Anaca3 avis- code promo anaca3: does it really work?


Our opinion on Anaca3: in this article you will learn what Anaca3 is, its ingredients, how it works, what consumers are saying about it, its price and where to get it. And if there is a promo code we will give it to you. Stay with us! Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

Anaca 3 was a hit in France where we could see it on TV and in pharmacies, but what is it really?

Is this a miracle weapon against rebellious pounds or just another scam?

My answer: neither one nor the other.

I tested for you 2 months of treatment and I was rather satisfied with the result.

I dissect the Anaca3 phenomenon for you in all sincerity with my advice, my opinion and my feedback.

Stay with me !

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Anaca3: what is it?

Anaca3 is a range of slimming products from the French brand Nutravalia.

Anaca3 is the first dietary supplement launched by the Nutravalia company in 2015.

Building on its success, Nutravalia then marketed different types of products under the Anaca3 brand and then developed a whole new range of food supplements called Luxéol.

There are several types of brand Anaca3 products sheathed such as gels, underwear and even a palpate-roll suction cup.

This review focuses on the original Anaca3 product Weight Loss .

Anaca3: Ingredients

Anaca3 capsules Weight Loss contain 3 main natural active ingredients.

Prickly pear

The prickly pear is a plant also called nopal, native to Mexico.

It is known to absorb fat as it enters the body and before it is assimilated.

It is also credited with a strong appetite suppressant because it sends nervous messages of satiety to the brain.

Finally, the prickly pear would be hypoglycemic, that is to say that it would help to reduce the level of glycemia in the blood, rather practical when one seeks to lose weight.

Cola seed

A seed native to Indonesia and West Africa rich in calcium, potassium, minerals and phosphorus.

It acts on weight loss thanks to its high concentration of caffeine, the effects of which in this area are no longer to be proven.

Indeed, caffeine is a real natural fat burner because it allows both to stimulate the organism, to attack the fatty mass and has a diuretic effect which helps to eliminate more easily.

Artichoke leaves

Artichoke is the last ingredient from natural origin in this food supplement.

The artichoke contains an active principle famous in the field of slimming: cyranine.

Cyranine is a natural diuretic and promotes intestinal transit by helping the development of good bacteria.


The gelatin shell of Anaca3 Weight Loss dietary supplements is made from ingredients of animal origin.

This product is therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Magnesium salts of fatty acids E470b

Food additive aimed at preventing lumps in the mixture.

It can be made either from food or vegetable fat.

According to UFC-Que Choisir, it would be harmless to consumption.


Maltodextrin is an excipient in powder form widely used in the food industry as a stabilizer, sweetener and thickener.

In Europe, it is mainly made from wheat.

Anaca3 Weight Loss: how does it work?

Each box contains 90 capsules and corresponds to one month of treatment at the rate of 3 capsules per day.

The different natural ingredients in the composition of Anaca3 act on the causes of weight gain such as water retention and fat accumulation.

  • Absorbent : reduces the daily intake by absorbing fats and sugars.
  • Diuretic : removes water retained under the skin , which may be of interest to people suffering from water retention.
  • Stimulant : increases energy expenditure thanks to the presence of caffeine which helps in the oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Appetite suppressant: suppresses the feeling of hunger and therefore avoids snacking.
  • Hypoglycaemic : would reduce the level of glycemia in the blood but this is an effect which has not yet been proven.

In parallel with your treatment, the brand offers follow-up on its website in the form of coaching.

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What results can we expect from Anaca3?

It is very difficult to evaluate the results of Anaca3 and the brand does not make any promises and clearly mentions that the effects of the product depend very much on the type of metabolism.

The general trend seems to indicate a significant loss of weight during the first week, probably due to the elimination of water retention.

The consumer can wait for the feeling of hunger to disappear as well as a boost in energy.

Anaca3: Side effects

Being composed mainly of natural ingredients and additives safe for health, Anaca3 Weight Loss has no side effects.

As a precaution, we still recommend that you test the product over a week before embarking on a full cure.

Be careful, due to the presence of caffeine.

Anaca 3 Weight Loss is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people sensitive to caffeine.

Anaca3 positive customer reviews

Satisfied Anaca3 customers saw their waistlines shrink quickly and felt the appetite suppressant feeling from the first use.

