Why Is It Worth Building A Mind Palace?


Recently, the interest in the mind palace has increased dramatically. This technology began to be used by well-known memorization masters and in cinematography. This technique helps structure your mind, speed up recall, and increase the information. However, the mind can process and remember. 

A Few Words About Mind Palace 

A person who hears about the mind palace technique for the first time in life imagines the palaces of the mind, which the famous detective Sherlock Holmes actively uses. This view is only partially correct. 

What is a mind palace? All information that we have ever heard we store in our minds. We transfer critical information to long-term memory and delete data that is not useful after a particular time. 

The problem is that people often cannot determine for themself what information they need and what, on the contrary, is stored in vain. The mind palace technique teaches people to control this process, helping them become the master of their consciousness. 

How to create a mind palace? Today several techniques allow you to create a memory palace. Two-time memory champion Jonas von Essen developed the most elaborate of these. He makes extensive use of this technique and is willing to share his success. 

How To Create A Mind Palace? 

Before you start working with this technique, you need to understand what is a mind palace? It is essential to know that the appearance of this castle is different for everyone. Some may imagine a real court, like the ancient kings, while others, on the contrary, represent their home, office, or the home of their parents, where they grew up. The main thing in mind palace is to create the most precise possible presentation. It is essential that they cannot imagine the minor details, so to begin with, you should not imagine something big; it is better to start with something familiar. 

How to create a mind palace? We offer a short workout: 

  • Imagine a virtual implant in the form of a building or apartment familiar to you; 
  • Present everything in the smallest detail; 
  • Choose the information you want to remember; 
  • Put it on the nightstand in the hallway. 

Next time, when you need to remember this information, imagine a mind palace, enter it, and take out the necessary data from the nightstand in the hallway. 

It is essential to understand that you may fail the first time. It is fine. Just try and train again. 

Mobile Application For Building Mind Palace 

It is pretty tricky for many to build a memory palace on their own, so with the assistance of Jonas von Essen, developers created a mobile app in the form of a game that helps retrieve needed memories. 

Among the advantages of such a game are: 

  • 3D models; 
  • Interactive learning; 
  • Improves memorization after a few weeks; 
  • For a fee, you can consult with Jonas von Essen himself; 
  • It helps to memorize data and slow down the aging of the brain. 

If you train every day for 20 minutes, the results will be noticeable within a few weeks. It is important to remember that you can only expect positive dynamics if you exercise regularly. If you miss even one lesson, you may notice negative dynamics. 

It will also be helpful to conduct other exercises to improve memory, for example, remembering the phone numbers of your loved ones or the brand of cars. The more you exercise, the better. 

It is essential to train when you feel tired, feel normal, and not worry about other things. Concentration is essential. Go to the mobile application at any convenient time. There are no restrictions here, and the main thing is that there is a desire. 


If you want to create a mind palace that will help you improve your memorization ability at times, then the mobile app from Jonas von Essen will be an excellent solution. It is built so that everyone can master this complex technology, improve their memory, and achieve the desired result. The application uses bright colors, 3D models, and much more to make the training enjoyable and effective. 

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