and improved the microbiome in a gut, in people who had poor gut health. This bit is important. We will come back to it in a bit. 
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – We absolutely love Green Coffee Bean Extract. It is a potent weight loss aid, loaded with antioxidants, helpful in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism and can potentially up your metabolic rate too. 
  • Chromium polynicotinate - This is a trace mineral that’s primarily used for increasing Insulin Sensitivity in people who are prediabetic or have Type-II diabetes. It’s a very effective ingredient. But the addition to a weight loss and gut health formula is questionable. 

Some other things we like about Plexus Slim Hunger Control 

There are a few other things apart from the ingredients, that we love about Plexus Slim. Here’s a look at these. 

  1. It’s a liquid weight loss supplement, which is always easier to use as compared to pills and caps. You can toss a sachet into cold water and gulp it down. It’s available in a bunch of flavors too. 
  1. The ingredients are supported by clinical nutrition. Be it XOS, or green coffee bean extract, these are proven to work. 
  1. It’s an old brand. Plexus Slim powder has been around for a long time and there are many plexus products that have reasonably good product reviews. 
  1. Each Plexus slim powder shake is only 5 calories. So you are not really adding much to your calorific intake when you ingest these. 
  1. This can potentially help improve your blood sugar levels. If you struggle to maintain stable blood sugar levels, this is one of the supplements that can help. 

Things that we do not like about Plexus Slim 

Now for some of the reasons that we do not like Plexus Slim. Most of them have to do with the claims they make about helping promote weight loss. 

If Plexus Slim was promoted as a regular probiotic supplement, we’d have no problems recommending it to anybody. 

But the word ‘Slim’ sort of leads customers to believe that this is a weight loss aid. But it’s not really as effective as it’s made out to be if your primary goal from the supplement is to lose body weight. 

Plexus Slim claims two primary things. 

Increases levels of ‘Akkermansia muciniphila’ 

This is a bacteria that has been associated with reduced abdominal fat in obese patients. It can also help with stabilizing blood sugar levels. 

Now, XOS, is the only ingredient in Plexus Slim that is connected to increasing the levels of gut microbiome. 

The problem with that, is that studies that support the effectiveness are limited to animal models. In other words, there’s no clinical study that links XOS to increased levels of ‘Akkermansia muciniphila’ in humans. 

While it might increase the levels, studies are inconclusive. 

So, the entire theory that XOS will increase the levels of ‘Akkermansia muciniphila’ by up to 250 times and then increase your basal metabolic rate, enough to help you lose weight, is based on an assumption. 

Better at Blood Sugar management 

The effects of Plexus slim microbiome activating powder seem to veer more towards blood sugar management than fat burning. 

If you are looking to burn fat and buy the Plexus pink drink, based on the hundreds of Plexus Slim Review that you find online, you may end up disappointed. 

Again, we are not saying that it may not work. We are saying that there are better weight loss supplements that can help you lose weight, more effectively. 

Plexus Slim is not the ideal choice for fat burning. Nor does it promote weight loss, at least when compared to some of the other weight loss supplements we’ve tried.

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Plexus Slim FAQ 

Here are some of the common questions about Plexus Slim that people generally are skeptical about. 

Q. Does Plexus Slim have caffeine? 

A. No, it does not. Plexus Slim has just 3 ingredients as listed above. It is caffeine free. 

But it does not contain any effective ingredients for weight loss, like green tea leaf extract, white kidney bean extract, chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans, alpha lipoic acid, Garcinia Cambogia, and brown seaweed blend. 

Q. What does the Plexus Slim do? 

A. Well, it claims to increase the levels of gut friendly bacteria, thereby improving our gut microbiome. One of these bacteria has been associated with an increase in metabolism and abdominal fat burning. 

Q. Is Plexus Safe? 

A. Considering the ingredient list and the limited potential that this weight loss supplement has, it would be fair to say that it is safe. 

Q. How long does Plexus take to work? 

A. The question is, does it even work? If it does, we don’t see you dropping body weight before months. 

Q. Is Plexus Slim Legit? 

A. It might be considered legit if you look at it like a probiotic supplement, instead of a weight control one. 

Our Verdict about Plexus Slim 

Despite a patent pending formula, Plexus pink drink falls short of a solid weight loss supplement. It addresses none of the challenges that people face while trying to lose weight. 

The potential benefits are limited. 

We don’t think that the primary active ingredient can have a significant effect on weight loss. 

More research is needed before we deem it to be as effective as Plexus supplements claims. 

What defines ideal weight loss supplements? 

For any supplement to claim that it can help in weight management, or help you in losing weight fast, it has to tick some basic boxes as listed below. 

It must help to reduce appetite 

Most people are unable to lose weight because they cannot reduce their appetite and control their calorie intake. One of the best options in this space is Leanbean

It must increase the body’s ability to boost fat loss 

Fat Loss is often described by supplement manufacturers, like its a very easy thing to achieve. 

It isn’t though. Are there research studies that show the supplement’s effectiveness? Are the ingredients backed by clinical trials? 

Safe Ingredients like Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Talking about ingredients, there are a few that are considered the gold standard in weight management. 

These are green tea leaf extract, chlorogenic acid, White kidney bean extract, green coffee beans, alpha lipoic acid, Garcinia Cambogia, and brown seaweed blend. 

Benefits beyond helping lose weight 

It must offer other health benefits that go beyond improved weight loss. 

For instance, it must help improve blood pressure levels or have ingredients that have a positive influence on heart disease. 

Energy Maintenance 

It must help maintain energy levels, regardless of your calorie intake. 

If you look at that checklist, you will realize that no plexus supplement, including the plexus slim blend, even comes close. 

That’s why we recommend PhenQ, an amazing weight management supplement that ticks all of these boxes. 

