Email deliverability unharmed: ways to deal with email marketing fatigue


In the email spam test’s crosshair: what’s email fatigue?

Low email deliverability has to have a cause, doesn’t it? Reasons may be many but do we always think about the most banal of them? That’s right, sometimes the explanation is surprisingly simple. Nowadays people get hundreds of emails from numerous digital brands. In the end, they just get tired and stop even opening incoming e-letters looking like marketing based ones. That’s what we are used to calling email marketing fatigue. When it comes to company staff, this can also be a serious problem, as it leads to workers experiencing early emotional burnout. 

Thus, one can run an email spam test and see his campaigns’ performance decrease but why? Email marketing fatigue is often to blame! Bearing that in mind, this time our experts from Folderly would like to share their thoughts on how to fight email fatigue. So, what are you going to find out from the article?

-in what ways email marketing fatigue can be dangerous to b2b activities;

-if there are any effective ways of minimizing damage dealt by it;

-the importance of targeting, personalization etc.

Without further delay, let’s get down to business. Geronimo! 

The dangers of email marketing fatigue: another email spam test’s never too much

  There are lots of different things a good marketer has to monitor. The best thing to do is to use reliable test software. Email deliverability, spam triggers, potentially having been blacklisted somewhere – everything requires the salesman’s attention. However, email marketing fatigue is somewhat tricky to reveal and measure. “Is it really this dangerous?” you’ll probably ask. So, let us figure it out for you, whether email marketing fatigue is to be considered a real threat, for as you will see for yourself, the best strategy is the one combining powerful email spam check software with knowledge and time-proven marketing tricks.

Further we are going to list the main issues which email marketing fatigue tend to result in for b2b businesses:

-A deliverability drop. It’s expressed in prospects stopping reading emails because they’ve got tired. What follows is another email deliverability (spam) check revealing no engagement on the side of the marketer’s recipients, poor sender’s reputation and the ESP suspecting the salesman of being a spammer.

-Brand reputation going down. Prospects or customers frustrated with a brand tend to start treating it with hostility, leave negative reviews and try to blacken the brand in public.

-Domains getting blacklisted and campaigns performing worse. That’s what happens when angry customers begin reporting your messages and deleting them.

Fighting email fatigue tricks to be combined with email spam test 

It’s one thing to improve one’s email deliverability but another thing is to root out what is causing a decrease. As you see, email marketing fatigue can be a serious problem here, though no wonder if you’ve never even thought about the problem. To realize that it’s a real issue it takes quite some experience which Folderly, a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins, is here to share with all interested in doing b2b like pros.

So, suppose you’ve noticed that customers ceased reading emails though you write and send them properly; test e-letters for spam? Start panicking? Don’t you worry for it’s high time we began figuring out how to act here. 

First, the following signs of email fatigue being an issue should be paid attention to:

-Increasing unsubscribe rates. It’s what fatigued users are sure to do; when tired of a brand, they are most likely to prevent you from being able to reach them.

-Emails not being interacted with. Isn’t it only natural when being tired of something we stay away from it? That refers to web marketing as well. 

-Increasing spam complaints. Fatigued prospects won’t differentiate between this or that incoming marketing e-letter, they will simply mark them all as spam.

Keeping email fatigue to a minimum for better email spam test results

We hope that monitoring email fatigue among the prospects will now  become every reader’s top-priority thing together with having to test the system for email deliverability (delivery rate) issues, spam trigger words etc. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s vital that marketers keep their eyes open at all times and notice the signs of email marketing fatigue when those start showing up. Now let’s say a couple of words about active steps to be taken for the sake of eliminating the threat.

In short, things necessary to take care about are these:

-working on one’s targeting;

-paying special attention to personalization;

-monitoring the stats.

Further we are going to analyze each of the aspects in detail.

Test your email deliverability but work on targeting too

There is never success for any b2b campaign if its content is created without asking oneself the question “Who is my cold b2b emailing being done for?” Why is the person meant to read the email special for you? What position does he occupy in the company you aim to work with? 

The main thought here is that it’s never possible to treat all clients using one and the same approach. Every marketer’s target audience consists of different segments. And those segments are impossible to point out without a thorough analysis. That’s what you definitely want to do is to take up a difficult but important task: breaking the sending list down into categories. Prospects in each category have to be united by similar preferences or probably areas of expertise. 

Why is it important to do? 

By doing so, the marketer will be able to clearly understand which course of action will be the best for his campaigns. As we already pointed out, leaving recipients feeling unappreciated and bailed on won’t likely turn out well for the business. 

Proper personalization plus “test-my-email-deliverability” activities

Eager to run a successful b2b campaign? The sales leads are to be shown that you care for them then! The most basic thing which is also a common courtesy too is to know the customer’s name. This way the marketer demonstrates that he’s done the basic work of researching who he works with. It’s vital that businessmen understand their prospects’ goals and needs. There is barely anyone in the business sphere who will accept anything less than that. 

Don’t make the mistake of considering people to see a mere suggestion to think over your offer as intervention into their private life. Surely, it’s not going to end well for business relationships if the salesman demonstrates how well he’s aware of the client’s private life. Simply let the customer understand that you realize what goals he pursues and in what ways you can assist them with that.

What is necessary to be done is to draw an ideal buyer avatar, understand his motives and benefits such a person would prioritize. That’s how an atmosphere of trust and understanding is to be achieved. 

Test your email deliverability not forgetting to watch the stats

How can one expect the email deliverability (spam) checker to come up with something decent without analytical data? Every good marketer knows how crucial it is to figure out how many it would be perfect to send to fatigued prospects. Numbers and analytics can never be done without. Whether you like it or not, successful campaigning requires researching in order to know which project drives the most clicks and opens. Thus, you’ll be able to know which campaigns are worth concentrating on and which should be set aside for some time. How is this achieved?

-Using on-site analytical data, tracking one’s daily traffic, seeing where the site’s visitors come from. Some of them may have found the brand in search results, while others could have followed a link in your e-letter.

-Running performance tests. Use a powerful tool, like Folderly’s, that is able to provide the best insight on the campaign and the open rates. Each mailbox has to be analyzed to see its performance rate. 

Summing it up: best email spam test performance without email fatigue

Don’t underestimate email marketing fatigue as a potential b2b issue. The impact it can make is more than real; however, it shouldn’t be let to stay in your way when campaigns’ performance is at stake, a relationship with the customers in particular. All it takes is to be attentive, understanding, ready to realize what exactly is being done and differentiate between correct actions and incorrect ones. Your main goal as a sender and marketer is to distract the customers from the dullness around them. 

Need professional advice? Why not ask us? Folderly is always eager to advise each of its subscribers on any issue they aren currently experiencing. Join the family!  

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