Tactic AIR Drone Review & Black Friday Deal 2021


Have you heard about Tactic AIR Drone and are unsure if it’s worth your bucks? We will cover this in this review!

If you’re in a rush to read the whole review, here’s a summary of our thoughts on Tactic AIR Drone:

Editor rating: 9.3/10

  1. High-quality product
  2. Very affordable price
  3. Excellent footage quality and durable battery life
  4. Foldable and portable

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Are you looking for an affordable drone with a variety of exciting features? These mobile mini-copters are quite popular these days, thanks to their wide artistical usage. They offer unparalleled mobility and allow you to snap photos from every possible angle. As such, you can capture some once-in-a-lifetime moments. All you need is to equip your drone with a camera.

Furthermore, a drone may be your excuse to stretch your creative muscles. After all, most of them are capable of capturing high-quality images from as far out as 100 meters. Hence, they’re the perfect tool for anyone in the visual production industry or with a budding Insta-profile. Maybe that’s why drones are in high demand these days.

On the other hand, the quantity of choice may overshadow the best of these items. So, finding a robust, light, and easy to control drone may require some research. Cutting the need for that, we present the Tactic AIR Drone!

This innovative product is a top-tier gadget with a surprisingly affordable price. In the following articles, we’ll cover all the details about it. So, continue reading to learn more about the Tactic Air Drone and its credibility as a high-quality air drone.

The Tactic AIR Drone Overview

Designed by Hyper Sls Ltd, the Tactic Air Drone comes with an intuitive remote controller. Also, it can soar up to 100 meters in the air. As for functionality, the drone sports some wide-angle lenses. Hence, while you operate it using hand gestures, it will capture movies in 4K quality. People who are always on the go will like its folding shape, making it convenient for them to carry it.

With an aerodynamic shape and a sleek appearance, the Tactic Air Drone naturally draws attention. It looks just as well seated as it does in motion. Also, its sturdy build protects it from fractures and or damages. So, it will survive a few minor accidents or low-impact collisions unscathed. Lightweight and collapsible in design, users can quickly prepare it and resume their journey. Next, they should start preparing to capture the ideal shot at another scenic location. 

Another noteworthy aspect is the Tactic Air Drone’s ‘Follow Me’ mode. This handy software makes the drone auto-pilots itself always to keep you in view. So, you’ll always be ready to utilize that fantastic picture opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

Furthermore, the Tactic Air Drone comes with two cameras that you can even use at once. An accompanying app provides users with complete command over their drone and its movie-making prowess. 

The Tactic AIR Drone Remote Control 

The Tactic Air Drone remote is tiny and fun to operate; all of the controls are at the tip of your fingertips. Also, there is a smartphone connector on the bottom of the controller for fast access to your smartphone. It includes a single button for takeoff and landing and another one for recording movies or capturing photographs.

You can also operate the drone using its app. The app provides you with additional capabilities to experiment with, including the intelligent flying modes we will touch on later. Asides from those, the drone can even transmit live video streams to your cell phone.

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How Does it Work

The maker of the Tactic AIR Drone claims that anybody can fly and operate this device. Because of its intuitive and clever controls, you do not need any particular expertise or abilities to handle it. Following the instructions of your Tactic AIR Drone, the manual suggests that you fully charge the battery first. Next, install the program that you’ll use to link it to your phone. It is also preferable to utilize a remote controller with a moveable attachment point at the bottom. Following that, you may begin flying it out and capturing those images and movies you intend to show to your friends.

The built-in preconfigured camera shots, including ‘asteroid shot’ and ‘boomerang’, enable you to record each photo or video as if you were an expert drone pilot. For this, you may take advantage of the generously wide 100m radius. Flying using the remote control is simple, while the capturing buttons let you choose between taking a movie or a still photo. You can change the drone’s direction with the help of joysticks or by using intelligent sensors. Additionally, by connecting the Tactic AIR Drone with the software on your smartphone, you may operate the drone remotely.

Who Can Benefit from the Tactic Air Drone?

Suppose you are a fan of aerial photography and cinematography but are on a tight budget. In that case, the Tactic AIR Drone is a fantastic alternative for you. With an inbuilt dual wide-angle camera (1080p HD and 720p HD, respectively, or 4K Ultra HD), and an intelligent motion controller, this navigation system quad quickly detects your hand movements. Due to such tech, it can produce some amazingly detailed, color-rich photographs right off the bat. 

In short, the Tactic AIR Drone will satisfy all your needs if you want a flexible, high-performance military-like drone. Also, it is simple to pilot and enjoyable to fly, including the most sophisticated technology. Yet, you won’t need to break the bank to get your hands on this innovative gadget.

