Best Black Friday SEO Content Writing Deals


The Black Friday sale is just around the corner! The cheerful environment with the upcoming festivities and the assurance that the Black Friday sale is approaching is sure to have you thrilled.

This is the perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite items and buy presents for those you care about.

However, you won’t be disappointed if you are awaiting the sale season to acquire services other than groceries, such as writing. Do you need SEO-optimized content to scale your Google organic traffic campaigns? We’re here to save the day!

On November 26, 2021, i.e., this Black Friday, you can enjoy the most incredible discounts on SEO content writing services. This is your golden chance to leave the rest of the world scouring the internet for deals on toys and makeup while you focus on taking your business up a notch.

Everybody appreciates a good bargain, whether it’s on your favorite shampoo or the writing agency you hire. So, now is the time for all business owners who want to up-scale via SEO optimization to make the right call.

Contrary to popular belief, writing is NOT a piece of cake. And as a result, finding competent writers can be an arduous task.

Thankfully, we’ve already taken care of that problem for you. We took some time to compile a list of the best Black Friday SEO content writing deals​​ you can rely on.

Our Top Picks — Black Friday SEO Content Writing Deals

  1. WritingPackages – Best Overall Content Writing Service
  2. BuySellText
  3. RiddleMeWrite

Black Friday Deals for SEO Content Writing Services (Full Review)

  1. Writing Packages

This Black Friday, Writing Packages is offering the biggest discount of the year on their services. It would be a huge mistake to pass up this opportunity to save 25% on SEO content from the writing agency.


As the name suggests, Writing Packages is a writing agency with everything you could want in a writer on their professional team. The company is well renowned for its competent crew and for providing quality SEO content.

They are a team of native writers who work on a worldwide scale and cater to everyone who needs English content. Moreover, the agency exclusively recruits the finest in the industry. Before hiring, all of the team’s writers are put through a series of tests to ensure they have the required skills and capabilities.

Though SEO content creation might not be for everyone, the writers at Writing Package are professionals who have a knack for their work.


Are you traumatized by your past encounters with writers who made false claims and failed to live up to your expectations? This problem is foreseeable since writing engaging content is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the excellent services the team at Writing Packages provides and the quality content they produce will not only satisfy your needs but also go beyond your expectations.

The agency offers a wide range of SEO-related services and excels at them. Nevertheless, in the rare event that you don’t like the content they produce, Writing Packages offers three rounds of revisions to ensure customer satisfaction with the quality of the content they deliver.

Many bloggers outsource the content they post on their blogs as it is the bread and butter of what they do. Correspondingly, Writing Packages is a reliable source to generate content for posting. The agency mainly focuses on creating blog content within the time limit provided to avoid wasting their clients’ valuable time.

In addition, the content writers working at Writing Packages are all native speakers with fluent language skills and a flair for converting their thoughts into words. 

Once the content is written, an editorial team reviews it to ensure it delivers value to the client and maintains its quality. All content is checked on Grammarly and Yoast to keep the quality consistent and top-notch. Moreover, the agency guarantees 100% plagiarism-free content!

Unlike many others, the team at Writing Packages creates high-quality SEO content that can successfully generate organic Google traffic for your site. In addition, they provide all this at reasonable, market-competitive rates. You can place an order with custom instructions for your content. Also, no need to worry about being ghosted by your writers ever again! Writing Packages offers exceptional support and typically responds to all queries within the hour.

The agency also features different packages to accommodate the needs of various clients. 

Firstly, they have a Starter Package that offers delivery within ten days. The package costs $550 for 10,000 words, which is reasonable considering it includes keyword research and topic research by fluent writers.

Moving on, Writing Packages also offers a Standard Package that has an estimated delivery time of 12 days. This package is priced at $795 for 15,000 words. 3-time revision, keyword research, and topic research are part and parcel of the overall package.

Lastly, the Pro Package of Writing Packages charges $1000 for 20,000 words. Again, the package includes quality content written by native writers with keyword and topic research and revision.

Additionally, the agency has a lot of exciting offers in store for Black Friday. Most prominently, Writing Packages is offering 25% off on their SEO content for this Black Friday sale!


