6 Reasons why Majormixing is the best online mixing and mastering service

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The music industry is becoming more popular every year, which means that in addition to new musicians, there are also many music studios that help newcomers to work with mixing and mastering. ‘Major Mixing’ is a company that provides you with a new experience of mixing and mastering services. The company has been on the music market for only two years, but during this time it has already achieved large-scale results in this industry. Mixing and mastering is an art that involves making changes and combinations to your tracks in all music formats and, finally, giving the mix a unique shape to run on music platforms.For the most part, these are technical works performed by a sound engineer, aimed at achieving completeness and purity of sound.

What makes us different?

1.       Professionals and Experts

‘Major Mixing’ has highly professional engineers who stand apart from the crowd because of the quality of the job they provide. They catch the pulse of the market and understand the requirements of modern music.Mixing and mastering music is one of the most important stages in creating a musical composition. This is what emphasizes the musical idea of the track, makes it better and more unique. Their mixing and mastering services engineers undergo training and quality testing before getting to work. Specialists do not reduce the material mechanically, but listen to it. Thanks to their work, the idea of the arrangers and composers is conveyed in more detail in the song. Despite the fact that their company was created recently, they have more than ten years of work in the music industry, and have more than a thousand completed projects behind us, which are only increasing every day. Each of their engineers approaches their work with great responsibility, inspiration and enthusiasm so that your track/album will be appreciated.

2.       You name it they do it

‘Major Mixing’ is a team of young, enthusiastic, and skilled engineers certified by Apple Inc. For creating Apple Digital Masters and Dolby Atmos mixing. They are prepared to deliver results as per your requirements. Each musician has his own preferences and vision about how he wants his music to sound. You can write down all your wishes and requests in a text file, attaching references and describing everything that you expect to receive at the final stage. What track concept do you want, how do you see your track, what needs to be added.The mixing and mastering services performed by their music engineers will impress you, and the high-quality track that will be made will definitely not disappoint. The number of their completed projects and feedback on work done speaks to the professionalism of their engineers. Their main goal is to improve the recording level of the artist and make his style unforgettable for the listener.

3.       Time matters

The process of mixing and mastering services is considered quite time-consuming, since it depends on how the track will turn out and whether it will suit the musician.The complexity of a track depends on what kind of structure it has, how many people are involved in creating the track, and what quality of recording. It is worth noting that bad recordings, which engineers undertake to work on, spend a lot of time correcting recordings, and not creatively creating a mix. The standard time of the mixing and mastering service process takes from two to five days. However, ‘Major Mixing’ has an organized SOP(standard operating procedure) and process flow of jobs which makes it easy for their engineers to prepare a song within the span of 72 hours. Their company values your time, so they are always open to your suggestions before their engineers start working. They don’t just mix and master tracks, but listen to them for the next few days, make adjustments, and also check it on various devices for compatibility.

4.       Contribution to the music industry

The music industry is a type of production characteristic of the modern stage of society’s development, which in one way or another affects partially or completely a person. The main task of their engineers, in addition to providing high-quality mixing and mastering services, is to prepare content for famous and aspiring musicians. Creating a cover for your track/album, creating a track on physical media, preparing it for the music market. Their engineers are working hard to ensure that the artists who come to us have gained popularity, and their tracks sound at every step. On their website you can find artists who have asked them  for help in mixing and mastering.

5.   Value for money

As we described earlier, the mixing and mastering process are integral stages of one big process of creating a musical composition.Being a young company, they are more focused on providing quality services at very reasonable prices, because they know like no one else that this is just the beginning and there is still a long way to go. To order mixing and mastering in ‘Major Mixing’ means to get a quality product from professional engineers at an affordable price.

6.   Customer support

Their company understands perfectly well how important it is to keep in touch with its customers. In case of additional questions, requests or requirements, you can always contact their support staff, who work for you 24/7.They always listen to our customers, help them solve their questions or meet their requirements. Each of them approaches their work with great responsibility, so that in the end their client is satisfied with the mixing and mastering services, the attitude of engineers and their work done, and contact with them not for the last time.  

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