Nowadays, most available drones are comparatively too expensive. Besides, they usually support a flying duration of only 4-12 minutes and are too heavy to carry about and handle. Some of them don’t offer anywhere near as many innovative capabilities as this unique item, which you can control by a smartphone. Hence, the lightweight, compact, and foldable Tactic AIR Drone will soon become your favorite outdoor companion. It will succeed in introducing new and exciting ways for you to express yourself. Just by mastering its ‘Follow Me’ function, you’ll get to develop your artistic vision further.

Highlights Overview

Do you want to capture beautiful, high-quality images and films from the air? The Tactic AIR Drone makes it almost too easy. Simply use its dual cameras (1080p HD on one side and 720p on the other) and capture some professionally-looking stuff. Plus, you won’t even have to use your fingers to do so. The drone’s clever gesture controller allows it to identify and respond to the user’s hand movements immediately. Hence, you can quickly switch between video recording or photo mode. 

However, keep in mind that this drone is available only on the official website.

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What is Unique About the Tactic Air Drone?

The Tactic Air Drone is an all-around great piece of equipment. For one, it has several functions similar to those found on commercial drone camera equipment. However, besides the essentials, this quadcopter also includes several additional features that turn into a unique product.

Three distinctive attributes are what make it so special. The first one is the ‘Follow Me’ mode, which trains the drone to follow you wherever you are. Additionally, its high-quality sensor allows you to take photos by merely moving your fingers. Lastly, there’s the option to pre-plan the drone’s trajectory. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about controlling it every single second.

In addition to operating the drone using a remote, this device also offers a smartphone application. With the app, you can effortlessly manage the drone’s motions and capture images without experiencing fatigue.

The possibility to modify photographs is also cleverly implemented. Hence, you may save a significant amount of time by quickly altering the pictures. Furthermore, let’s not forget that it can take photos from either side. So, absolutely no viewpoint would be out of reach for you. In every case, though, you’ll make some crystal clear, 4K and HD images.

The drone will fly up to 120 meters from the operator before returning to the controller. Flight time with the batteries is around 20 minutes. Then, simply recharge the battery via the USB, and you’ll be back at it in no time. 

The drone performs so well thanks to the camera that remains steady even while flying high in the air. Because it is lightweight and robust, it is a drone you’ll want to fold and take with you on your next trip. 

So, this drone offers a plethora of attractive functions for a very reasonable asking price. In fact, you can get this drone for less than $100 if you take advantage of the discount offer.

As a result, the Tactic Air Drone is available for just $99. Obtaining a drone with all of these capabilities at such a low cost is undoubtedly a significant bargain. However, please keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer. So, as soon as the promotional supplies run out, the deal will end. Hence, it’s best that you act quickly to take advantage of this deal. Plus, there are further bonuses involved. Namely, if you purchase only one drone, the cost is $99, but if you decide to buy more at once, you will get a discount. For example, the price for three Tactic AIR Drones is only $198. That works out to $66 per drone. Therefore, you’ll get even more value for the dollar spent. 

The discounts don’t stop at three, though. Say you decided to surprise your family members by getting each of them a stylish new drone. After all, they’re excellent gifts for birthdays and other similar occasions. But, if you are buying four items, the effective price for each drone is $62. Therefore, you can save quite a lot by taking notice of the current offers.

Why Do I Need Tactic AIR Drone

This state-of-the-art flying companion offers some unmatched functionality for its category. Its small, foldable profile and convenient carrying bag make aerial photography much more convenient. Plus, its cutting-edge 4K HD camera has many unique properties that make it a breeze to use.

To use all such aspects, you must first download the Tactic AIR Drone application from the store. Then, recharge the batteries and attach them to the drone using the USB cable. Connecting the drone to the mobile phone through Wi-Fi will allow you to operate it effortlessly. Next, simply go out and start using it.

This gadget employs stuck and low power prevention that shield it from various damages. Plus, it can switch from shooting videos to taking images at a push of a button. Lastly, there are several controls for regulating takeoffs, an emergency stop, and landings.

The designed ‘Follow Me’, ‘Portrait’, and ‘Trajectory Flight’ modes are all interesting features. Together, they make the Tactic AIR Drone the most fitting tool for recording exceptional and rare moments. Finally, while shooting and photographing with this drone, you will have a tremendous amount of fun.

Tactic AIR Review Distinctive Features

Ultra HD Camera 

With an Ultra HD expansion that can record 9.1 million pixels, this drone can take stunning photos and videos from any angle. It enables anyone to record their flight route or monitor the craft’s location in real-time by capturing high-definition 4K photographs and videos. Then, if you’re looking for more ways to explore a specific item, you may switch between the ‘picture-in-picture’ and ‘split-screen’ modes. For this, simply activate both cameras at the same time. 