  • Premium-quality SEO content that adds value to your business
  • Native writers who are fluent in English
  • 25% off for Black Friday sale
  • Content checked with Grammarly and YoastSEO
  • Guarantees 100% plagiarism-free delivery
  • Allow three rounds of revisions
  • Competitive market rates


  • They don’t offer a package for people who need a smaller word count
  1. BuySellText

BuySellText is about to put up offers you wouldn’t want to miss out on. For the Black Friday sale, utilize the fantastic discounts from this writing agency to solve your SEO writing problems at an affordable cost.


As simple as its name, BuySellText is a writing agency with a team of professional writers who create high-quality content for you to buy. Compared to Writing Packages, BuySellText creates more generic content.

The platform’s owner started the company with a mission to solve the problems that clients face when searching for competent writers to consistently produce quality content. Simultaneously, it works to solve the problem writers face in finding clients willing to upkeep long-term projects.

BuySellText is a platform that connects both ends, benefiting the writers and the clients. It eliminates the efforts that clients and writers must make to find professional services and maintain long-term work.

Co-founded by Natasha Nixon, a lead content provider since 2010, the agency has a team of professional, trained, in-house writers that speak English fluently. Furthermore, the agency only hires from the US, UK, and Canada, thus comprising a team of native writers.


BuySellText is an apt platform for providing various content writing services, ranging from expertly written blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, authoritative content, buying guides, press releases, and social media posts.

Moreover, BuySellText is a one-stop solution encompassing all content-related services on a single platform. You can order, track, and download files in a single place. The in-depth knowledge of the writers enables them to take on projects of multiple variations. 

The extensive experience of the co-founder, Natasha Nixon, benefits the platform by bridging the gap between writers and clients, allowing you to get content that fulfills your needs.

In addition, the writers at BuySellText create content that adds value to your business as it fulfills all the requirements that Google searches for in articles to rank them. They create well-structured content with SEO optimization that is easily readable by people of all ages on any device they use.

Furthermore, the process is convenient and straightforward, as all you have to do is specify what you are looking for in the content, and the writers at BuySellText will work their magic. 

The company provides high-caliber services at reasonable prices. Catering to clients worldwide, BuySellText has a market competitive cost range that allows all projects, irrespective of how small or large they are, to be written with the same intent and quality.

Correspondingly, the agency offers writing services at three levels. Depending on your budget, you can choose between good, great, and best.

A rather exciting feature of the platform is that they don’t offer an overall word count in their package. Instead, it charges per word for the content you need. Other than being different for each level, the price per word varies depending on the type of content you want to write.

Another add-on that BuySellText offers its clients is the chance of supercharging their content and making it more engaging and descriptive to rank high on Google using the services they offer.

You can request a 24-hour delivery, trust the writers to add relevant, royalty-free images, and automatically post the article on WordPress based on a schedule you provide. Besides, offers for citing references and writing meta-descriptions are also available.


  • Native writers with fluent English
  • High-quality content in a variety of formats
  • Various add-on services
  • Optimized content that ranks high
  • Competitive market prices
  • The order can be as many words as you want


  • They don’t offer revisions
  1. Riddle Me Write

Riddle Me Write is coming up with the most exciting discounts for this Black Friday sale. You can’t let go of this rare chance of attaining premium-quality writing services at a lower cost than market rates!


With a promise to provide quality content to its clients, Riddle Me Write is a writing agency with a team of native writers who can boost your business. Co-founded by Beckii Leigh, Riddle Me Write allows clients to place orders for any content they need. 

Furthermore, the agency aims to provide authentic, original, and memorable content that adds relevance for the readers.

The co-founder and operations manager, Beckii, has a strong belief in the power of narrative. Undoubtedly, a strong narrative is powerful enough to alter the perceptions and beliefs of people. 

Beckii intends to share this power with businesses that want to attract the attention of their prospects and pre-existing clients. She spends her time striving to ensure that the content her clients receive is nothing short of what they deserve.

Correspondingly, the incredibly professional native writers tailor such content to relay the message to the readers.

The writers of Riddle Me Text will never disappoint. Even if the content you require is contrary to informative articles and more along the lines of a light-hearted read, RiddleMeText has your back!


Brimming with creative juices, the professional team at Riddle Me Write is always at your disposal to solve your writing riddles. They aren’t amateurs; instead, they hold diplomas and degrees, adding to their knowledge and skill set.

The team offers a variety of services similar to those of BuySellText. Ranging from SEO content to reviews and product descriptions, the competent team at Riddle Me Write can help you with the type of content you need. 

