What are the applications and advantages of waterjet cutting machines in the industry


Waterjet cutting, a unique way to machine, has many applications in a wide range of industries. A waterjet cutter can cut and shape materials in the same way as conventional machines. This versatile tool has many unique advantages. Let’s take a look at waterjet cutting and general machining. 

How Does Waterjet Cutting Work? 

A waterjet cutter cuts material using water, rather than the conventional blades. Waterjet cutting is possible because the water is extremely pressurized. Water-only cutting is able to cut soft materials like rubber. Waterjet cutting can also work well with harder materials if abrasives have been added to the water. 

Waterjet Cutting Advantages 

Waterjet cutting has the advantage of being able to cut almost any material that is used for general machining or fabrication. It can be used in almost any industry. 

Waterjet cutting is preferred over traditional cutting methods because it reduces heat’s harmful effects. The waterjet cools down any heat left over from the abrasives. Cold cutting is a way for water jets to cut through materials without altering their properties. This eliminates problems like distortion, warping, cracking, and warping. Waterjet cutting is a cost-saving tool that reduces the need for secondary processing. 


Waterjet cutting has many advantages. Waterjet systems are capable of cutting metal, rubber, and glass. Your metal fabrication shop can cut many different materials by investing in one waterjet machine. Waterjet systems offer additional versatility due to their ability cut a variety of material thicknesses. 

Waterjet cutting and CNC machining combined 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC machine can be controlled by computer software, and is not run manually by an operator. Combining CNC machining with waterjet cutting can bring out the best of both. Waterjet cutting’s flexibility and CNC machining’s precision combine to produce complex and intricate cuts that are free from mechanical stress. This reduces waste and streamlines production. 

Waterjet cutting as a complement to conventional machining 

Waterjet cutting technology continues to improve and become more precise. There are occasions when traditional machining is necessary to achieve perfectly straight inside corners and lines without taper. 

Waterjet cutting can be used in situations where it isn’t possible to produce a finished part. However, it can still be an excellent complement to other general machining methods. A waterjet cutter can be used for a part that is close to being finished. This allows you to take advantage of all the cool cutting benefits up to this point. You can finish the part using traditional secondary processing. 

No heat-affected zone 

Waterjet systems can cut unlike any other cutting medium. They do not create heat-affected zones. It is cold-cutting, which reduces material waste and heat distortion. This saves time and money. You will also achieve the best and cleanest cuts because there is no heat affected zone. This will result in a better product for customers. 

Secure and Environmentally Friendly 

You can cut under water and no hazardous fumes or vapors will be produced. This makes your workshop safer for both you and your workers. Waterjets don’t produce hazardous waste so there are fewer waste disposal costs. Waterjets also use very little water, and can be recycled for an environmentally-friendly cutting method. 

CNC Waterjet Cutting in Techni Waterjet for All Your Machining Needs 

Techni Waterjet offers high-quality CNC machining with its waterjet cutting equipment. Our equipment can cut aluminum, stainless, rubber, ceramics and marble with high precision. We are proud to offer waterjet cutting and general machine services that will save you both time and money. 

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