I did not expect so much from the product, pleasantly surprised, even amazed by the loss of cm, however, it acts better on the loss of fat than on the loss of excess weight in sugars, and I have not lost cm all over. Belly, hips, thighs: Super effective at home. Arms and knees, calves, 1cm max. »- mickey1972 (review on beauté

“I am finishing my 4th week and I have lost 3.4 kg and 3 cm waist and hips, by changing my eating habits. On the other hand, I hate sport, so I do as much as before, not at all ”- happy42 (opinion on Doctissimo).

Aanaca3: Are there any complaints from customers?

A majority of customers admit to being disappointed with the effectiveness of Anaca3, especially when it is so expensive.

Some of them have even not felt the sensation of appetite suppressant.

“For me Anaca3 weight loss is pure loss, it has no effect. I tried it 2 months and no results. The only advantage is that I got reimbursed, a week after returning the recommended boxes I received my check, so especially remember to keep your boxes if you want to be reimbursed if you have no results ”- petite59 (Anaca3 review).

“No effectiveness despite a balanced diet and 4 hours of sport per week really disappointed. ..for my part I was looking for an appetite suppressant effect especially for snack time but nothing at all ”- Linece77 (Anaca3 review on beauté

Anaca3: my feedback

I had been complaining about my little tummy for years and then I clicked when a friend of mine challenged me to lose at least 3 kg before summer.

It’s true that when you get involved with someone, it’s easier.

Having read many negative feedbacks on slimming capsules, especially because of the side effects, I was looking for a natural product.

I got to know Anaca 3 by doing research on the internet and through television advertising.

It took me a month to trust and decide to go get a box in the pharmacy.

You have to be very careful with the many counterfeits which are everywhere on the web, I advise you to order only on the official Anaca 3 site to avoid unpleasant surprises or directly in pharmacies.

I followed the dosage of the capsules well, that is to say one before each meal with a large glass of water.

I was also very careful to reduce my coffee consumption because I could read on the forums that it could cause nervousness.

In 2 months of treatment, I lost a total of 4 kg by continuing to swim twice a week and eating less thanks to its appetite suppressant effect.

I am really happy with the result because I did not feel any side effects and I lost the few extra pounds that bothered me.

It is not a miracle product but a great help when it is difficult to get rid of stubborn fat.

I am thinking of doing a shorter cure, once a year, after heavy holiday meals.

Anaca3: before and after – woman and man

Anaca3: Price and where to buy

Anaca3 Weight Loss pills are available both online and in more than 5,000 pharmacies and drugstores in France and in the French overseas departments and territories.

Prices vary only depending on the site or store where you order the product.

The slimming formula is available for 19.19 € on Doctipharma, € 23.99 on the Shop Pharmacie site and 28.90 € on the brand’s site. Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

Anaca3: Code promo

The promotions offered depend often on the point of sale.

For example, you can take advantage of up to € 15 reduction at Doctipharma this summer with the code SUMMER5 .

The official site offers 10% discount on all its products with the code BLOG10.

As you can get the product on the internet or in drugstores, we advise you to compare offers on the internet and on drugstore websites in order to find Anaca3 for weight loss at the lowest price.

Warning: it seems that many counterfeits have appeared following the success of the product, be careful when ordering online.

Anaca3: Return and refund

For returns or Money Back Guarantee, you should refer to the point of sale where you purchased your treatment Anaca3 weight loss .

You can still refer to your consumer rights .

According to article L.121-21 of the Consumer Code:

“The consumer has a period of fourteen days to exercise his right of withdrawal from a contract concluded at a distance, following a telephone canvassing or outside establishment, without having to justify his decision or to bear other costs “

We advise you all the same to refer to the section “General Conditions of Sale” where you will be fixed on how to proceed and notify the distributor of your wish to withdraw.

If you purchased Anaca3 Weight Loss from a pharmacy, please inquire with the staff.

The effects of Anaca3 Weight Loss vary drastically among users and opinions on the internet are quite heterogeneous.

If we are relying on the composition of the product, caffeine is the only proven fat burner active and its concentration in the formula is minimal.

We are therefore entitled to wonder if this product has more effect than our daily coffee.

Plus, its high price tag may turn off some customers and motivate others to embark on a path to healthier living.

We therefore recommend taking Anaca3 Weight Loss as part of a food rebalancing accompanied by regular physical activity.

It will thus be able to boost weight loss but, like most slimming supplements, it has little effect if taken alone.

If it turns out to be unnecessary, the only harm it will have caused will be to your wallet because it has no side effects.

However, it is not recommended for vegetarians, breastfeeding women and people sensitive to caffeine.

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