Things to look for when buying a gaming chair


Gaming computer chairs are a fairly new phenomenon. Before they were available on the market, gamers would have one chair for work and a different one for gaming. A typical computer gamer spends around 10 hours per week in the seat of their choice. Gaming gives them an excuse to get more technology at home, but it doesn’t change the fact that everyday computers become more complex with newer monitors, peripherals, and software applications that require additional space for interfaces outside of our standard keyboard and mouse desktop default. Inexpensive armless office-style chairs were typically relegated to this category of “additional” while gamers used high-quality ergonomic chairs designed for larger adults.

The best gaming chairs are designed specifically for spending hours each day sitting at a desk while playing games or working with graphics software. These computer chairs also meet standards for ergonomic design to prevent future health problems from developing after long hours spent in improper posture. Below are things to for when you want to buy gaming chair

1) Ergonomically Designed Seat

Gamers aren’t typically smaller people, but they all seem to suffer the same fate when trying to find a seat with armrests that adjust up and down in height. The arms on cheap chairs typically only move up and down about an inch or two, which isn’t enough to give support when you’re typing or mousing for long periods of time. The best gaming chairs have full up, and down movement, so you can get the proper positioning based on your desk height instead of having to crane forward or push yourself backward in your chair, which can lead to back problems later in life.

2) Adjustable Back Angle

The adjustable back angle is another feature exclusive to ergonomic office-style computer chairs that will help you decrease any lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day during work hours and playing games all night long. A well-designed ergonomic chair will allow you to adjust the angle of your lower back without needing a separate ottoman or stool for putting your feet on.

3) Adjustable Armrests

The armrests are where most computer games begin having problems when sitting in an office-style chair while playing games. They typically only have up and down movement, but they should also be able to swivel outwards towards the center of the room, allowing you to put them closer to your keyboard if desired. Many models even let you adjust the distance between arms on both sides so that lefties can feel at home with their gaming chairs by not being forced into using right-handed setups instead of allowing users to use either hand for comfort. Some of these features might not seem like much should matter when choosing a good computer chair for gaming, but the small things add up quickly and can lead to hours of better comfort if you take them into consideration when buying your next ergonomic seat.

4) Reclining Back Angle

Not every model has reclining capabilities, but they’re fairly common among many high-end options that come to market today. You want to find one that has a wide range of movement to prevent problems with achieving proper posture while allowing gamers who like to play late into the evening without taking naps throughout their day to try out different angles. Many models will allow you to get almost perfectly horizontal laying down your back angle, which is great for taking short cat-naps or even falling asleep overnight while you’re waiting for your gaming clan to get online.

5) Head Support

One of the most important factors in buying a good ergonomic computer chair for gamers is getting one with head support. The best models have a nice padded neck pillow to prevent damage from poor posture, but they also have a flat back that prevents strain when leaning all the way back. Some models even let you adjust the angle to lean forward slightly, which helps improve circulation in your legs and can help with blood-flow issues if you sit down too long without moving around a bit every once in a while.

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