What Is PhenQ? 

PhenQ is the oldest weight control supplement in the health and fitness industry. 

It has a track record that extends over 10 years, and the reviews have been consistently positive throughout. 

What separates PhenQ from supplements like the Plexus products, is lack of hype. If you take a look, PhenQ is not advertised at even 50% of what Plexus products are. 

Unlike the plexus pink drink, it does not try to portray itself as a gut-healing health drink either. 

This is a 100% pure fat burner. It will torch belly fat and every other layer of stubborn body fat that you carry. There’s no fake health halo here. 

If you are looking for an effective product with clinically demonstrated benefits and ingredients, one that supports an active lifestyle, this is it. 

How does PhenQ help with weight loss? 

PhenQ works in all four ways that we mentioned briefly. It is a well-rounded fat burner that does not merely increase insulin resistance or talk about raising levels of your gut bacteria. 

It contains ingredients that work as effectively as Garcinia Cambogia extract, alpha lipoic acid, and chlorogenic acid. Here’s an overview of how it works. 

PhenQ boosts your basal metabolism helping you lose weight 

One of the ingredients in PhenQ is Capsimax, which is a concentrated blend of Capsicum extracts. 

This potent ingredient increases your basal metabolism, something that the Plexus slim blend claims to do. The only difference is that Capsimax is backed by legit research, unlike the pink drink. 

PhenQ works like a meal replacement 

Rather than using terms like appetite suppressants, which are often misconstrued, we prefer describing it like low calorie meal replacement shake. 

Because after a dose of PhenQ, you will not feel hungry for hours. It’s as good as taking in concentrated Garcinia cambogia extract. 

PhenQ keeps your blood sugars in check 

Just like Plexus lean, PhenQ also helps to keep your blood sugars in check. It has ingredients that have clinically demonstrated, a positive influence on insulin sensitivity. 

When your insulin levels are in check, you not only burn more fat, but also get secondary health benefits such as a reduction in blood pressure and arterial plaque. 

PhenQ makes weight loss an achievable goal 

Fat loss is so difficult to achieve because people face challenges that are unique to them. 

Some are unable to burn fat due to a slowed down metabolism, while others are unable to stick to a low calorie diet. Plexus lean does not address any of these challenges. But PhenQ does. 

It boosts fat burning, reduces hunger, and stabilizes sugar levels, without a drop in energy. 

What are the benefits of using PhenQ over other Weight loss supplements? 

PhenQ offers some unique advantages over the competition. Here’s a look at why we prefer it over Plexus lean and other similar probiotic weight loss products. 

Proven Track Record 

In the last 20 years that we have been reviewing health supplements, we have never come across a product that’s been as consistent as PhenQ. More than 190000 bottles of PhenQ have been sold officially. 

Safe and Proven Ingredients 

We carefully analyze ingredients while selecting supplements. With PhenQ, we didn’t have to put in too much effort because we are familiar with most of them. 

These are ingredients that have proven weight management benefits. 

There’s chromium picolinate, garcinia cambogia rich in hydroxycitric acid, folic acid, a fatty acid, concentrated extracts from a tropical fruit, and more. All of these are present in sufficient concentrations like expert recommended doses. 

Multi-pronged effect 

PhenQ does not shoehorn you into relying on one purported benefit, with no backing. Instead, it works on all fronts. It attacks fat cells, pumps your metabolism, and keeps your energy levels elevated. Regardless of what makes fat loss challenging for you, PhenQ will solve the problem. 

Thousands of Bottles Sold 

Thousands of bottles of PhenQ have been sold over the years. The formula has been a game changer for so many men and women with different fitness goals. 

It is this safety profile and trust that makes this one of the best options out there for anyone looking to reduce weight safely. 

Manufactured in a GMP certified facility 

PhenQ is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the United States. It is a high quality product manufactured under stringent norms. 

No Table Dressing 

Table dressing, or adding ingredients in a tiny concentration is one of the biggest problems in the health supplements industry. But PhenQ contains the maximum recommended dose of every ingredient. 

PhenQ vs. Plexus Slim 

Now that you have some perspective about why PhenQ is so effective, let’s compare it with Plexus Slim on the basis of some critical parameters. 

Effectiveness at losing weight 

It’s an apples and oranges comparison here. PhenQ is clearly more effective at improved weight loss, helping reduce appetite and hence managing calorie intake. 

Plexus products on the other hand approach weight control as a secondary goal by fixing potential problems with your gut. 

Ingredients and Science 

The Plexus Slim Blend’s claim to fat loss is on the basis of one ingredient only, which is XOS. It contains no other ingredients like garcinia Cambogia, or green tea leaf extract, which are considered the gold standard in weight control. 

PhenQ on the other hand, contains some of the most effective weight control ingredients, all with sufficient research connecting them to losing weight safely. 

Time taken to see results 

This is a no-brainer really. How much time does it take on an average to experience improved weight loss, after fixing your gut microbiome levels? It would take months, if not more. PhenQ on the other hand is a fast-acting health supplement. 

It will torch your fat deposits in days. Unlike the pink drink, you are not going to have to wait for months to see visible results. 

One Time Purchase 

PhenQ is a one-time purchase. Buy and use only when you are looking to drop weight. But Plexus is a glorified multi level marketing scheme. 

You are coaxed into selling Plexus pink drink and other products to others. You might have to post a glossy plexus slim review, even if it didn’t really work for you. 

Final Thoughts – The Winner 

Based on all the factors and the direct comparison, there’s no doubt that PhenQ has a clear advantage over Plexus. It is a more effective product, has a better track record, and does not use dubious marketing strategies. 

If you are looking to cut fat and look ripped, go for PhenQ. 

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