How to keep yourself in a good shape


Every healthy person needs to keep in shape. How to keep yourself in good physical shape if you live in a state of permanent stress? Use the life hacks below to help restore your health and maintain the correct daily routine. Our article will tell you how to keep fit without going to the gym or using the services of a personal trainer. Let’s talk today about how to keep yourself in shape!


10 thousand steps daily – and for many years higher the body will be in good shape. Cardio burns calories and prevents fat deposition on the sides, buttocks, abdomen, thighs.

Many professionals and BidForWriting recommends avoiding traveling by public transport or car. Layout walking routes around the city. When planning them, consider the time you will spend walking. Do not give up walking in inclement weather. Snow, rain, frost, the wind should not stop you.

If possible, create your daily route through the park. Wildlife perfectly relieves stress, soothes, therefore, a great mood after such a walk is guaranteed. 

It’s great if the park has rugged terrain and there are long stairs on your way. On the first walks, go up, stepping on each step. Over time, complicate the task – take two steps.

Unable to tune in to regular walks? Get a dog! Mandatory outings every morning and every night will be provided. Make sure that the promenade (at a fast pace) takes at least 40 minutes. Play with your pet, make your body move actively.

Drink plenty of water 

How to keep yourself in shape? Naturally, you need to not only move a lot but also drink enough water. 

The liquid occupies 60-80% of the human body, fills the cells, the intercellular space, where metabolic processes take place. It is water that supplies nutrients to the body. It also removes metabolic waste from the body.

Water helps: 

  •  prevent urolithiasis; 
  •  prevent heart disease; 
  •  lower blood pressure; 
  •  prevent sunstroke in summer; 
  •  improve the condition of the skin; 
  •  reduce hunger. 

Listen to your inner state. For example, constant weakness, permanent dizziness may indicate that the body lacks some salts. It will be possible to cope with such problems with the help of correctly selected mineral water.

The norm is 1.5-2 liters of clean water drunk per day. Soups, tea, coffee, juices are not taken into account in this case. 

Start your day with a glass of warm water. It will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, adjust the body to consume fewer calories than usual. Coldwater drunk throughout the day will help to burn the latter, keeping the body in shape.

Exercise, exercise during the day

Physical activity will allow you to keep your body in shape for decades, significantly improve the quality of life, and get rid of many health problems. Thanks to simple, but regular morning exercises, you are guaranteed to become more toned in just a few months. Also, your mood will improve and your performance will increase.

During the day, you can also easily set aside time for physical activity: 

  • brush your teeth in the so-called rider position or the usual half-squat. Within 2-3 minutes of being in such a static position, the muscles of the legs will receive a tangible load;
  • from time to time, strain for 3 seconds and then relax the muscles of the buttocks. Do this exercise until you get tired; 
  • inhaling, drawing in your stomach. Tighten your abs. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, relax as you exhale. 

A five-minute yoga session before bed can also help keep your body in good shape. The only thing: the set of exercises should be aimed at relaxation.

Eat right

Eating well is not a strict diet, but a balanced meal throughout the day. Gradually replace fatty, fried foods with fast food with steamed foods in the oven. Be sure to include fresh vegetables in your diet. Replace sweets, baked goods with dried fruit, and fresh fruit. Eat nuts instead of chocolates. 

You need to eat three times a day. There should be snacks between breakfasts, lunches, dinners. Drink yogurt daily. These drinks will help maintain healthy gut flora.

Thanks to a properly composed menu, you will consume the right amount of calories, saturate the body with healthy food containing all the necessary vitamins and microelements. Therefore, a good physical shape is guaranteed!

Stick to the rules of healthy sleep

An adult needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep every day. Diseases take away strength from the body, increasing the time needed for rest. When we recover, we need at least nine hours of sleep a night.

Remember the individual characteristics. Some people are genetically predisposed to sleep up to six hours. Track the nature of your night’s rest during the month, and determine the optimal daily routine.

How to get your body in shape using sleep and wake modes? Use the following tips: 

  •  go to bed at the same time every day, including weekends; 
  • before going to bed, take care of a comfortable temperature in the room. Listen to soothing music, turn on soft dim lights;
  •  before going to bed, do not watch TV, do not use devices; 
  •  give up coffee and alcohol six hours before bedtime. Do not smoke before going to bed. Forget about heavy snacks before bed, too. Quench your thirst with a glass of water, drinking it in small sips; 
  •  work, watch TV, eat in inappropriate places. Use the bed exclusively for sleeping. 

A night of healthy sleep will help to keep not only the body in good shape. Getting enough rest will keep your brain working well during the day and will make you more stress-resistant.


Massages are great for keeping the body in good shape. Also, these procedures are excellent for restoring the energy balance. 

Regular classical massage will relax muscles, release clamps, and restore normal blood circulation. This procedure normalizes metabolic processes in the body, helps to quickly regain shape. It is recommended to take a classical massage course every six months.

Pleasant manual procedures will be beneficial. We are talking about Ayurvedic, Thai massages, shiatsu. If you want to lose weight, you will have to undergo a course of anti-cellulite treatments.

Self-massage is another effective way to keep the body in good shape. Learn how to knead your hands, feet, massage your head, and face. Do these procedures at night, and your sleep will become stronger and healthier.

Implementing all six of the above points at the same time is an overwhelming task. Therefore, determine the most accessible, enjoyable way and start with it. When innovation becomes a habit, add another item to your daily routine. Try all six options in turn, but in no case overdo it, because working on yourself should bring joy. Be healthy, keep yourself in shape!

Have breakfast 

Train yourself not to skip breakfast. Skipping your first meal can lead to overeating throughout the day and a rapid drop in energy levels. You don’t have to cook something complicated, it can be a whole grain bread sandwich with cheese and boiled meat, tomato slices, and lettuce. You can prepare breakfast in the evening – for example, bake whole grain muffins or pancakes. Another simple breakfast option is porridge with yogurt and berries. 

Reduce the amount of sugar in recipes

Excessive consumption of sugar is one of the causes of many diseases in modern humans. These are inflammatory processes in the body, and type 2 diabetes, and hormonal problems, and deterioration in the condition of the skin and hair, as well as weight gain. If you cannot or do not want to give up sugar, you can simply reduce its proportion in your diet. To do this, simply halve the usual amount of sugar in drinks and homemade baked goods.


Master the practice of meditation. Unlike hardening, you can start meditation immediately, literally from the first days of transition to a healthy lifestyle. Meditation strengthens willpower, increases awareness, and restores mental balance. All this is very useful at the stage of restructuring the body.

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