PrimeShred Review (2022) I Tried It & Here’s What Happened


Burn fat again and again! PrimeShred Review (2022) I Tried It & Here’s What Happened This is one of the ultimate goals of bodybuilding practitioners to build a body worthy of ancient statutes. With this intention, all means (natural and healthy) are good! To help you sculpt your body in the best condition, the famous manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements Muscle Club Limited has developed a brand new formula. PrimeShred caught , an extreme fat burner that our eye. Click Here to Visit Official Primeshred Website 

Dr you his Muscu gives opinion on PrimeShred as well as everything you need to know about this new generation fat burner.  

Hardcore fat burner for the most ripped, lean, shredded body you’ve ever had 

PrimeShred is a high-potency fat burner scientifically formulated to deliver extreme fat burning and accelerated weight loss. The powerful combination of proven ingredients will give you fast, whole body fat burning and a boost in energy, mood and mental focus to help you achieve your best physique. 

PrimeShred, what is it?  

PrimeShred is a fat burner fat burner or supplement intended primarily for men who want to lose weight. The famous American manufacturer Muscle Club Limited recently designed this product with the aim of providing the keys to optimal weight loss.  

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Its effective formula has the effect of accelerating the metabolism, that is, to use the calories consumed and transform them into energy rather than storing fat. PrimeShred will accelerate the combustion to eliminate stubborn fat in order to forge you a contoured body.  

This fat burner is primarily intended for male bodybuilders who wish to lose fat by doing a dry run (for example), but it could be perfectly suitable in other areas as its formula is rich.  

The advantages of PrimeShred 

This new fat burner only has advantages. He starts off very strongly and we recognize the expertise of Muscle Club Limited in the design of sports supplements.  

Natural and powerful ingredients  

The manufacturer has selected only natural ingredients for PrimeShred . As usual, the manufacturer has not done things by halves. All the ingredients used are powerful and have direct or indirect effects on weight loss. What is more, they have taken care to choose only the molecules that benefit the most from scientific feedback, analyzes and studies to be completely sure of the effectiveness of their product. We will show you more in the rest of the article.  

An effective appetite suppressant  

PrimeShred will be your best ally to cut off any cravings that arise. Capsaicin (along with other molecules that are part of the formula) will suppress the feeling of hunger so that you are less tempted when the opportunity presents itself.  

It has happened time and again to see people having balanced and varied main meals. Then, a few hours or minutes later, we see them spoil these efforts by munching on a food that will ruin their diet. Thanks to the natural appetite suppressant found in PrimeShred , you reduce these risks. Click Here to Visit Official Primeshred Website 

A fat burner that acts for a long time  

The operation of this fat burner for men is absolutely brilliant. PrimeShred works any time of the day to help you lose weight and more.  

Its composition with handpicked natural ingredients provides an excellent level of energy for your bodybuilding workouts. Thus, if you are in a dry period , you can continue to have enough tone to do intense sessions. We know that the reduction in caloric intake during dry periods also causes a decrease in our energy level. Thanks to PrimeShred , you will be able to continue giving 100% of yourself during your sessions with greater ease.  

The presence of caffeine in this food supplement increases its time of action. It will act in length at different stages of the day.  

Good for spirit  

Muscle Club Limited didn’t stop there. The company is aware of the difficulty men can have in losing weight. This obviously represents a physical challenge, but also a mental one . weight loss is about these two aspects, they have integrated Assuming that molecules that will boost morale : motivation, self-confidence, focus and a better balance of the nervous system await you.  

A complete fat burner  

Finally, the advantage of PrimeShred is its side powerful and complete fat burner .  

There are the ingredients that speed up the metabolism to convert calories into energy rather than fat . As a result, you store much less fat. Yes, that doesn’t mean you can eat 35 Snickers without gaining fat. We will see it later: the effectiveness of this fat burner food supplement will depend mainly on your lifestyle.  

