Street sweeping to increase as holidays come around

Press release

By Caleb Lunetta 
Signal Senior Staff Writer  

The city of Santa Clarita plans to increase the frequency by which it conducts street sweeping around the community as the holiday season comes around, officials said Thursday. 

Having started the increase in street sweeping this month, with plans to continue the higher frequency through February, officials said they would be working to remove the excess leaves and other debris from gutters.     

“Residents are asked to remove vehicles and other objects, including portable basketball hoops, from the street during sweeping days before the street sweeper arrives to allow for a thorough operation,” read a city press release making the announcement. “Residents are also encouraged to keep the street clear of lawn clippings and tree trimmings, as sweepers will be unable to remove items like tree branches.” 

Street sweeping will take place every week, following trash pickup days, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., officials said. All trash and recycling cans must be removed no later than the evening on trash day in order to ensure the sweeping equipment is not blocked.  

“Additionally, residents are asked not to pile or stack leaves in the street or in yards,” the press release read. “All leafy debris should be placed in a green waste container, which can be supplied by a resident’s trash service provider. This is to ensure that the street sweeper does not pick up any excess debris, which can cause damage to the equipment, resulting in delays in the street sweeping schedule.” 

For more information about the scheduled sweeping routes, visit or call the city’s Public Works Department at 661-294-2520. 

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