Alpha Heater Reviews (Pros and Cons) Negative Complaints or Legit Device?


Personal space heaters have made bearing chilly winters much easier. With a compact warmer that could be conveniently taken to anywhere you like, no one in your family will have to face ice-cold floors anymore. Alpha Heater is also a similar appliance that, unlike gigantic conventional heaters, safely radiates warmth without draining too much electricity. 

But does that mean it compromises on its heating potential? Not at all! Alpha Heater intelligently caters to its basic warming functions without affecting energy efficiency or safety due to the new but sturdy PTC technology induced within. Keep reading further to know everything about the compact warming device so that you can better decide on whether it’s the best product in town or not. 

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Alpha Heater Reviews

According to the details mentioned on its official website, Alpha Heater is a space-efficient personal space warmer that can turn any room (not bigger than 350 square feet) into a warm, cozy space no matter how cold it is outside. Besides the usual heating features, Alpha Heater’s biggest plus is its coverage. 

Despite being a compact heater, this Alpha-Borne device efficiently radiates heat across an entire enclosed space, measuring up to 350 sq ft. This is in comparison to similar space heaters that generally don’t cross 300 and thus are well suited for smaller rooms. 

Alpha Heater, however, can be a good investment for people planning to heat large spaces and not just the immediate environment. And while doing so, the manufacturer says that Alpha only consumes up to 70% of the electricity that usual heaters drain.  

Maybe not that significant, though, the claim somewhat became Alpha’s biggest selling point, aiding the official company in making record-breaking sales the previous winter. Also, after skimming through dozens of customer reviews, Alpha Heater’s efficiency in the energy ground was further rectified as we saw plenty of experiences praising it. 

Nevertheless, we also came across Alpha’s potential drawback: acute availability. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find an Alpha Heater at any local appliance outlet, no matter how hard you try. Alpha Heaters are also not available at Amazon or other known E-listings. 

If you want to purchase the Alpha device at the lowest cost available, visit this official site, that’s the only site to place your orders. Other than this site, don’t fall for any other source as they might not be legitimate. Also, if you buy the Alpha Heater from its own website, you can avail plenty of promotional offers, and a decent warranty will also back your purchase. 

With that being said, these are only a few prominent aspects associated with the product in discussion. Keep reading to know more features that help the Alpha-borne device keep your room warm. Discussed ahead is everything that makes Alpha Heaters worth buying and those which don’t.

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Features and Specifications of Alpha Heater

Portable Yet Attractive Design 

Weighing 2 Kgs and having a size that’s just 6 inches tall, Alpha Heater is pretty compact and lightweight than conventional space heaters. This is because of the Alpha company’s intelligent approach that has made infusing efficiency and portability, all at once, possible.

The Alpha Heater can be mounted on a wall or carried along as its compact design neither takes up a lot of space nor influences the overall room attire. Its handy carrying design,  solid stand, and minimal weight help users carry the device anywhere around. 

However, there’s a reason behind minimal bulk, which is somewhat a drawback too. Alpha Heaters aren’t equipped with a built material that’s too strong. Most of its body is designed using a weaker plastic that probably won’t decompose by the inner radiator’s heat but can be easily affected by a hard fall. 

Hence make sure you mount or make the Alpha Heater stand at a safe location rather than where the appliance is more prone to falling over. 

Innovative Safety Modes 

Alpha users will be delighted to find multiple safety functions housed within the heater that ensures that the Alpha Heater continues to work without posing any serious hazard to consumers. Safety functions of this appliance include an intuitive anti-overheating mechanism and an anti-trip-over feature.

The anti-overheating system automatically controls the room temperature if it crosses 50 degrees Celsius. Also, if similar temperature breaches occur more than three times a day, Alpha Heater’s is said to halt its radiator, discontinuing heating for good. 

On the other hand, the anti-tripping function ensures the main heat-producing radiator stops immediately if, for instance, the Alpha Heater trips over. All these functions combined ensure you a free-from-mishap, comfortable warmth. 

However, no matter how safe your appliances are, it’s still recommended to stay cautious. Though nearly all modern-day heaters house efficient safety functions, statistics show that heating equipment is still a leading cause of fire in U.S homes. Hence, whatever are the causes, the right way is to always stay precautionary from your end to avoid any tragedy. 

