Hart board discusses changes to trustee areas


The 2020 Census data, and how it effectively changes the trustee areas for all five seats, was discussed during the William S. Hart Union High School District governing board meeting on Wednesday.  

Two options for future breakdowns of voter areas — which will then vote for a single member to represent their immediate community — were presented to the board by Davis Demographics, with the express goal of making each area achieve population equality, sharing a common border and compact.  

“We don’t want to favor any particular incumbents on the board,” said David Kaitz of Davis Demographics. “So that’s not even a factor … but I do check things after scenarios have been created.” 

Kaitz emphasized that the areas must be compliant with the California and federal voting rights acts, and that while the population of voting-age people and race breakdowns could be seen, the areas were based on balancing the population.  

In terms of the districts, Trustee Area 1, which is currently represented by Linda Storli, includes northeast Valencia, a northern part of Stevenson Ranch and most if not all of Castaic, was the least affected by the latest census. However, all four others, including: Trustee Area 2, represented by Bob Jensen, Trustee Area 3, represented by Cherise Moore, Trustee Area 4, represented by James Webb, and Trustee Area 5, represented by Joe Messina, were impacted relatively more.    

Trustee Area 1 lost approximately 259 residents, while Trustee Area 2, which includes Stevenson Ranch and the western half of Newhall, lost 3,595 residents. Trustee Area 3, which includes the other side of Newhall and Canyon Country up to Solamint, gained 1,555 in population. Trustee Area 4 (east Canyon Country, some Saugus and Acton) gained 5,532, and Trustee Area 5 (primarily Saugus) lost 3,235.  

Each of the two scenarios show changes for Trustee Areas 2-5 that impact their boundaries, while Trustee Area 1 remains relatively unchanged.   

The approximate total population for the Hart district is 287,283 with 183,262 in voting age.The target for each area is 57,457 total residents.  

The board is required by law to allow public input on the maps. However, no public comment was given with respect to the two maps during the meeting.  

During the next board meeting on Jan. 19, the board is slated to have a possible vote on one of the two scenarios.        

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