In addition, Riddle Me Write is the best place to get premium content at reasonable prices. Past customers also share their positive experiences using the services of the writing agency. Moreover, they appreciate the lower cost for the unique content. 

Meanwhile, others appreciate the accuracy and precision of the content that doesn’t require editing post-delivery.

Furthermore, the proficient team at Riddle Me Write proofreads and edits the content twice after they write it, using their English skills and tools. 

Therefore, the result is a polished piece of content that, when coupled with the fast services of the agency and their knack for writing articles best-suited for the client’s website, can add a lot of value to boosting your business.

However, the best feature of Riddle Me Write is their reasonable charges for the high-quality services they provide.

Starting with their trial package, you can order 5000 words for $200. This package is only applicable to the first order. It includes optimizing the content using Surfer SEO, hiring a native English writer and editor to ensure fluency, and best of all, client approval is a must.

In case the client is unhappy with the content, Riddle Me Write returns their money.

Continuing to the second package, $800 is charged for 20,000 words. This is for ongoing projects written and edited by native English writers and optimized using Surfer SEO.

Lastly, the enormous package of Riddle Me Write includes 100,000 words for $3500. Again, it consists of the same services offered in the second package. These packages are the most suitable for bulk orders.


  • Quality content that adds value
  • The trial period includes a money-back guarantee
  • Low cost for ongoing projects


  • There is no option for a low word count
  • They do not offer revisions

What Should You Look for When Buying SEO Optimized Content?

With the rising trend of freelancing, there is a massive market of writers available worldwide. However, creating content that scales a business is not for everyone. Instead of wasting your money on low-quality services and relying on incompetent agencies, you should invest in a place with high returns.

We have thoroughly researched the available services to shortlist the best among them to solve your problem. The factors you should look out for when buying SEO optimized content include:

Free of Plagiarism or Spin Content 

For any content to rank well on Google, originality is an essential factor, next to SEO optimization.

Plagiarism leads to copyright infringement that is punishable by the law. Even the accidental use of plagiarised content can put your business in jeopardy. In addition, other than the written content, the images or graphs that are added to an article also come under plagiarism if they are taken from copyright sources. Therefore, you must ensure the origins of any such items used in the content you post.

Moreover, it is ethically and morally wrong as it involves stealing another person’s content. The true talents of any writer shine through when they write content that is original and authentic. Other than being plagiarism-free, it is essential that the content is not spun or paraphrased.

Apart from ensuring that the content you post is free of plagiarism, make sure that the information you provide is factually correct. An article, blog post, or review that can mislead the readers does more harm than good to your business reputation.


Writers who are fluent in their English language skills have a significant impact on the quality of the content. It not only enhances English and ensures correct usage of grammar but also eliminates a vast proportion of the chances of making mistakes.

Moreover, to deliver quality content to the readers, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content you contribute is appropriate, well-structured, coherent, and easily understandable.

Yoast SEO

Google is dynamic and keeps getting more innovative in detecting plagiarism, spin, and other defects. 

A significant part of ranking well on Google is SEO optimization of the content. Easily readable content, comprising short sentences and paragraphs with a common vocabulary, gets a high SEO score.

Yoast SEO is an SEO tool that ensures the content follows the optimization parameters and falls within the prescribed ranges. The correct placement and density of keywords, the SEO length of the title, and the density of passive voice used in the article contribute to its SEO score.

References and Citations

In factual articles or research-based content, it is necessary to use the information provided on other pages. However, you need to make sure you add appropriate references to the source of information while using any such information.


Apart from all the other factors, a writing agency’s pricing and packages are also important. First of all, determine the flexibility of your budget and the duration of the services you require. Moving on, compare the market price and look at the different services agencies have to offer.

Additionally, check whether their offers are better-suited for one-time work or a long-term project. Accordingly, determine the most cost-effective agency that falls within your budget. 


The freelancing industry has been steadily growing for the last two decades. Alongside, Google is continuously evolving into a better version each day. In such a situation, finding competent, creative, and skilled writers to create content of all sorts has become increasingly challenging.

In times when people rely on the Internet to build their perception and trust in any business, it is essential to monitor the content you put out. Consequently, you need a writing agency that can take on the task of both writing and editing the content for you while ensuring it is SEO optimized. 

In this year’s Black Friday sale, look for content writing deals that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, they will help you scale your company and generate organic Google traffic to your website through engaging content.

Keep an eye out for upcoming deals that require minimal investment and generate greater revenue!

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