Hart classified staff offered financial assistance program


In order to assist them during times when they are not collecting a paycheck, classified staff in the William S. Hart Union High School District will receive financial assistance from the state following a vote by the district’s governing board on Wednesday.  

The resolution passed unanimously by the five board members offers classified employees whose employment is less than 12 months a year with the district an opportunity to set aside a portion of their yearly salary to be matched by the Classified School Employees Summer Assistance Program, or CSESAP. 

“The program allows workers the opportunity to set aside up to 10% of their monthly salary during the 2022/23 school year, with the state matching up to one dollar for every dollar the employee puts away,” read a district press release. “The intent is to help employees who work only nine or 10 months out of a year through those months when they are not collecting a paycheck.” 

The rate at which individuals are allocated funds in the program is based on how many people enroll in the program across the state. The state of California allocates $60 million annually for the CSESAP match. 

“I think the program is awesome because it gives the less-than-12-month classified employees a chance to have money over the summer when we don’t work,” said Kathy Hefferon, California School Employees Association Chapter 349 president. “Over the summer, we’re not collecting a paycheck so it’s an excellent opportunity to put some money aside.”  

Ralph Peschek, chief business officer for the district, thanked the board of trustees for passing the motion. “We are thankful for the board of trustees’ continued support of this benefit for our classified staff.”  

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