Filters That Save You From Nasty Smells

With Alpha Heater, don’t worry about the weird smell you usually experience with other heaters. Though Alpha Heater also gives off an unusual smell to the air as soon as it’s turned on, it’s nowhere near as nasty to disturb you throughout the entire heating duration. 

Thanks to the Alpha Heater’s pre-installed nano filters, the smell is minimal and rather less disturbing to our smelling senses. The filters ensure nothing from the outside like dust particles enter its internal heating systems to accumulate later and give off nasty smells.

The blocking of foreign bodies also makes sure Alpha Heaters continue working optimally as the heating coils are kept safe from any unwanted particles. The filters also ensure that nothing from the inside like germs, burns, and other harmful particles escape to the environment to reach the user’s nose.

To keep good care of the filters, Users can employ a vacuum cleaner or dryer to remove dust from the nano filters and the outlets, inlets, and internal gills of the Alpha Heater. However, it is strictly instructed to blow air from a distance so that the air pressure doesn’t influence the filters.

You can also make use of a toothpick to pull out dirt; however, don’t be too hard, or else the nano filters might rip off. 

Alpha Heater Functions Instantly  

As soon as the Alpha Heater is turned on, the appliance’s inner coil starts radiating heat without wasting any time. Meaning you don’t have to shiver in the cold for long, waiting for the heater to take pace. 

As far as an enclosed 350 square foot area is concerned, customer reviews tell us that Alpha takes up to a solid 15 minutes in transforming a walled room into what we can really call “warm.” Though this heating duration is a whopping 10 mins more than the “5-minute” claim of the maker, it’s still pretty impressive given the Alpha Heater’s compact design.

Hence, remember this before making your final decision that Alpha Heater is a personal warmer designed to manage a small room or studio that measures within 350 square feet. If you plan to heat a space bigger than that, Alpha Heater may not be the right choice. Otherwise, it would help if you had more heaters operating at a place for larger coverage.

Great User Control Via Ample Heat Adjustments 

Alpha Heater gives users full control through multiple adjustment functions and a fully programmed timer on board. Using them, you can easily adjust to your preferred comfort. For suppose, Alpha Heater’s warming speed can be easily lowered or increased with just a single rotation of a knob.   

Similarly, the super-intelligent built-in timer induced on the main user interface lets a user set working hours as per his choice from anywhere between 1 to 6-hour marks. This way, you can make Alpha Heater stop automatically at the specified time and stay as cozy as possible without worrying about overheating. 

Most importantly, the timer feature helps keep your house safe from the risk of catching fire even if you couldn’t get up to stop the heater, for instance, while sleeping. However, too much reliance isn’t too right either. It’s still a good habit to frequently check on the heater in order to protect your belongings from potential risks. 

Uniform Heat Distribution 

As said above, the Alpha-borne device in discussion takes up to 15 minutes to properly warm a walled space with uniformity. By uniformity, we mean heating a region in a way that no corner remains unheated and chilly. This is in comparison to conventional space warmers that resort their heating capacity to just a limited region.

However, to achieve proper heating, you need to ensure that the Alpha device is placed at a location that could easily cover most of the room’s space. Also, ensure that the heater is set to the highest speed possible to quicken the heating time. Otherwise, Alpha will struggle to transmit heat evenly across an entire room at a lower speed and will probably consume a long time.     

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Noiseless Operation 

One of the most common concerns of all energy-generating device owners is the noise they make. Those who employ larger heaters can understand how miserable operation noise can be. Thanks to its lightweight design and not-too-complicated heating mechanism within, Alpha Heater won’t make you experience the noise issue so much. 

However, customer reviews show a few complaints about Alpha Heater’s operation noise that tends to undergo a gradual surge with usage and time. Though this can be a consequence of insufficient upkeep of the appliance, a surge in noise is still concerning. 

Energy Efficiency 

As the chilly season approaches, most households see a sudden increase in their monthly utilities, draining extra money off the budget. The surge in bills is caused by the increased use of artificial heat-producing appliances that keep the house cozy in winters.

Fortunately, Alpha Heater does wonder in the sector of energy efficiency. Because of the latest PTC technology induced within and its relatively small size, Alpha Heater users don’t need to worry about power bills. The device is proficient in offering optimum heating performance without draining too much electrical energy. 