On the other hand, PrimeShred facilitates the burning of stubborn fat . A real feat for a natural food supplement. Exercise and a good diet are not always enough to eliminate stubborn fat. This is where PrimeShred shedding those unwanted takes over by naturally fats.  

A greater level of energy, good fat burning, an appetite suppressant effect, natural ingredients: all these advantages make this dietary supplement a complete fat burner.  

The composition of PrimeShred  

The strength of PrimeShred is its arsenal of scientific studies that attest to its effectiveness through its ingredients. Indeed, each ingredient benefits from numerous studies which prove their impact on weight loss.  

Matrix of 3 main ingredients  

Muscle Club Limited highlights 3 main ingredients that are very effective in burning fat.  

Cayenne pepper (capsicum)  

Capsaicin from cayenne pepper is very popular when it comes to burning fat by increasing body temperature. This is called thermogenesis. Moreover, capsaicin stimulates the metabolism to improve the conversion of food into energy.  

It also helps reduce appetite to avoid snacking between meals or taking larger portions. It is a powerful natural appetite suppressant. A study of men and women has shown that cayenne pepper increases satiety. Likewise, it reduces fat storage.  

Muscle Club Limited prides itself on having designed with PrimeShred the dietary supplement with the largest dose of capsaicin in the world – 200 mg per dose – for maximum effectiveness.  

Anhydrous caffeine  

Sensitive bodies, refrain! Anhydrous caffeine (which does not contain water) is a pure concentrate of energy or more exactly caffeine. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), one teaspoon of this caffeine equals 28 teaspoons of teaspoon. You can think of anhydrous caffeine like the whey in coffee .  

Its effects are exactly what we are looking for:  

  • Fat burning;  
  • Oxidation of lipids;  
  • Stimulation of metabolism;  
  • Improved energy level to practice sport accompanied by better athletic performance.  

We will recall it later, but it is better twice than one. This food supplement is powerful in particular thanks to the anhydrous caffeine. Sensitive people or those who “never” consume caffeine should be careful and gradually take the dosage of PrimeShred under penalty of having some side effects. Start with half a dose when in doubt.  

Green tea extract (camelia sinensis)  

Without making bad puns, everyone’s tearing green tea leaves. They have such a positive impact on weight loss that it would be a shame to do without them. Moreover, green tea represents a mine of benefits for many other things.  

What will green tea get us? It accelerates fat burning and weight loss thanks to its thermogenic effect.  

The catechin present in green tea extract helps in weight loss . It also prevents inflammation. This will have the effect of preserving you more during your bodybuilding sessions. A fit body with maximum energy means recovery time saved to achieve your goals more quickly.  

A study has shown that men burned 4% more calories 24 hours after taking green tea extract . Note that the doses used to conduct this study are lower than those present in PrimeShred .  

To sum up, with green tea you have a thermogenic effect and faster fat burning.  

Vitamins B3, B6, B12  

Vitamins of the B group are crucial in particular with regard to the balance (of the nervous system). An essential aspect to our physical and emotional state.  

In our food supplement, we find three vitamins of group B.  

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)  

This vitamin maintains the level of insulin properly. It also helps to stimulate and ensure the proper functioning of the metabolism.  

It would also seem that niacin maintains the brain and our mind in good condition.  

Vitamine B6 (pyridoxine HCI)  

It is also very important to keep in shape. It is responsible (along with other micronutrients) for our energy level. As a result, when you have a sufficient amount of vitamin B6, you feel less tired and you feel more fit. In addition, it improves our cognitive functions and boosts our motivation .  

You will have understood it: Vitamin B6 from PrimeShred will be of great help to anyone who wants to maintain top physical and mental health.  

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)  

This vitamin B12 plays a key role in the production of energy through our cells; which is decisive when you want to lose weight.  

They help in many ways when it comes to reducing the scale counter. Indeed, it perpetuates the metabolic functions of the organism, it balances the nervous system and it improves our energy level. As a result, we end up with less fatigue, more energy and a good nights sleep.  