Motion Control

It has an impressive degree of control. People’s hand movements are instantaneously recognized by Tactic Air Drone. Its ‘Follow Me’ mode allows the drone to auto-pilot and keeps the operator in view. People may snap breathtaking photographs and movies right from their fingers using a simple hand motion. Hence, piloting a drone has never been easier.

Durable Battery life

The Tactic Air Drone has a 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable battery that enables 20 minutes of direct flight and an inbuilt anti-collision technology. In practice, this lets users avoid obstacles while flying and capture images with peace of mind. 

Smart ‘Follow Me’ Mode

Assign the drone to the smart ‘Follow Me’ mode to fully document a particular scene. So, with just a press of a button, the drone will always follow you.

Optical Flow Mode

In order to keep the camera steady while flying, the drone uses optical flow placement mode. The camera is automatically adjusted when the drone encounters turbulence with this function. Even under the most challenging conditions, it improves the quality of photographs and movies taken.

Aerial Photography and Filmmaking Mode

Anybody can do excellent aerial photography and filmmaking with this quad-driven hovering device. Yet, to make things even easier, you can install the drone’s smartphone companion app. With its help, you have access to real-time aerial views of the drone’s immediate surroundings. Also, it lets you modify the lens’s focal length and view-angle.

Phone App

You can see the aircraft’s aerial images with this app. Just imagine being able to track migrating birds and follow the setting sun. While filming aerial footage, this software sends HD photos but includes music and a screen flipping effect to boot. Additionally, the smartphone app has various filters for editing live images.

Flight Duration

The Tactic Air Drone has a surprisingly lengthy flying duration for a budget-friendly drone, with a range of 15-20 minutes on a single charge. For comparison, there are more expensive drones available that offer far shorter up-time. However, we suggest avoiding using it in harsh weather conditions. They will drain the battery faster, and can also result in some major damage.

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Tactic AIR Drone In Use

Thanks to the Tactic AIR Drone’s design, taking quality, high-resolution images and videos is a breeze. Plus, you can rely on its linearization expertise to provide crystal-clear photographs when in motion. The two wide-camera angles and automated controls make it stand out, too. Such ease of use verifies its status as an excellent choice for newcomers to the world of drones.

This high-performance drone integrates military technology, allowing it to operate in various conditions without much hassle. It makes use of intelligent modes such as GPS tracking, which enables users to snap aerial shots from multiple perspectives. While doing so, they’re free to monitor the flight route via the companion app they can download for free. The smart app comes with several unique features too.

The Tactic AIR Drone’s stylish design allows it to hover on the airflow. When in use, you can precisely control it from a good distance. As a result of its modest weight, compact size, and folding design, it is simpler to transport than the majority of its competition. This cutting-edge technology has various fancy modes, perfect for all photo enthusiasts. Hence, users can film their experiences from every aspect without minimal effort on their part. Instead, we encourage you to rely on your imagination above anything else. 

Purchase & Pricing Information

Customers can only order the Tactic AIR Drone. This unique and exclusive mini-copter is only available on the official website. This site is currently offering a fantastic 50 percent discount, as well as free shipping to anywhere in the world. Plus, there’s the generous one-year warranty. Simply clicking ‘Buy Now’ and then ‘Apply Discount Code’ will shave a percentage of the asking price just before completing the transactions.

As of this moment, people may purchase the Tactic AIR Drone for only $99, with specific reductions. Due to the fact that it is far less expensive than the average drone, it may be the right product if you’re new to this part of the market. Hence, by giving it a shot, you’ll get the whole picture for the most affordable price.

So, it is much more recommended than an ‘impulse buy’. Relying solely on some products’ looks or heftier price, won’t yield satisfactory results in the long run. Remember, higher price is not a guarantee for a quality item.

Refund Policy

If someone is looking for a drone that will give them the opportunity to determine if it is worth keeping at a slower pace, this one comes with a guarantee that lasts up to 365 days. Besides, its durable material will protect it from crashes during that trial period and for a long time after. This will alleviate any concerns you may have regarding how secure these drones are. 

Customer Reviews of the Tactic AIR Drone

Customers have expressed their happiness with this high-performance, simple-to-operate, and surprisingly cheap drone. Hence, there are quite a few positive reviews online. Users, both new and experienced drone pilots, praise the cutting-edge technology that this remote control drone integrates. For example, they applaud its dual cameras with broad lenses, incredible battery life, smart control modes, and unbeatable price.

The Tactical Air Drone continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback to this day. When buying one for yourself, however, try not to compare it to some wildly costlier drones. Simply put, for this asking price, there’s no beating the Tactic Air Drone specs. They win in every possible category.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Tactic AIR Drone a high-quality product?

Thanks to its novel features, you can use the Tactic AIR Drone to quickly capture awesome aerial pictures. Then, you are free to use them for commercial and personal applications. The cutting-edge characteristics of this quad-propelled flying aircraft are incredibly user-friendly, too. That’s why practically anybody, from newbie enthusiasts to seasoned photographers, can make professional-quality photos and films using just their smartphone application.