However, this doesn’t mean you will get a dream bill with absolutely no change from the bills you receive without heaters. Do expect a slight change in bills. 

Alpha Heater’s Working Style 

Now that you are finally aware of all the usual heating features and some amazing functions that the Alpha Heater possesses, it’s about time to understand how it makes all that happen. This sector demonstrates all the internal functioning within the Alpha Heater, so you know how it operates. 

First things first, the biggest game-changer for the Alpha-born device is none other than the innovative PTC Ceramic Technology and heat oscillators sitting behind it. The oscillators generate hot air, while the PTC distributes it to all spaces with uniformity. It also helps in rapidly radiating warm air across an entire 350 square feet zone.  

However, many buyers might still turn down after hearing about PTC as it is not a widely used product and is yet to be employed by the more influential brands. Nevertheless, it does wonders in Alpha’s case.

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Using Alpha Heater

The usage convenience of an electrical device holds significant importance in evaluating overall value. Like modern-day heaters, Alpha Heater has an intuitive, user-friendly handling mechanism. 

Yet one downside that might ward off probable buyers, especially those who aren’t used to operating electrical appliances, is that the Alpha Heater doesn’t come with any how-to guide by its official maker. To help you out with the matter, we have shared a brief how-to-use-Alpha guide below: 

Step 1: Determine a Suitable Location

With Alpha Heater, you will get an attached handle as well as a mounter so that you have a choice between mounting the heater on a wall or just casually placing it anywhere you want. The heater can be placed wherever suits you best, including a tabletop, on the floor, or simply at a wall. 

No matter where you plan to place the Alpha Heater, make sure it remains close to a power socket as the cord that comes with the appliance is too short of reaching a distant socket.

Step 2: Initiate Heating! 

Once you select a suitable space for the Alpha Heater,  plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. Next, check for the safety lever given at the rear of the machine. The lever is supposed to be switched on before initiating Alpha’s heat mechanism. This will ensure all the safety modes within the heater work nice and smooth while you enjoy the warmth. 

The heater is automated not to start until the lever is not turned on. This limitation, in particular, is a well-thought function as it ensures that no heater continues to operate without the basic safety modes turned on. 

Alpha Heater Pricing and Availability

You can purchase Alpha Heater deals only from Alpha Heater’s own official website (here’s where you can buy Alpha Heater). You’ll also find massive discounts, including flat 50% offs, pretty often on the same site. Hence if you are planning to buy the Alpha Heat, we would say you should wait for a week or two for the next big waive-off to come. 

As far as order placing is concerned, the official website is pretty convenient in doing so. All you need to do is follow the usual online purchasing process and wait for the Alpha Heater to arrive at your doorstep.  As specified by the official page, you can purchase:

  • A single Alpha Heater for $49.95.
  • Two for $94.91 (Saving $4.99) 
  • Three For $134.87 (Saving $14.98)
  • Four For $169.83 (Saving $29.97)
  • Five For $199.80 (Saving $49.95)

Also, each package is backed by a month full of Money-Back guarantee meaning the Alpha company will refund you each penny of your investment within a month of receiving if their heater doesn’t satisfy you. Moreover, suppose you’ve got any questions regarding the Alpha Heater, its pricing, or the refund criteria, then visit the official Alpha Heater website using this link before you make your purchase.

Alpha Heater Reviews – The Verdict

From the details gathered and as mentioned by numerous Alpha Heater reviews found online, this heater performs well as a personal space heater, proving an ideal option for a small room. It’s a compact yet sturdy plug-in heater primarily built for personal space warming but does good for a small group who want to get cozy in their walled room, not more than 350 square feet. 

However, the more Alpha units you install in place, the better the warmth you’ll get. The biggest plus toward what potential buyers will mostly draw to are the plenty of safety functions the Alpha Heater equips. These modes are reliable and sufficient to help factor in the risk of malfunctioning.  

Another commendable aspect of the Alpha Heater worth giving attention to is the appliance’s energy-efficient performance. By radiating enough heat for an average-sized room while also keeping low on electricity bills, Alpha Heater kills two birds with a single stone. 

Conclusively, we suggest buying a single Alpha Heater and testing it for some time before buying in bulk. To learn more or buy Alpha Heater at the lowest cost today, visit the order page using this link. 

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