In addition, vitamin B12 has a positive impact on our cholesterol level by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and facilitating the appearance of good cholesterol (HDL). Vegan-type diets sometimes provide vitamin B12 deficiencies, because it is found almost only in animal products (meat, cheese, etc.). However, it is important not to suffer from deficiency at the risk of encountering difficulties such as depression, anxiety …  

Green coffee  

Green coffee is perhaps the ingredient that suffers from a lack of scientific studies about it. Indeed, it has been consumed for quite a short time in this way and studies can represent significant investments.  

What we know about this ingredient: Green coffee is a powerful natural fat burner that has a place in the composition of PrimeShred to work in synergy with the other ingredients.  

Having said that, the serious studies available to us are extremely encouraging. Indeed, the use of green coffee on the weight loss of a group of individuals allowed them to reduce their weight by 2.47 kg more than the group with a placebo. These tests meet the criteria of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the body responsible for enforcing health rules in the United States). Therefore, this constitutes a serious study which corroborates the fat burning effect of green coffee .  

L-tyrosine and l-theanine  

These two molecules are often found in nootropics.  

Nootropics are food supplements that act on our mental state to boost our motivation , concentration, relaxation, etc.  

In this case, tyrosine and theanine will act together to increase our concentration, our alertness and naturally provide us with a greater feeling of well-being.  

They are also known to have properties on weight loss . They have an appetite suppressant effect. By causing a lure to the brain, they are helpful in keeping you from snacking all day.  

Theanine is presented a bit like the ” relaxing ” part of tea. Indeed, the great strength of green tea is its ability to regulate our nervous system. On the one hand, we have the caffeine found in tea and, on the other hand, we have theanine which will have a more relaxing function.  

On the other hand, studies have shown that theanine makes it possible to better manage the level of glucose, lipids and proteins in the body.  

Finally, it has been shown to be more relaxed, focused and more alert after consuming theanine. This is surely due to its positive effect on sleep.  

L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine reduce stress and anxiety , just like rhodiola. When dieting, habit changes as well as reducing calorie intake can cause an unstable emotional state. These molecules will regulate your mind to accompany you throughout your low-calorie journey.  

DMAE Bitartrate (Dimethylaminoethanol)  

As we have pointed out to you, Muscle Club Limited also wanted to incorporate ingredients that have an effect on the mind in their fat burner for men. A characteristic that should never be neglected in bodybuilding, especially for weight loss. This step is crucial and difficult. It is important to put the odds in your favor.  

The DMAE present in Prime Shred improves cognitive and brain functions. This implies better concentration , a better mood as well as better memory faculties. This natural ingredient is found in small blue fish such as sardines or anchovies.  

Some studies have shown that DMAE improves focus and is helpful for people who are hyperactive. In short, it is an excellent component to refocus . We also recognize in this ingredient virtues on motivation , learning and reflection. If you do not see the point of such an ingredient in a fat burner, it is because you may not perceive (which is normal) the psychological dimension that such an ordeal brings. Losing weight requires a lot of concentration and motivation.  

Rhodiola / Orpin rose  

The pink stonecrop, otherwise called rhodiola , is a plant that grows in cold regions and whose virtues are interesting to help us lose weight.  

We notice that the pink stonecrop improves endurance and athletic performance . Which is a good point when you want to lose fat and do weight training. A scientific study on animals has proven that rose stonecrop reduces body fat. Therefore, it makes you lose fat. Very encouraging data.  

Likewise, it seems that this plant fights against fatigue and is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  

BioPerine Black Pepper  

The manufacturer calls this ingredient BioPerine Black Pepper. To put it simply, it is a compound found in black pepper. A natural ingredient that we tend to use only in cooking even though it is very useful when it is well combined.  

Indeed, piperine (this molecule derived from black pepper and chili) improves bioavailability . That is to say, it will improve our ability to assimilate the aforementioned ingredients. In short, it is an ingredient that will maximize the effects of the other ingredients in PrimeShred . It will also be useful to boost thermogenesis, protect the liver and even fight against diabetes. A real slimming ingredient!  

Does Prime Shred have any side effects?  

