The Importance of 3D Rendering in Exterior Design


Everything that we see around us, walking around the city: residential complexes, architectural monuments, public buildings, all this, before being built, was first designed by architects.

And if earlier they designed and made drawings of future buildings on paper, nowadays modern computer technology allows you to design buildings (as well as any other volumetric objects) using computer graphics directly in virtual reality. Special software is used to create architectural layouts. The end result in terms of the level of realism rivals a quality photograph. It is very difficult for a layman to tell the difference.

What is 3D visualization of the exterior and why is it needed 

So, 3D visualization of the exterior allows us to design volumetric images of any objects using computer graphics. Exterior is the outer view of buildings, inscribed in the surrounding area, with its own unique architectural forms that are as close to reality as possible. In this case, the volumetric image can be viewed both from different angles and distances, zooming in and out at your discretion.

Visualization of exteriors helps to evaluate in the smallest detail both the advantages and disadvantages of a future building, be it a residential building, a summer residence, or any other room. Today it’s as easy as flipping through a design magazine. And you must admit that it is much more convenient and pleasant to look at the finished computer model of the future house than to understand complex architectural drawings.

Also, when rendering exteriors, the features of the landscape and the surrounding infrastructure must be taken into account, all this makes it possible to see how organically the architecture will be inscribed in a specific landscape, to take a virtual walk around the future building. 

Benefits of 3D building visualization 

  • Literally in front of your eyes, a virtual house can be built, which will soon get real. This became possible thanks to modern computer programs for 3D modeling. They allow you to promptly manage the formation of a project at any stage of its development.
  • 3D visualization of exteriors makes it possible not only to simulate the future appearance of a particular building, but also of an entire micro district, which will be very important for developer companies.
  • 3D visualization can be used not only in the construction of new buildings, but also in the implementation of repair work, which will be many times more efficient if the necessary parameters of changes are calculated in advance.
  • With the help of 3D visualization, you can correctly select building materials, visually presenting them inscribed in the general context.

Source materials for exterior modeling and architectural rendering  

Any drawings, sections, facades, plans, photographs of the area, sketches, photographs from magazines, examples from the Internet, etc. can be used as initial materials for building modeling and architectural 3D visualization. The main condition is that all dimensions must be specified in the TT.

Visualization process  

3d exterior rendering services are quite popular, and this is understandable. This makes it easier for an architect to convey to the customer his vision of the future home. As a rule, you have to spend a lot of time to come to a single result. But then all the points will be immediately placed, the style of the future house will be determined. In turn, the customer will see his house long before the start of construction. First, the procedure for rendering in a three-dimensional image will save on materials.

In accordance with the given image, the calculation of materials is made, and the client no longer buys too much, which means he saves. As soon as the client sees his house, he will immediately understand what kind of furniture is needed in what style, how to arrange it correctly, and decorate the backyard territory. By the way, 3D visualization can also be ordered for exterior, interior and other things.

In order for the customer to imagine the whole atmosphere of the future building, you can make an evening visualization: light the torches, turn on the lights in the windows, add backlighting.

After a detailed examination of the architectural structure, a specialist helps to create a concept for a new interior. If the client plans to build a house in a certain style, then it is recommended to decorate the interior in the same style. The architect, the designer will calculate the exact cost of the material, tell you which one to choose, so that the idea, while still on the computer monitor, is exactly carried out.

Do not forget about lighting, this is an important component of a proper home decoration. Visualization will just allow you to take into account everything to the smallest detail and create a unique project that will become one of a kind and will delight its owner and family members for a long time. In addition to the foreshortening of the house, the architect will be able to plan additional details, for example, a playground or a sports ground. Visualization is not just a picture on the screen, but a clear model of the future structure.

A short review  

When the plans include the construction of a house, and you still cannot decide on the design project, the best solution would be to visualize the facade of the building. The three-dimensional image will allow you to see firsthand what the dream house will look like in the future. This will allow you to immediately select the desired color of walls, roofs, pay attention to minor details that make the structure more attractive. 

3D visualization and 3D graphics is an effective tool and assistant for architects, designers, planners, construction and real estate companies for the successful implementation of the most daring ideas. 

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