  1. Is it possible to bring this drone onboard a plane when traveling?

Yes, it is portable, and you can take it with you wherever you go. You can fold the drone and store it in a case with no effort. It is small and lightweight, so it will not contribute much to the overall weight of the suitcase. Hence, you may safely transport it with you whether you are traveling by plane or by any other method of transportation. Such high mobility evolves it into an excellent instrument for those who like to live on the road.

  1. Is it possible to manage this mobile device using my Android smartphone?

Yes, it is possible. You can download the drone application into a smartphone running on Android or iOS operating systems. Once you install the app, you can use it to manage the drone, capture images, and even modify them.

  1. What happens if the drone’s propeller becomes damaged?

The drone has anti-collision technology to keep it from bumping into stuff. This ensures that the drone will not crash and lose its function soon. Although the drone is small and lightweight, it is very durable and reliable in that manner. So, do not worry too much if the drone’s propellers get stuck. The drone’s manufacturers include four additional propeller blades that may use as spares on such occasions.

  1. Have any customers expressed dissatisfaction with this drone?

So far, there are no negative reports regarding the Tactic AIR Drone performance. That goes for the official website, but for related forums, too. Instead, customers opted to express their happiness, which is encouraging. They are pleased with the affordable cost and the wide selection of options available. As a result, the drone has received an overall consumer rating of 4.9/5.

  1. Will the product always be available at the discounted price of $99?

Unfortunately, that price is reserved only for a fixed number of drones included in the promotional offer. Hence, once the period passes, that price will no longer be valid. Afterward, you will be required to purchase the item at a regular price. Therefore, it’s best to take advantage of the promotion and buy this product as soon as possible.

  1. What is the most competitive offer currently available for this item?

If you are interested in purchasing several drones, a fantastic deal is in store for you. Suppose you have members of your family that like to travel and often take photos of themselves. So, the Tactic AIR Drone would make a perfect gift for them. In addition to being a wonderful thing to offer as a present, the drone is also a terrific investment. 

What makes this even better is the attractive extra discounts on larger purchases. In short, they allow you to get two drones for free when you purchase three drones. Yet, it even gets cheaper if you were to order more items at once. For example, the total cost for five drones is just $297 – which is a fantastic deal indeed. That’s why you should hurry and make the most out of these offers. 

  1. Why should I consider buying it?

The Tactic AIR Drone is among the most spectacular and one-of-a-kind drones currently available on the market. It enables people to explore the world from a viewpoint that no other tool can provide, thus discovering areas they have never seen before. Also, users can easily capture stunning footage, images, and videos whenever they please.

The drone is a fantastic way to have a good time with your buddies, too. You can take it with you even on the most extreme endeavors. Whether on high mountains or in deep caverns, this drone can capture their beauty for all times. Once you get used to it, you’ll refuse to embark on your next quest without it.  

This product is the result of steady technological advancements. It’s a modern, stylish, and compact tool that provides a vast array of options. Also, it is perfect for the latest trend of drones being used by recreational photographers. However, most individuals cannot purchase costly models, and capturing shots from the air carries a significant amount of danger. 

Yet, you no longer need large sums of money or special training to do so. Tactic’s newest drone model allows you to skip all that hassle. Instead, simply take their AIR Drone out on a typical sunny day and let your imagination guide you. Its HD Camera will not falter to produce 1080p images (and films) wherever you take the drone. 

Get the Tactic Air Drone Black Friday deal: 50% OFF


The Tactic AIR Drone is a cutting-edge technology that enables individuals to shoot images and films with relative simplicity and convenience. Exceptional features make shooting far more straightforward than it was previously possible. First and foremost, it maintains drone stability, which results in clear photographs at any altitude at all times. Secondly, it allows for smooth flying, eliminating much of the uncertainty. 

As a result, using the Tactic AIR Drone is a joy. It is a product fit for everyday outdoor excursions and one you can constantly rely on. Its utility focuses on creating happy memories for you and all of your friends and family members. That’s why this product is so widely accepted by the audience. It makes it immensely simpler than ever before to document your travels and save them forever. But also, you can opt to share them using the modern app, infuse them with a special effect, or simply let the program do all the work. Either way, you’ll have something to look forward to whenever the drone returns to its owner.

Lastly, there’s no better time to get a hold of this item than now. Its high demand and popularity have resulted in the many attractive offers available today. So, by heading to the official website, you can get all the relevant details. Next, simply follow the purchase path, and don’t forget to utilize the discount options. Better yet, take full advantage of them and do a good deed for your loved ones, too. They’ll be quite pleased when you present them with a top-tier gift such as the Tactic AIR Drone.

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