This fat burner is a natural and safe food supplement. It is important to follow the dosage of PrimeShred indicated on the box. If you follow all the recommendations, you are not at risk of side effects.  

The only thing we recommend (under Dr Muscu) is to watch out for caffeine. If you ever know that you are sensitive to it, then start by taking a half dose or even a quarter dose. And even if you’re used to caffeine and for example you take 3 doses of BlackWolf pre-workout workout before your , still be careful. Too much caffeine can cause headaches, or heavy sweating, so be careful!  

However, apart from the exciting effect provided by the product, are noted no other undesirable effects .  

PrimeShred review 2022: does it really work?  

Definitely, yes. Muscle Club Limited thought of everything while developing the makeup of PrimeShred. This is a man fat burner that will be perfectly effective for anyone who wants to lose weight as long as they have at least regular physical activity and a good diet.  

Its different ingredients have been selected with the perfect dosage and gives this very positive PrimeShred opinion : we find the ingredients that will take care of stimulating the metabolism; fat burning ingredients; nootropic ingredients (those that have an impact on your mind) and an ingredient that will improve the bioavailability of all those previously mentioned. How to do better? We wonder.  

After testing it for several weeks, we can tell you that the results are there. Among the Prime Shred testers who underwent a cure, some lost up to 10kg in 3 months of treatment , enough to completely redesign their physique! Among the testimonials on PrimeShred, we also find these:  

After a failed mass gain I found myself with a lot of fat to lose, around 6kg. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started a course of PrimeShred. It only took me 2 months to lose them. So I am already thinking of using Prime Shred when I start my hair dryer because it is so effective!  

Fabrice P.  

I’m young, and subscribed to the explosive pizza + beer cocktail too often with my friends! As it was starting to show a little too much in the belly, my coach recommended that I do a course of PrimeShred to lose weight and remove these bulges in the belly. In addition to becoming dry again as before, I really feel that this supplement has helped to change my eating habits, so I can only have a positive opinion on it!  

Matthew W.  

I am a former professional boxer, I have always had a very healthy lifestyle. But since I stopped competing I have been doing a lot of excess: little sport, junk food, etc. A friend from the gym advised me to PrimeShred to lose weight and motivate me. After 3 months of treatment and a resumption of sport twice a week, I am already losing 7kg, and I do not intend to stop there!  

Jean A.  

Where to buy PrimeShred?  

The only way to get PrimeShred is to go directly to the official website . While this can be a downside to accessing the product, it guarantees you a 100% compliant and safe fat burner straight from the manufacturer. Click Here to Visit Official Primeshred Website 

You do not risk ending up with a counterfeit sold on the internet with ingredients of which we are not sure of their origin. Likewise, if you are for looking PrimeShred in pharmacies, you will be unable to find it. The manufacturer ships worldwide in record time, so you can order PrimeShred from home effortlessly, what more could you ask for?  

PrimeShred price and dosage  

To succeed with your PrimeShred fat burner cure, the manufacturer Muscle Club Limited recommends a 3-month cure by taking 3 capsules per day . This time will be necessary to sculpt a sharp body and have the muscles clearly visible. We also recommend this time to give the ingredients in PrimeShred time to work properly.  

Regarding the price of PrimeShred, you will find different offers with interesting discounts if you buy in a pack. Note that even if the prices are displayed in dollars, the fat burner will be sent in record time from the warehouses of Muscle Club Limited in the United Kingdom. Here are the different PrimeShred rates:  

  • A box of PrimeShred for a one-month cure: $ 59.99  
  • Three boxes of PrimeShred for a 3-month cure: $ 99.99 or a saving of $ 59.99 because you will have 1 free box!  
  • Six boxes of PrimeShred for a 6-month cure: $ 199.99, a saving of $ 119.98 and 2 boxes offered.  

From time to time it is possible to obtain a PrimeShred promo code for varying discounts. As soon as we have knowledge of a code we will update this page to allow you to take advantage of the best prices guaranteed on the fat burner!  

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